How Often Should Carbon Monoxide Detectors be Replaced?


So carbon monoxide is one of the most dangerous things that can happen to you and put your life in danger. It has been recorded to take over 500 lives in just one year. You would not believe how much this odorless toxic gas can deceive. It can arise from the most common situations such as harmless parking of a car in a garage. For example, you decided to park your car in the garage during the cold period, but along the way it filled your room with carbon monoxide. Whether you open the garage door or not, this can happen.

Everything after that is uncertain, it only takes a small amount to notice the first symptoms, and the longer you expose yourself, the more dangerous it is for you. However, that is why there are carbon monoxide detectors. And if you use it properly, you won’t have a problem with it. Of course, proper use means, above all, regular change. If you are not sure how long it will take to replace your device, keep reading and find out in the rest of the text all the important facts about carbon monoxide detectors.

What exactly is this toxic gas?


You must have heard many times about the terrible consequences. All this can be done by one simplest molecule – one part carbon and oxygen. However, it occurs as a result of fuel combustion. This applies to wood, gasoline, coal, etc.

These are various sources that are not otherwise dangerous, but become very risky for the environment when burning in the open. If there is a lot of ventilation, nothing will happen. However, when this gas is released in some enclosed spaces, the matter becomes more serious. Then the toxicity increases more and more, and mostly such situations happen in the kitchen, garage, camper, etc.

People are terribly afraid of him, because they cannot see and feel him. You notice it when it’s getting late or when your life is in danger. Some people do not have that much tolerance, so they simply pass out and if there is no one near them, they can lose their lives. That is why it is very scary, because it cannot be detected without a detector.

What are the symptoms of carbon monoxide intoxication?


People who are exposed to this gas are sometimes very confused and think that they have the flu, when in fact they show the classic symptoms of carbon monoxide poisoning all the time. If you notice, you should go outside immediately or stand next to open doors and windows if you are prevented from leaving the room.

However, the disorders appear as headache, nausea, vomiting, dizziness, fatigue, etc. Loss of consciousness occurs only when there is a high level of gas in the room, but do not gamble with time, but react quickly. You never know how tolerant you are of this. After inhaling this gas, it is necessary for an expert to examine you and immediately solve the problem in your home.

When will the detector sound?


So they work on a very clear principle. Alarm will go off when it discover a certain amount of toxic gas in the room or their environment. Several different sensors work differently. Each of them triggers different types of warnings. For example, one sensor changes color as soon as it comes in contact with carbon monoxide.

Another sensor that is a semiconductor triggers an alarm after detection. There is also a sensor that senses a change in electrical currents due to gas detection and this change actually sets off an alarm. Extinguishing occurs only after the gas leaves the room completely.

Of course, the alarm goes off before any symptoms appear. However, the problem is in the amount of carbon monoxide. Some detectors will take several hours due to the low concentration, while a larger amount of toxic gas activates the alarm in just a few minutes. Keep in mind that a lower gas concentration is just as harmful as a sudden large amount. So don’t delay the action.

Which carbon monoxide detector is best?


Although each of the detectors has a universal function, and that is the early detection of smoke, they are different from each other and in some way. Their diversity is reflected in their simplicity. For example, there are models that plug into sockets while some use batteries. There are also models that include smoke sensors, which is a great way to reduce the number of sensors. With this option you have two sensors in one housing. Of course, there are also smart models that connect to the system and you have access to them via a mobile app. They are much more expensive than the others, but that is why they do the job best.

Maintenance and service life


Regardless of the model, each is maintained the same. By that we mean regular cleaning. Many of these devices can go off although there is no danger. And this often happens due to improper maintenance. The reason can be dust in that case. However, sometimes you may be confused by a strange sound that is different from the primary one, but they are actually very similar. You don’t have to worry if sound lasts for a short time, because it is most likely a sign that you forgot to replace the batteries. All you have to do is read the instructions and act accordingly.

On the other hand, the sensors do not last forever and the most important thing is to change it regularly. Most models last up to seven years, but don’t forget to test your device regularly. Experts from X-Sense told that there are several types of carbon monoxide detectors on the market that last for more than 10 years.  It’s a surefire way to check if it works if at some point you worry about its lifespan. Eventually, you’ll probably hear a chirping sound. Smart models are much easier to analyze due to their digital screen. Don’t forget to check the battery at least twice a year.

What is a good place for a detector?


You need to think strategically and that means the alarm is set in a place that everyone can hear. You can also focus on some critical parts of your home such as different levels. For example, basement or attic, bedroom, garage door, etc. However, each manufacturer offers instructions and recommendations for installation and it is enough to follow it.

Don’t forget the size of your house. In certain situations, several detectors are needed to cover all levels. There are situations where the sobers are too far away so that one sensor cannot cover them all. So have one sensor on each level to be the safest.


This device has a very important function and that is why it is most important to take proper care of it. In that case, you know what to do. We hope we have helped you learn all about how the carbon monoxide detector works and how it is maintained.