Your Ultimate Guide to Team Building this Summer


The sun kisses your skin, and the warm breeze rustles the nearby tree. You can hear birds chirping along with a faint sound – buzzing. You soon realize it is not buzzing but roaring as you watch as more and more teams pour into the starting location of your summer’s day team-building activity.

Summer is the ultimate time of year for team building! In the southern hemisphere, summer means the end of the year. You can host your Christmas party or yearly wrap-up with a summertime team-building event. It can be a daunting task, to choose a team-building event you believe will satisfy everyone.

Some people find the outdoors unbearable in the summer, while others enjoy the challenge that mother nature gives. That is why Summer is perfect for both indoor and outdoor events. If you are in the tropics, the summer can be quite a rainy and humid time of year, so indoor team building may be best. If you are located in a temperamental climate, then both indoor and outdoor team-building activities would be a great investment this summer.

Outdoor Team Building Events

Ready your team for some fun in the sun! If your team is up for tackling the heat or partaking in fantastic events in the shade of city skylines or parks, then check out our list of ultimate outdoor team-building events for this summer below!

Risk VS Reward

In this unique outdoor team building, event teams will be allocated a sum of ‘money’. With each challenge having a different rate of return, they must invest a sum of money into each challenge that they compete in, evaluating the risk versus the reward. Once they complete the activity the team will be given a sum of money in return based on accuracy and time. Risk vs Reward makes for an excellent summertime team-building activity as it can be facilitated under the shade of trees or a marquee. Risk vs Reward is more than just a fun event. It is a great way to gain a deeper understanding of your team and discover potential leaders and creative thinkers.

Amazing Race

The ultimate summertime team-building event has got to be the Amazing Race! Teams race around their chosen location, whether that is a resort, local area, or harbor, and compete in facilitated checkpoint challenges as well as collecting scavenger items along the way. In the shade of a city skyline or resort, you can get the best of both worlds, having fun in the sun while moving from checkpoint to checkpoint and completing fun challenges in the shade.



Test the skills of your team with a Survivor in the summer! Can they survive, outwit, outlast, and outplay the other teams and the heat? Survivor is a great team-building event. Your delegates will face off, head-to-head, in a range of challenges designed to test their lateral thinking and problem-solving skills. Working together as a team to be the ultimate Survivor. There are fun challenges such as catapults, number triangles, pyramids, elimination footy, cubes, archery, and laser clay pigeon shooting.

Water Taxi Treasure Hunt

What says summer more than spending the afternoon on the water (maybe with an esky full of ice-cold refreshments)? The Water Taxi Treasure Hunt is an incredible way to experience Sydney harbor like never before. Explore the emerald city by hopping on and off your own private boat. Competing in fun challenges at each stop. You can choose your start and finish locations. Start at the ferry dock closest to your head office and finish up at your favorite pub! The taxis are all insulated so the weather won’t be a problem for this event. In the case of wild weather, we can facilitate an indoor wet weather backup event, so long as you have a dry space to host it.

Indoor Team Building Events


Who needs the sunshine when you can bathe in the cool air-con instead? According to Pinnacle Team Events, Indoor team-building activities guarantee that the weather won’t affect your conference or team day plans. Alternatively, you could host an outdoor team-building event during the day and then host an entertaining night of hilarious fun with one of our night-time events. See below for the ultimate indoor team-building activities this summer.

Casino Night

Casino Night is a fantastic event for those looking to keep the fun going, well past dinner time. This event can be facilitated before and during dinner as well, however, we recommend hosting it after your next dinner event. Casino tables will be set up around the outskirts of your private conference or dining room. Teams will be allocated a sum of money which they use to place bets on the casino tables placed around the venue. Games like Poker, Blackjack, Craps, and Roulette can all be used to place bets during a Casino Night. The aim of the game is to be the team with the most amount of money at the end of the event.

Team Challenge

A quick and budget-friendly summertime event, Team challenge will see your delegates compete in a series of fun activities. These challenges are designed to highlight potential leaders, creative thinkers, team players and other unique traits. Not only is a team challenge great for identifying character, but it is also a hilarious and fun way to bring your team together. Your delegates will create lasting memories and get to know each other in a way they will never forget. You will be hearing about this event for years to come!


Spicks & Specks

A unique summertime team-building activity that can be facilitated throughout your evening meal, Spicks and Specks is a hilarious evening! You will have your very own live performer playing an opening set as the delegates make their way to the bar and find their teams. Once they have been seated, the games begin! The performer will play a variety of songs from multiple decades and genres of music to ensure that everyone has a fair shot. The performer will play short snippets of songs and your team will have to guess the name, artist, or the next line. Other challenges include guessing the song from the rhythm and naming that movie or sport soundtrack!

Project Pipeline

A summertime team-building event that’s not just about having fun with your crew! Project pipeline highlights to your delegates that working as one team is a fantastic way to improve efficiency and minimize issues. At first, Project Pipeline will split your delegates into teams. Each team will need to construct a section of a working water pipeline using the materials allocated to them. They must make executive decisions as the resources are scarce. Once each team has completed their section the bigger picture is revealed as the teams are asked to come pack together, and pool their leftover resources to join each section. Working as one team to finalize the working pipeline.