Island Sweet Skunk – A CBD Strain That Will Change Your Life


People are commonly using CBD strains to boost their well-being such as managing illnesses, alleviating pain, promoting relaxation, or for any other health reason. Fortunately, there are numerous options, and if you know their benefits, it is easy to choose. Those produced, packed, and sold by professional sellers are the best.

Among the many CBD strains on the market today, the Island Sweet Skunk is a great option. This sativa-dominant CBD flower has a lot of benefits that you cannot afford to miss. If you are a regular user of hemp strains, this is similar to the Hawaiian Haze strain in many ways.

But why don’t we get a detailed review of the Island Sweet Skunk to understand more?

A Brief on Island Sweet Skunk


Sweet Skunk strain is also known as ISS, which is a crossbreed of Legendary Skunk and Sweet Pink Grapefruit. Its origin can be traced back to Vancouver, Canada. Today, it is available in other parts of the world, although it’s carefully grown to maintain the same qualities.

As mentioned, the strain is sativa dominant, which means it is extremely good for relaxation and calming effect. There are other benefits such as pain alleviation and promoting appetite, but we will look at this in detail later.

Contents of Island Sweet Skunk

The ratio of sativa to indica is 75:25. While this is an important ratio for the benefits of sweet skunk, the fact that it has up to 20% CBD when dry makes it a very potent strain. The THC is below 0.3% and this eliminates problems associated with high THC. CBG also appears in traces and this boosts the benefits as well.

The strain is rich in terpenes as well, which increases its ability to fight illnesses and bring relaxation. Myrcene is one of the most popular terpenes in Island Sweet Skunk and its effect is commonly relaxation. Another one is beta-caryophyllene, which fights inflammation and alleviates pain as well.

Apart from health benefits, terpenes play a vital role in the flavors of the flower strain, especially Linalool, which is contained in the buds.

Qualities of Island Sweet Skunk

  • Flavor and aroma – As the name suggests, the Island Sweet Skunk strain has a citrus skunk aroma upon experiencing it for the first time. Pine is also a distinctive aroma and taste in the flower. While using Island Sweet Skunk, whether vaping, smoking, or mixing with edibles, you will enjoy the grapefruit and fruity taste. It is also very smooth due to a mixture of well-balanced flavors of different fruits.
  • Appearance and color – The Island strain has yellowish pistils and green flower buds and this appearance might be carried to the dried buds. So, when looking at a bunch of Island Sweet Skunk, you will be greeted by a hue of green, yellow, and of course, brown that comes with drying. The bunch is thick because the plant is grown under optimum conditions and weather for the best quality flower buds. It is also a sign that it has been preserved well.

Benefits of Island Sweet Skunk

There are many health benefits of this CBD strain. According to the Island Sweet Skunk strain review on the Cannaflower website, these health well-being benefits are heavily contributed to by the presence of high-grade CBD, terpenes, and other cannabinoids. Just so you know, here are the benefits.


Winding down after a busy day at work is popular with many people. You are probably looking such a solution as well. If so, you could try Sweet Skunk for amazing results. The best thing is that it has immediate effects, especially when smoked or vaped. You could put it in edibles as well and the results will be incredible.

Boosting mood


The CBD flower is a powerful mood booster. It is a go-to wake-and-bake option for many people around the world. It is not high in THC if you are looking for something that will not get you high. Do you want to brighten your day? This is definitely the best CBD flower strain to give a shot.

Fighting anxiety, stress, and depression

Do you often feel anxious, or are you stressed right now? There is a solution before this could lead to depression, and that is the Island Sweet Skunk CBD strain. Many researchers have confirmed that the high CBD levels and the 75:25 sativa to indica ratio will promote this heavily. It also contains terpenes, which work wonders as well.

Alleviating pain

It is obvious that all CBD strains reduce pain in users. Island Sweet Skunk is no exception. Whether you have pain from injuries or chronic illnesses, you can trust these flower buds to reduce it. However, you need to work closely with a medical expert to advise on the dose and how long you can use the CBD product to manage your pain.

Reducing inflammation

Illnesses, injuries, surgeries, and other things that take a toll on your body’s immunity cause inflammation. But the Sweet Skunk strain can reduce inflammation and promote the healing of the body. You can either take the whole flower together with edibles, smoke it, or vape e-juice made from the flowers. The good thing is that it gets absorbed in the body fast to fight inflammation.


How to Buy

Now that you know a lot about the Island Sweet Skunk, you might be wondering where you can buy it. Reputable websites have the flower or an equivalent. So, do research to identify the best websites that sell legit and carefully-grown CBD strains and check if they have listed Island Sweet Skunk.

All you need to do is make an order by selecting the flower or its equivalent. You will be asked to provide the shipping address after paying so that your order can be shipped immediately. Big companies ship across many countries in the world, so there is nothing to hinder you from buying the best.

Final Thoughts

The Island Sweet Skunk is a portent CBD strain available on many legit CBD websites. It is easy to review it now that you have an idea, make an order, and use it. When used well, it delivers tons of benefits to its users as we have mentioned above due to the high CBD, low THC, and presence of terpenes. Go buy and give it a try today.