How to Buy the Best Tires for Your Car

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Buying a used car should be undertaken with extreme caution. There are good chances of you being cheated in the transaction. To overcome this, you should get a PPSR check done by REV Check. The PPSR check will provide you detailed information on the car you plan to buy and will protect you from buying a lemon.

With a professional or not, you must always do a check on the car before or after a test drive. Check the body of the car, the undercarriage, the interior, the tires, electrical components, and the fluid levels. You have to watch out for parts and accessories that need replacing as well, which may include the exhaust, spark plugs (great options for trucks on this review), and of course, tires.

Tires are important for providing a comfortable and safe ride. You should pay proper attention before buying the best ones for your car by considering the following tips.

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Always Buy from a Reputed Dealer

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You should always buy them from a reputed dealer. This will help you stay protected from buying sub-standard and duplicate tires. They are very important for your safety while driving and hence you should stay clear from shady dealers. Such dealers may offer you attractive discounts but may also sell you poor quality tires which will have to be frequently repaired or replaced. You can also consider buying them online which will not only provide you a wider variety, you can also get excellent value for money. Before buying them, you should also enquire if the dealer will provide you free installation or any other discount or added services.

Choose the Right Size

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It is important to know the correct tire size of your car before buying them. You should refer to your car’s user manual to get details on the right size. They come with a specific measurement which can be represented as 165/55R17 94H. Here 165 is the width in mm, 55 is the aspect ratio-sidewall height, R represents a radial tire, 17 is the internal diameter or rim size in inches, 94 is the load index-how much load they can carry and H is the category which decides the maximum speed it can support.

Choose Between Budget, Value, and Premium Types

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You can choose between budget, value, and premium types depending upon your needs and budget. A budget tire is the most affordable option in the market with a long lifespan. You may, however, have to compromise on ride quality and comfort. The value category provides you the perfect blend of excellent features and value for money pricing. However, the best experience is always provided by the premium ones. You will get the unmatched ride quality and safety features from buying them compared to other categories. They are characterized by their high-end design and quality which also last for a long time. If your budget allows, you should always prefer to buy the premium tires as their initial cost is compensated over their long lifespan.

Consider the Wheels

You should consider the wheels on your car before buying the best tires for it. They should match with the wheel size. If you buy a smaller sized tire, it will need to be stretched excessively over the wheels which can compromise your safety while driving. You should always try to buy ones which are closest to the size recommended by the manufacturer.