How Hard Is It to Make It as a Musician?


If your goal is to become a world-renowned musical artist, you have to be ready to face some challenges. You’re not the only person who has this dream and you need to have something special if you want to make it. Successful artists also have an insane work ethic, and if you’re not ready to put the work in, you can kiss your dreams goodbye. Let’s take a look at what it takes to become a successful musician in 2024 and why now is one of the hardest times to be an artist.

Talent Doesn’t Cut It Anymore


There was a time when all you needed was talent, a good image, and the right people around you to stand a chance at succeeding. Now, you have to compete against thousands of artists just like you on Soundcloud and social media.

Not only is having talent not enough, but it’s not even the most important thing right now. Having a solid following on social media and being a polarizing figure with a strong personality will often give you a much better chance at getting signed. Not only that, but some record companies will require that an artist has traction on social media before they even consider them.

So, if you don’t like the social media game, you’ll struggle in the industry, that’s just the way it is. It doesn’t mean that the situation is hopeless, but it will definitely be tougher, so be ready for that.

You’ll Have to Do Most of the Heavy Lifting at the Beginning


You cannot rely on your talent and connections to get an audition nowadays. You will need to have a well-refined product first as record companies do not want to take a risk with unproven acts anymore. This means that you will have to build a solid body of work and have great live performances.

Rehearsing is what will make you a better performer, and being a great live performer is something that will catch the eyes of record label executives. This is also what will allow you to start building a cult following. This is why we would suggest that you start looking for rehearsal rooms right now so you can work on your act.

If you want to book a rehearsal room you should give a look. They have some of the best rehearsal rooms in the country filled with all the equipment that you need. They have amps, drumkits, and state-of-the-art sound equipment that will make you feel like you’re in a venue. You can book a room at any time of the day or night and use it to work on your set or jam with your band.

You May Need to Move


Another thing you have to be prepared to do if you want to make it is move to a major musical hub. Even if the internet has made it easier for people coming from small markets to get discovered, it still helps if you’re close to record labels headquarters. Being in a city like LA, London, or New York will make it much easier for you to get in touch with executives. Getting active in the local scene will also increase your chances of getting discovered. You should try to attend as many industry events as you can. This is where you’ll be able to network with industry people, agents, and managers.

You’ll Need to Understand Marketing


You cannot become a successful artist if you don’t know a thing or two about marketing. Most popular artists are actually marketing masters and know how to manage their brands. If you don’t have a brand already, then you need to build one right away. You may see yourself as an artist, but you’re also a product, and products need brands. Your brand is what will allow you to connect with your audience.

Your brand is a representation of who you are as an artist and what you stand for. It will permeate your visuals, performances, and how you interact with your fans. Some artists are all about integrity, for instance. If this is how you want to present yourself, then you have to be very careful with the moves you make. People may criticize some of your career decisions, so you will need to stay consistent. This is especially important when you’re choosing products or brands to endorse.

To build a successful brand, you have to know what your audience is looking for from their artist. If you’re in an art form that promotes inclusion, then this is something you’ll need to integrate into your brand. You also want to know what your audience’s core values are. You don’t necessarily have to adopt them, but you can’t go against them either. So, be careful with your interaction so you don’t anger your core fanbase.

You May Have to Stay Independent


Most people who try to get signed by record labels don’t succeed. That’s just part of the game. That doesn’t mean that everything is over, however. There’s always the option of starting your label and staying independent. This is a route that works for talented artists that may not have the full package a record label needs. It’s tough work, but it can be rewarding since you’ll get to keep most of the money. This is why you should start studying how to build your label and how they work.

There is More than One Way to Make It


You should also know that you don’t necessarily have to be a recording artist to be successful. You could work as a songwriter, session musician, backup singer, or even do commercials. So, look at all the available options. You should also consider enrolling in a few courses so you can integrate different skills.

Making it as a musician is far from easy, but it’s possible if you have the talent and the work ethic necessary. You’ll also need to be resourceful and be ready to do what it takes to get noticed.