Must-Have Items While Poolside This Summer


Summer is a great time to take it easy. Regular breaks to decompress can help your physical and emotional well-being. Spend some time this summer reminiscing on your accomplishments from last year.

It’s a great opportunity to relax by the pool because of the warm weather and relaxing ambiance. At this time of year, spending time on or near the water is a lot more enjoyable. Remember to chill and have fun when relaxing by the pool.

This summer, when you’re planning to spend time lounging by the pool, make sure to bring these must-have items with you for a more enjoyable and memorable experience.

An Assortment of Towels


Towels are available in various prints, from solid colors to intricate patterns. They come in numerous sizes and styles, so you have a range of options to help choose the best suits your needs. The most popular swimming towels are typically considered cotton or terrycloth since they are both soft and absorbent materials.

Choose a material that is thick enough to be comfortable and absorbent, but light enough to roll up and transport. In most cases, towels with a width and length of around 28 inches and 60 inches will suffice.

Since beach towels are lightweight and take up very little space in your luggage, microfiber beach towels are an excellent alternative to consider. They also dry quite quickly, so you don’t need to bring damp towels home when you’re done swimming for the day.

A Drink Cooler

A cooler is a must-have item to have poolside. While you are in the pool, whether you are swimming or just sitting around, it’s important to stay hydrated. Bring some water into the pool and keep it cold by bringing it in a cooler with you and sip on it regularly if you want to ensure you do not become dehydrated.

Drinking water before, during, and after your swim can help prevent dehydration and keep you at peak performance while swimming. While you’re spending the day by the pool, drink roughly 8 ounces of water every 20 minutes to keep yourself well hydrated.

Plastic Cups

When used around a pool, glass can shatter and become a hazard. The presence of beer bottles and glassware in any pool area is a no-no. If glass fragments get into the water, they have the potential to become a safety hazard.

Your pool plumbing can also be damaged by broken glass shards, costing you a lot of money to fix. As an alternative to glass, plastic cups or cups made of shatterproof materials that won’t break or float away.

Bluetooth Speaker


Bluetooth speakers are must-have equipment for days spent poolside. While lounging by the pool, a little bit of gentle music from your Bluetooth speaker will be a great stress reliever. Relax your muscles and clear your mind by listening to music with a slower tempo.

Studies have shown that listening to music with a tempo of approximately sixty beats per minute might lead the brain to synchronize with the rhythm, which results in alpha brainwaves. Alpha brainwave activity occurs when we are both relaxed and aware.

Prescriptive Eyewear

Prescriptive eyewear like sunglasses or a regular pair of prescription eyeglasses is another essential poolside accessory. For example, reading a book while relaxing by the pool is possible with prescription progressive lenses from GlassesUSA. Compared to a single-vision lens, a progressive lens provides clearer vision at various distances without the additional bulk of a second pair of glasses.


Spending the day lounging by the pool is an excellent way to receive the recommended amount of sun exposure. Several studies have found that spending time in the sun and engaging in activities that require exposure to the sun can have positive effects.

However, take precautions against sunburn by applying sunscreen. Sun exposure has many benefits, including improved mood, promotes restful sleep, stronger bones, and a healthy immune system.

Be aware that there are hazards associated with excessive sun exposure, and that you should limit the time you spend outside and always apply sunscreen with an SPF of at least 30 to mitigate them.

Pool floats


One of the most important things you should not forget to bring when you are going to the pool is the pool float. Of course, chilling and relaxing by the pool on the deck chair is one thing, but relaxing in the pool will unlock a new level of enjoyment for you. There are so many different pols floats on the market that you can choose from and select the one that best suits your style and preferences.

With such a wide range of designs, you will surely find something attractive for you. One thing is sure, we all love that feeling of just floating around the water and not having to move. In fact, floating on the water can be very beneficial for your overall mental and physical health. You will provide your body and mindset a true relaxation and enjoyment.

A volleyball

Who goes to the pool without thinking about how they can make the whole experience even more entertaining? Of course, swimming in the pool and relaxing at the poolside will provide you with fun, however, you should go beyond that. One of the essential things that you should definitely bring with you is volleyball.

The pool can get boring at some point, however, a volleyball will definitely fix that problem for you. In fact, you can bring any type of ball, even the ones that are intended for water. Even tossing a boll around can bring a lot of fun and entertainment for you and your friends. You can make so many different games with the ball.


Everyone becomes so excited about going to the pool, so they usually forget one of the most important essentials. All that active swimming in the pool can cause your hunger. Therefore, do not forget to pack food and snacks. In that way, you will ensure that you can spend the whole they by the pool and in the sun without leaving earlier because your stomach is growling.

Waterproof card games


Everyone loves bringing cards to the pool and playing card games with their friend while they are tanning or resting from the swimming activities. However, it would be wise to purchase waterproof card games, so they would not get destroyed.

One of the most popular card games is UNO, however, there are so many others that you can learn. Playing card games can be a great way to exercise your brain, memory, and focus. At the same time, the entertainment is guaranteed!

The Bigger The Hat, The Better The Shade

One more essential that you should not forget is to bring refers to a hat. In case you love stylish items, this can be a great accessory for you. Not only that you are going to grab the attention of others and look very attractive and authentic, but you will also take care of your face skin.

The SPF Lip Balm

Many people remember to bring sunscreen when they are going to the pool. However, very few of them remember to bring lip balm. Now, you can find lip balm on the market that is created for the summer days and that comes with SPF.

You should choose the one with the highest SPF level, for instance, an SPF 30 will be a great option. By having this item, you will make sure to keep your lips protected from the sun’s rays. That is right, your lips can suffer from sunburn as well as your skin. Therefore, do not forget to bring this essential in your beach bag.


Check for Essentials

Summer is a great time of year; many people love spending the season outside their homes. It’s important to be prepared for a day by the pool. Make sure you pack anything you might need, like the items we listed above, so you can spend the day relaxing without a single worry.