CBD Cream for Joint Pain: What Are the Pros & Cons

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There has been a rapid increase in joint pain over the past few years. This is due to the issues such as arthritis. While life expectancy has increased, the rate of obesity has skyrocketed on the other hand. A poor sedentary lifestyle is also another contributing factor to joint pain. With such high statistics and the high cost of medical care, people are turning to affordable alternative sources of therapy such as CBD.

CBD is a cannabidiol compound that’s found in the cannabis plant. It’s versatile in nature, and you can find it in many forms, including topical products. This article offers an overview of CBD cream for joint pain.

CBD Cream and Joint Pain

Joint pain is pain, discomfort, or inflammation that arises on any joint part in your body. This includes ligaments, cartilage, muscles, and bones. It most commonly refers to arthralgia or arthritis, simply pain or inflammation of the joint. While some people use prescription medication to manage joint pain, CBD products such as creams are effective.

CBD cream often includes products such as salves and balms. They are made for topical application and normally produce localized effects. This makes them ideal for providing targeted pain relief, especially in areas such as the joints. The localized effects ensure that the desired effects are attained, and you experience optimal effects.

The Pros of Using CBD Cream for Joint Pain

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CBD cream for joint pain is currently in high demand. More and more people are using it to control their pain management, especially those dealing with chronic pain issues and inflammatory conditions. Let’s look at the pros of using CBD cream for joint pain.

Chronic Pain Relief

It can occur as a result of various factors. Instead of using costly medications that normally have harmful side effects, some people generally opt to use CBD cream for chronic pain relief. This is because such a product works naturally with the endocannabinoid system to enhance wellness. This includes enhancing the functions of the immune system, motor control, pain response, and emotions.

CBD acts to minimize the pain response by inhibiting the functions of the receptors in the brain. As a result, the user ends up feeling less pain. However, there is still a need for more research studies to determine the full effectiveness of CBD for pain.

Anti-Inflammatory Effects

All the topical CBD products are for external application. This means that the CBD compound doesn’t get to reach the bloodstream. Users get to experience the potent anti-inflammatory effects on localized zones where CBD cream is applied.

Note that pain occurs as an inflammatory immune response to injuries, infections, or illness. Medical reports indicate that almost 3 out of 5 people in the world die due to inflammatory-based conditions. Thus, applying a topical cream ensures that you safely experience anti-inflammatory benefits.

The Cons of CBD Cream for Joint Pain

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Using CBD cream for joint pain has a few downsides as well. Remember that you can only use CBD cream as an alternative source of medicine. Secondly, there is no universal recommendation regarding dosage. In terms of usage and application, this might be challenging.

Excessive Dose

There is a high likelihood of applying excessive CBD cream dose, especially if you want more pronounced effects. This is because it’s not easier to dose CBD cream, and you can only make estimates.

Users end up using more than the recommended dose, and this can result in skin sensitivity and rashes. Besides that, much of the cream will go to waste since only a certain amount can pass through the skin. Lastly, chances are that you will end up not getting the full value for your money as the product will most likely end up getting depleted quickly.

Conventional Pain Medication

CBD cream for joint pain is effective for management purposes. This product doesn’t promise to cure, but it’s simply a treatment remedy. Additionally, it’s usually sold as a supplement. However, this product is generally less effective than prescription medication.

A research study analyzed the labeling accuracy of 84 samples of CBD products on the market. It was found that only 31% of these products, i.e., 26 products had accurate labels. One of the explanations for why the majority of these products aren’t very successful is due to this. Low-quality CBD products normally contain artificial ingredients. Besides that, some usually have harmful elements that result in unwanted side effects.

Should You Use CBD for Joint Pain?

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You should consider using CBD pain relief products. A 2017 study found that CBD topicals can provide pain relief for osteoarthritis-related joint pain. It should be noted that products like CBD cream for pain normally produce localized effects.

To achieve the best results, consider using high-quality CBD cream for pain as recommended by dmagazine. These are products from organic sources and contain potent ingredients. Besides that, they can effectively handle both chronic and acute types of pain. As a result, you will get guaranteed value for your money.


CBD has strong anti-inflammatory properties that may help to produce long-lasting results. When using CBD cream, you have to be careful. This is because there isn’t a universal dosage recommendation.

Besides that, you need to make dosage estimates as such products aren’t available in pre-dosed servings. Lastly, there are high chances of using low-quality products. This is because the CBD market is widely unregulated. To be safe, purchase your CBD cream from a reputed brand. Always start with a lower dosage and gradually work your way up.