What Kind of Fence is Best for Large Dogs?

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A dog is man’s best friend and today many people decide to choose this particular animal as a pet. When we say pet, we also mean smaller breeds that live inside the house, but also larger dogs that stay in the yard. The breeds that live outside are generally larger, but also more aggressive.

Of course, this is not the case with every breed, and it also depends on the owner himself, that is, whether he spends time with the dog, takes it for a walk, whether the dog spends time in contact with children and people, as well as whether it is trained.

We’ll often hear dog owners say “My dog doesn’t attack people”, but always remember the old saying that dogs and small children should never be completely trusted because you never know what’s going on in their heads. It is true that most dogs will not attack first, just as the owner himself says, but sometimes they will feel threatened and attack first.

Therefore, it is very important that large dogs are taken out with a muzzle and that they are always on a chain when they are walking. When we talk about the yard, a fence is very important to make sure that your pet does not go outside and cause a problem. Of course, this way you will also prevent stray dogs from entering your yard.

Fence height

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There are dogs that can jump really high. On average, each race can jump 1-3 times their height, but there are also those who can jump even more. Therefore, the height of the fence is the first factor that we must consider.

The strength of the fence

Dogs are strong and fast animals and many breeds have a predatory instinct that is sometimes very difficult to control. In those moments, dogs get incredible strength and a burst of energy.

For example, if your pet sees a cat or some other breed that is hostile towards you over the fence, only an extremely strong fence will hold it back so that it does not break through and tackles the challenge.


Running away from the yard and wandering is a common problem for guardians whose dogs live or spend long periods of time in the yard. Dogs are diggers and if the ground is soft, they will very easily dig a hole and get under the fence.

What is the best solution?

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When we talk about just the base, if you can, it is best if it is concrete in order to avoid digging under the fence and pulling it to the other side. The fence should primarily be high enough, and of course also strong. A forged fence or a stainless-steel fence will do the job well, but what you should take into account is the spacing of the bars.

However, keep in mind that this way you may keep your dog inside the fence, but you will not prevent smaller breeds and cats from entering. Also, passers-by may feel scared or threatened if a hostile dog jumps on the fence and starts barking when it sees them passing by.

How to solve this problem?

The best solution is a panel fence, one that completely blocks the view outside the fence, and is high enough that the dog cannot jump over it. Of course, you can get this kind of fence in several ways – masonry, wooden construction, or PVC panels. The experience of many says that the wooden fence is the most beautiful, but also demanding to maintain because it is necessary to repaint it from time to time in order to protect it from rotting.

The brick fence is the strongest, but know that once you make it, you will have to tear everything down if you decide to change it. We have a PVC fence as an ideal financial solution because it belongs to the cheaper fences, and at the same time you don’t lose out on worm resistance, as well as aesthetics. You can find more useful information on fencingspecialists.com.au.

Runaway dogs are a big problem ─ How to solve it?

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Running away from the yard and wandering is a common problem for guardians whose dogs live or spend long periods of time in the yard. By law, you, the dog’s keeper, are responsible for any accident that may happen to your dog or to someone else if your dog is walking unattended.

Dogs are curious creatures and often run away from boredom. This is precisely why it is important that you, as the owner, give him enough attention, that you take him out for a walk, for a run, that you play with your pet, and that you join him with other dogs so that he is socialized, and so on.

In part of the yard, you can make a sandbox in which you can bury treats and toys that they will be able to dig for and thus have fun. If you have the desire and the means, you can get another dog. The company of another dog is a bonus, not a solution to the problem!

Of course, we shouldn’t ignore the urge to mate. In males, this need is more pronounced and is not limited to a specific period, such as the chasing period, as in females.

So, this is another reason to protect your yard so that your pet doesn’t get out, but also so that others can’t get in.

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Final thoughts

The ideal fence is made of solid material, has concrete foundations, is smooth, and is at least 2 meters high. Fence gates can be locked, and electronic locks are the best option because only you can unlock them.

A fence and limiting the space is only a partial solution. Your dog is a being that needs companionship, physical and mental activity, research, play, and learning, and you should enable it!