5 Common Home Maintenance Tasks We All Forget

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Don’t allow yourself to wait for the big spring cleaning to clean and maintain all the important parts of the house. Some tasks you should do more often. Unfortunately, these are mostly things that people often forget. The reasons are lack of time, experience, endless procrastination, or something else.

These are all excuses you should avoid for your own good. Like everything else, the house requires regular maintenance in order to continue to function properly as a whole. Although some obligations are repeated too often and no one is happy to perform them, you can’t exclude them and pretend they do not exist.

Try not to neglect your home and maintain every part of it equally well. If you yourself have forgotten about certain obligations when it comes to cleaning, we are here to remind you.

1. Maintain water heater

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This is one of those jobs that anyone can do. So, this do-it-yourself project should not be on the list of neglected obligations that you constantly postpone. If you are consistent with regular maintenance, you can significantly extend the life of the boiler.

In the second case, bad things can happen, such as excessive scale deposition. When you do not check your water heater for a long time, it can deposit scale in the tank and lead to a series of bad events. Then there are usually cracks or strange sounds caused by limescale as the water passes through the tank. However, after a certain time of non-inspection, there is a charge and then the boiler can no longer work due to too much limescale.

The reason is the appearance of rust that begins to form at the very bottom of the boiler. After all this, you will definitely need a new water heater. It is true that you will definitely need a replacement after a while, but a well-maintained boiler can last up to 10 years even longer.

2. Check roof and gutters

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When you think about the safety of your house during bad weather, you must first think of gutters. Of course, this kind of thinking is quite logical, considering that these elements of the house will be the first to come into contact with external influences.

However, this means that you need to pay the most attention to this and thus take preventive measures that will protect your shelter over your head. In addition to this fact, people often forget about their roof and gutters and do almost nothing about it until there is more damage. You can do it yourself, but because of your safety, we recommend you hire professionals. Learn more about pro gutter inspection and cleaning.

So proper cleaning of the gutters is very important because that way you will prevent a possible flood and many other problems like cracks in the foundation, walls, etc.

3. Maintenance of ventilation ducts

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The thing is that after a while, everything gets dirty, and so do the ventilation ducts. Too much debris simply accumulates in the canal and this can cause major problems. For example, the most extreme case is a fire that can happen to you. That is why it is recommended that you perform this cleaning every few months, and that should be among your primary obligations.

Of course, fire is not the only problem that can happen to you if you do not maintain the ventilation pipes. There are also minor problems that can be very stressful and unpleasant, such as a bad odor that can spread throughout the house due to a clogged duct. It is also important that you do not clean the large pipeline yourself, but only with the help of experts.

However, when you have small channels you can do this yourself. Simply use the vacuum cleaner by vacuuming all the accumulated debris. Pay attention to the outer opening as well, because small animals such as birds or some others can sometimes settle on that part.

4. Maintain your windows

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You will do this by actually cleaning the weep holes regularly. You may not be familiar with the meaning of this, but now that you know it’s time to add them to your maintenance list. They are located at the frame of your window and at the very bottom. Although they are not so visible, they are responsible for the fact that the water does not flood your window. This is because they represent an elaborate mechanism for directing water to another channel and thus preventing leakage into your house.

However, when these holes are empty, they can also get dirty or collect debris. Insects are another problem in the series because this is the perfect place for them to live. So, all you have to do is find the right item with which you will be able to reach this channel and clean it properly.

Cleaning the windows isn’t a day-to-day job, but if you have a large home, it can take you hours to do everything properly. According to Absolute Tiny Houses, maintenance and cleaning are some of the main reasons why people opt for small homes. Not only will you cut the costs but you can finish tidying up in just a few minutes! Therefore, you will have a lot more free time to devote to your hobbies.

5. Clean the main appliances in the house

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Maintaining your home includes all the appliances you have in the house such as a refrigerator, air conditioner, etc. However, the refrigerator may require the most attention. The most sensitive part of it is the condenser coils. They are in charge of maintaining the cooling system. The problem arises when they get too dirty and stop doing the job as before. Excess dust that stays on them over time first slows them down and then completely extinguishes them.

Keep in mind that this element is not cheap, and it is a key part of your refrigerator. So make sure that cleaning this part is among your primary things when it comes to home maintenance. If you do not clean them every 2 months, you can plan to buy a new device. Its maintenance is very simple, enough to wipe the dust on its back.


All these tasks may not be that much fun, but you have to di it. So try not to avoid it, because you could read several consequences of poor housekeeping. So, we are sure that you do not want such things to happen to you and that you enjoy a healthy, pleasant and comfortable home.