Jazzma Kendrick Biography, Career, and Net Worth

Image source: marketplace.com

Have you ever heard of Jazzma Kendrick? She is the new Instagram star and a model. She is still building her Instagram community, but she already has more than 300K followers there. And because of that and her beauty, she managed to get modeling gigs with famous brands.
For those wanting to know more about Jazzma, stick with us because we’ve prepared some juicy info.

The real Jazzma Kendrick

Weirdly Jazzma’s real name is Jazzma Kendrick, and she was born on October 24, 1996, in the U.S. Her birth sign is Scorpio, which is pretty apparent when you look at her provocative pictures.

The career of Jazzma Kendrick

Image source: marketplace.com

Instagram and the Internet helped Jazzma in her career path because her fame is mainly there because of her social media presence.
She started modeling for print campaigns, but also as a runway model too. She is represented by both Select Model Miami and Select Model Milano sister agencies, which means that she does her modeling job both in the U.S. and in Europe, Italy.

She walked for Lycra Mercedes Benz Swim Week, and she appeared in Aruba’s 60 Years of Diamonds carnival, modeled for HMN ALNS apparel. Kendrick was the lead in an official music video of Trey Songz for the song Na Na, back in 2014 She mostly does bikini shoots because of her gorgeous body and fit body.
But that’s not all Jazzma does.

She is a brilliant girl, and she is currently in the real estate business, based in Florida. It looks like she wants that to be her career and not to model. She loves sharing everything on her social media platforms, and she also shares her real estate stories there. That’s also the right way for her to promote her business.

Everyone knows how good Jazzma looks, but not all of that is from her mama. She has to work hard for it and train a lot. She often shares her workout session with her followers on her Instagram page. And recently, she made her YouTube channel named “A dose of Jazzma,” where she will be sharing her beauty secrets and recipes for the food she loves to cook. She may share her workout videos too on her channel because people enjoy watching them.

Net Worth of Jazzma Kendrick

Jazzma is still a very young girl, but her future is bright. She has a significant following on her Instagram page, which means that she gets the big bucks for promoting products on her stories and her feed. She also works in the real estate business, which certainly makes her some money. And finally, now that she opened her YouTube channel, maybe it will grow big and make her even more money. But currently, her net worth is estimated to be between $100K and $1 million.

Her real estate business will get bigger over time, and she will get new endorsement deals and sponsorships on Instagram, which will skyrocket her net worth.