10 Tips For Increase Your Clicks Per Second When Playing Video Games

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If you’re a gamer yourself and someone who likes to have fun this article is perfect and just for you! Would you like to improve your click speed when playing games on your own or with your friends? There are loads of different games that one can play and which would demand your speed & accuracy. Which game is your favorite? Do you want to get better at it and improve your score? You can work on improving your reflexes but also set up your computer correctly with some practical tips and tricks. Here, we’ll show you how to increase clicks per second by following some simple rules.

1. Practice different clicking techniques

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Make sure you are practicing clicking techniques and that you give it a time when trying out new options. For most Jitter clicking or Butterfly, clicking can do the most & give out the best difference. Rapid finger muscle spasms are used in this method to click faster, which makes it practical for anyone who wants to act on the spot and accordingly. You can also watch some videos on YouTube to understand how this process and approach work.

2. Use a mouse

When you click with a mouse, you can click faster and more precisely than when you click with a laptop cursor, as you probably know it yourself. Laptop cursors can also be hard and tricky to get used to if you’ve been a computer user for so long. The natural position of your hand will work a lot better with a mouse. Try it and see for yourself.

3. Practice your keys

Be aware of the keys (the mouse keys) and remember to press them when necessary. With some gadgets and computers, you are allowed to set up your own sensitivity levels that you can take up a notch and use their sensitivity for your own practical & fast approach. By doing so, you are actually clicking the button a lot faster due to its practical sensor that will come in handy.

4. The right-hand position

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Your pointer finger should be placed on the left (or right) mouse clicker from the start. Your finger should always be stiff and at the same position, allowing you to move it only when necessary and to switch between clicks. No reason to test out different hands, your dominant one will do the performance a lot better. If you don’t have a good grip on the mouse, it could slip out of your hand, so practice this little approach. It is all in the grip.

5. Stop scrolling

You should alternate between clicking your hands while holding your mouse. Some people also prefer the auto-clicker approach (as long as your gaming site allows you to do it this way). Some companies are more strict than others when it comes to their initial setup. Stop scrolling and focus all the attention & work on clicking and pointing, instead of scrolling.

6. Play different games

Download different games on your computer or laptop and try out your speed, luck & accuracy. Train your reaction time so that you can see something at a faster pace than normal. You can also try playing an oldie but a goodie: Counter-Strike: Global Offensive. This one can enhance your reaction times to a whole new level. Give it a go and see how it impacts your tactic.

7. A gaming mouse is an investment

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Gaming mouses are specially designed for demanding games and they are worth the money and your investment, especially if you play different kinds of game options on a daily basis. This mouse offers it’s player a practical position for his or her hand that allows you to get the best clicks at a fast pace.

9. Try some other techniques

As previously mentioned, jitter, butterfly, and drag clicking are some popular techniques that one can apply when playing different games. With these, you can increase the number of clicks up to 14 of them per second. Different games require different techniques but practicing all of them can be useful for every gamer who wants to win + you get to train your brain and you can adjust it as well.

9. Get a stress ball

If you are into some old-school methods and you’re not too sure how these other sites, tools, or tricks function, give it a go with an oldie but a goodie – a stress ball! Simply by holding it, gripping, and relaxing your muscles you will get your joints to loosen. It can also come in handy if you lose a game and you get annoyed by the process. Do not throw your joystick or your console, but hold the stress ball tighter and hit the wall with it. Effective yet low-impact.

10. Do the math

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It’s action per second, which means that the more right action you take, the better the performance! Your gameplay is related to every keystroke and mouse click that you make in a second. Make sure that you avoid making wrong moves and know that your wins will matter. See how much progress you’ve made by comparing your previous results & gameplay to its current state!

Want to take a test?

Still not too sure how good of a gamer you are? Ready to take the ultimate test and find out yourself? Check out this site and try out their speed test that will suit any age group & gender. There is the 5 or 10-second click test that will tell you your CPS rate. Every gamer will easily get the hang of it, and he or she will understand how to perform. Start out slowly and work your way up to the 60-second quiz that is for ultimate winners & fast-paced guys or girls. Make sure that you have a stable connection and proper hardware before you give it ago.