How Successful are Online Dating Sites?

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The world we live in is full of options and things are a lot easier for us. No matter if you are looking for love, or don’t know what to eat, there are places and apps that can help you with it. In a world filled with technology, it is hard to find a human connection. Nowadays half of the world’s population is using online dating sites to find love and this begs the question, are these places as successful as we want them to be?

Here we are going to talk about online dating apps, why people choose them and what does their success depends on.

Freedom to be yourself

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Most dating sites in the past offered their services only to people who fit certain criteria. Luckily for us, nowadays your gender, age, and sexual orientation are not important. Users say that this gives them the freedom they need to be perfectly honest without feeling judged.

The success of a matching agency depends on finding the perfect fit between two people. When they first appeared, agents were the ones who made those matches, and people were sent on several blind dates. Now we have algorithms that take care of all that, and depending on the things we want in a partner, we are given options to choose from.

It is said that now you don’t have to hide anything about you and that the more open you are, the better the chances are of you finding someone. We value honesty and we want to find someone who will accept us for who we are. Even though there are people who lie and deceive, most of us who are using online dating, are truthful and open about the things we want or need in a relationship.

Are look everything?

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Nowadays almost all dating sites are based on looks and physical attraction. That really is important, but do we fall in love with how the person looks, or do we need more than that? People who are looking for a casual fling say that they love online dating we have now and that it is easy to find a partner based on just a physical connection.

Those who are looking for a deeper and long-term relationship are not interested in only seeing a picture of the other person. Dating Apps like Dobels help users screen their potential match and learn more about the other person that’s based on more than just looks.

We can safely say that looks are as important as you want them to be. Experts suggest that you should not settle for someone who is a lot less attractive than you, but you should try to find the perfect balance. Sometimes an attractive person won’t make you as happy as you want to be, but other times a person who is not seen as the perfect ten can give you everything you need.

How to choose a dating site?

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If you try to Google these websites you will realize that there are so many to choose from. Sometimes we try our luck and create a profile on as many of them as we can. But is that the way to succeed? If you want to find your match, then you should focus on quality, not quantity.

People who are new to this world feel like they are suffocating from all the options they are given and cannot decide how to choose the best website to set their profile. Learn how to make your online dating profile successful at Cupid’s Light.

There is no specific answer to this question, and it all depends on your preferences. Some places need to be paid to subscribe, some are free for everyone to use. On some websites, you can look for a casual fling, and others are made so you can find the love of your life.

One of the best options we have now is to choose our partners depending on age. There are dating sites that offer their services only to people above a certain age, so no matter how old you are, you will never feel like you are rejected from society.

Is it all that good?

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We are wired to think that there must be a flaw in everything, and that is true about dating sites as well. People often ask if these places are safe and if they are protected from any harm that can happen.

The short answer is no, you are never fully safe when you are on the internet. Unfortunately, there are many people who want to scam others and do damage. Because of that, you need to be smart and cautious. You should never share personal information with others, you should never give your bank account information and when you meet someone new, you should do it in a public place.

Experts recommend that you should always have at least one other person know your whereabouts at all times and that you should choose to date in a public place until you are sure you can trust the other person.


When it comes to statistics, experts say that about half of dating site users are between the ages of 18 and 30. Most of these people are not looking for a serious relationship and they want to find something casual. No more than 30% of users are between the ages of 30 and 50, and when it comes to people over 50, they don’t usually use the most famous sites. It is said that older adults choose specific places that are made for people over a certain age.

People who identify as gay, bisexual, or lesbian, are more likely to choose an online place to look for love. The reason behind this are the preferences you can set. The dating pool is big enough and they are free to choose any partner they want. It is harder to know the sexual orientation of someone you see in a bar, so when people are open about who they want to be with, chances are, they will find a potential partner faster.

The conclusion to this is that the success of the dating site depends on what people are looking for. The most successful sites offer a lot of features and options for the users and they don’t limit the number of people you can talk to. It is said that free websites are better for users than the ones you have to pay for to use.