What Are the Best Ingredients to Look for in Natural Supplements for Joint Problems?

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We are surrounded by pharmaceutical products. But, in the end, what people want are natural remedies. Of course, it’s not always easy to find those, especially in the modern society we live in.

But, it is always possible to find natural supplements that are used to create various cures for different conditions. When it comes to issues with our bones, tendons, skin, and joints we are somehow accustomed to seeking the best natural ingredients that could help. It would seem that the tradition our grandmothers left us behind hasn’t died out yet. If you look at the Reuma Art, you would see that the tradition of using natural ingredients for pain relief not only didn’t die out it is still going strong.

But, the curiosity of the Average Joe when it comes to buying pharmaceutics can’t be easily satisfied. Everyone wants to know the ingredients. After all, we are talking about taking care of our bodies. This is fine. But how much do you know about the ingredients that go into modern medicines? Probably not much. Luckily, you have us here to aid you in that department. Do you know what are the best ingredients to look for in natural supplements for joint problems? If the answer is no, you are practically obligated to read this article.

We are going to go through some of the best ingredients that go into joint medicines and probably in many others that are based on natural products. When you see the names of the ingredients below, you can be assured that they’re safe for you to use. After all, the best remedy is the natural remedy.

Old sayings die slower than ancient medicine, but the two are still present even in modern pharmaceutical societies we are a part of. That’s enough for the introduction, let’s talk about the essence. These are the ingredients you should seek when looking to buy joint medicine.


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Have you heard this name? Probably not. But, you need to remember it for future purposes. It is a great natural supplement. One that can do wonders for your joints if the need arises. It is traditionally used to treat pain in many parts of our bodies and joints especially.

Many studies have proven that this is an ideal supplement to treat joint pain and also conditions such as osteoarthritis. Joint pain and inflammation are its main enemies and in this sense, your body will react to it as if you’ve taken ibuprofen. When you see its benefits you probably aren’t surprised that this ingredient is the first on our list.


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Let’s go with the spices. Turmeric sounds familiar? Of course, it does, it is one of the main ingredients in curry. It is mostly used in South Asia where it is part of their cuisine. While it is a great addition to many meals, it is also a great cure. Turmeric can help greatly with various forms of inflammation due to the high levels of curcumin it possesses.

The best way to use it is in combination with other supplements such as black pepper, olive oil, or avocado as that’s how it will reach the areas it needs to reach when used as a remedy. If you want to have the full benefits of this ingredient you’ll make it a part of your regular diet. But, when you see its name on any natural supplement you can rest assured that the job will be done.

Fish Oil

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By now you should know that eating fish is good for our brains. That’s why the Japanese are so smart, or that’s just one of the explanations. But, having a diet based on sea products truly does have its benefits, joking aside. When you see that fish oil is part of any natural supplement you know you’re on the good track.

Fish oil is full of omega-3 fatty acids and you know that’s a good thing. When you add eicosapentaenoic acid to the mix and mix a little bit of docosahexaenoic acid too, you know that you’re having a fine anti-inflammatory cure on your hands. Products that contain fish oil are proven to treat joint pain and even relieve pain in those who suffer from rheumatoid arthritis.


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If you look back at the tradition of curing joint pain the name chondroitin will pop out more often than not. If you look at the most recent studies, and even the older ones it is clear that joints can be treated with this ingredient.

Natural supplements for joint pain that you can find in pharmacies that contain this ingredient are good to go. Just like the first option in this article we mentioned it is quite adept in treating joint pain on the level of artificial ibuprofen.

Cherry Juice Extract

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This one probably baffles you. But, we are not joking here. Cherry juice and any other juices from the family of red fruits and vegetables are the ideal remedies for joints. You can drink the juice itself, but that’s not recommended due to the high level of sugar it might contain.

But, if you see that the extract is a part of your joint pain remedy you shouldn’t back from it. Instead, rest assured that cherry juice is one great cure for joint inflammation. The reason why they work so well is that cherries are rich in anthocyanin.


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Here’s another traditional cure for joint pain but with an exotic background. This one is better known as Indian frankincense. It’s used to cure conditions such as arthritis. It is a great remedy for pain relief and it is used in both traditional and modern medicine. To have the best effect you need to extract the Boswellia from the Indian frankincense. This extract is known for having anti-inflammatory properties and thus it’s no wonder you’ll see its name as an ingredient in natural supplements for joint pain. You can even find it in its pure form as a direct supplement and not only a part of other remedies. It is quite widespread even if its name won’t ring a bell when you first time hears it.