7 Tips To Improve Your English Vocabulary

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English has become quite a common language in the world over the few years. It is therefore no surprise that people are trying to learn through all means possible.

In most countries, English has been made a compulsory subject in schools. This has been done in order to boost the number of people who can use the language.

In addition to that, the government has approved for people to learn the language online. Certified educational sites such as Superprof are used to ensure that quality education is imparted on people is of high quality.

This just shows just how crucial English has become.

However, it would be best if you remembered that there are already people who know the language. You might be one of them.

One of the things that make many people proud is knowing that they are able to speak the language correctly. It is, therefore, no surprise to find that people are always looking for ways to improve their English.

One of the vital parts of a language is vocabulary. Therefore, if you want to improve in a certain language then you should work on the vocabulary. The following are some of the ways that could help improve your vocabulary.

Cultivating a reading custom

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Reading is one of the most effective ways of building your vocabulary. The main reason for this is that it provides you with the opportunity to understand the context.

In addition to that, there is a very high chance that you will look up the meaning of new words to understand the meaning of a sentence. When you are looking up the meaning, you will also be able to learn the various synonyms.

If you think about it, which is more useful: seeing a long list of words or reading and understanding how the words could be used?

Make the dictionary your friend

Owning a dictionary is something completely necessary for anyone that is learning English.

It is crucial for you to remember that owning it is not enough. The only way you could realize the full importance of it is by using it.

When you think of owning a dictionary, your mind might be going to a huge book. However, technology has come to make things easier.

There are dictionary applications that you could use to not only look for meanings but also find synonyms.

In addition to that, you could also find antonyms and related words. This will give your ideas on how to apply the word in your context.

Make use of online platforms

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As mentioned above, technology has led to serious changes in the way things are done today.

One of the most common benefits of technology, especially the internet, is that it has allowed for interaction between people.

When it comes to improving your vocabulary, you could subscribe to various feeds that post new words and their meanings daily. This will not only provide you with growth in your vocabulary but also save you the time of searching for new words.


We have all heard of the saying that practice makes perfect since time immemorial.

In most circumstances, the saying applies in most aspects of our lives. It is no different when it comes to you improve your vocabulary.

One of the ways to ensure that you do not forget a new word is by constantly using it in your conversations. However, before using the word you need to make sure that you understand the meaning and its appropriate context.

Once you have understood how to use the word in low-risk areas, you can now try it in more official areas.

In addition to that, you could use the words in your writing.


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Do you remember mnemonics? You probably used them as a child to try and remember the various things that you were taught in school.

You may have thought that they were only applicable during that time. However, when it comes to improving your vocabulary, mnemonics play a huge role.

The mnemonics not only help you remember word definitions but also the appropriate use of the words.

In addition to that, you have fun as you try to remember as the mnemonics are like songs.

Word games

It is usually a norm that people play word games as a way to pass time. Therefore, word games such as scrabble end up collecting dust.

However, did you know that these games play a big role in improving your vocabulary?

This is done by prompting you to look up the meanings of various words that you come across while playing. One round of these games will guarantee you at least a new word.

You are therefore advised to play these games as often as possible.

Technology has also played a huge role in making it easier for you to access the game. It even allows you to compete with other people around the world.


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It has probably been years since you last used flashcards. However, you may need to go back to them if you want to improve your vocabulary.

This method is quite flexible as you can decide to use the traditional methods.

You could also decide to use the various flashcard applications that are available. You only need a smartphone to have access to the application.

You could decide to do a workday. When selecting the number of words to do in a day, you need to be careful not to overload yourself.

These are just some of the ways that you could use to improve your vocabulary. It would be best if you remembered that consistency is key. This, therefore, means that if you decide to use a particular method keep up with it and you will learn numerous words in no time.

In addition to that, it is crucial for you to remember to get the vocabulary one at a time. Doing excessive words in a short time could not only drain you but also cause you to forget some of the words that you would have learned. This is quite discouraging.