12 Reasons to Hang a Painting in Your Home

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It is no secret that art is a powerful decorating tool. Nothing can beat the aesthetic value of a piece of art created by a talented artist. For this reason, although buying framed prints and posters seems to be more affordable, a one-of-a-kind painting is probably worth saving for. A beautiful piece of art may completely change the way your space looks and produce a magical effect on the mind of the beholder. Here are 12 more reasons why art should be the first thing you think of when it comes to decorating your living place.

12 reasons to hang a painting in your home

1. Buying original art supports artists

Image source: unsplash.com

The art industry is a highly competitive and labor-intensive field, as artists work hard and put their hearts into their art pieces. Therefore, it may be extremely difficult for many of them to make ends meet in such an uncertain environment. By purchasing a painting for your home at a local gallery, you accomplish two goals at once: you enrich your home and support a local artist.

2. Art is a sound investment

Many of now extremely valuable paintings were initially sold for almost nothing. Thereby, whether you buy a high-quality painting by an established artist or an emerging painter, you are likely to make an excellent investment. From a financial point of view, the value of a good painting rises over time, depending on the level of accomplishment of the artist. In other words, the more popular and reputable the artist becomes, the more their works rise in value. Even if the standing and reputation grow just a little, buying an art piece is still a profitable investment.

3. Art sets the right tone

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From a psychological perspective, different colors create different moods. For that reason, when buying an artwork, make sure you pick the one that strikes the right note and fulfills the purpose of the room you are decorating. For instance, for a living room, it is better to use warm and yellow colors to set a welcoming atmosphere. To create a highly charged working space, opt for calming greens and blues. Such hot colors as orange and red encourage lively conversation, so they would work for a dining room.

4. Paintings bring depth and dimension to a room

Bare walls or completely neutral rooms may feel cold and uninviting without artworks. A painting can give the space a finishing touch and add an extra layer to any interior design. So, if you want your space to be more comfortable and pleasant, it is definitely worth having at least one piece of art.

5. Paintings make a house feel like a home

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Never get rid of art inherited from your grandparents or great-grandparents. If you own paintings for a while, they will become your real friends. What is more, you can make any place feel like home when you hang your paintings up. For example, for renters who are not allowed to color the walls or make other changes to the place, adding paintings to personalize the space is always a good idea. Besides, a painting, unlike bulky pieces of furniture, can fit into any home, so you do not have to worry about the limited size of your place. In other words, wherever you are now, do not hesitate to buy a few artworks to create a homey atmosphere you will love.

6. Art creates a focal point

One of the most important principles of interior design is probably creating a focal point in your room. The easiest and often the best way to do that is to get ProfessionalPictureHanging hang your painting. It will definitely capture the attention of your guests and cause a lot of gasps of admiration.

7. Paintings inspire

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A beautiful painting is a skillful execution of ideas and universal language telling its own story. Art provides positive vibes, even if the world seems to lose its way. Looking at a painting you love keeps you grounded, relieves stress, refreshes your spirit, and arouses the creative mind. So why not save up for a small quality artwork you like and provide yourself with daily inspiration? Besides, art will allow you to look at life from another perspective.

8. Art is a great conversation starter

Hang a painting, and it will serve as a great icebreaker for your visitors. It is almost impossible to overlook a great piece of art. Opt for abstract paintings, as they usually attract the most attention. Such artworks give an impression of individuality and uniqueness and are good conversation starters.

9. Art is good medicine

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Art, especially religious art, has a close connection with mental health. Art therapy helps people deal with health issues, such as depression and anxiety. There is also growing evidence that looking at paintings sustains the sense of wellness and promotes good thinking. You can build capacity for managing your emotions and well-being by simply getting an energy-charged or spiritual artwork for your home. Check russianicon.com to find more information about religious paintings and how they can improve your mental health.

10. Paintings are handmade

Like hand-thrown pottery, handcrafted furniture, and handmade knits, original paintings are things full of personality of their author. This uniqueness and rarity may bring warmth and richness to your home. Unfortunately, slickly printed or factory-made pieces cannot produce the same effect.

11. Paintings are touchable

Image source: pexels.com

It is obvious that the luscious textural variations of a painting are more tactile than a print’s surface. Whether on mottled watercolor paper, canvas, or wood, original paintings stand out from other artworks because they have a touchable quality.

12. Art has no expiration date

Art can become one of the most constant parts of your day-to-day life. You will never get bored with your beautiful paintings. While cars break down, furniture wears and tears, and clothes go out of fashion, paintings can tell their unique stories for generations.

Always choose paintings according to your tastes and preferences. Be it a collection of portraits, pastels, or landscapes, you will become a curator of your own personal art gallery!