5 Common Myths and the Facts about Puppy Clothes

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Animals have always been fascinating to humans as well as very important in so many ways. From keeping farm animals to produce food and clothing to hunting wild animals for the very same reasons, it is not wrong to say that without our connection with them we would not be able to build the modern world.

Utilizing strong steeds for traveling and in all sorts of difficult jobs, as well as warfare, allowed whole civilizations to expand and prosper. Exploring the world came with meeting new species and discovering the history of the planet through the fossils of those who came before us. And of course, there is the always popular trend of keeping animals as pets.

One Pet to Rule Them All

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Pets have been a thing for thousands of years. As mentioned, our fascination with animals dates back to the dawn of the first humans so naturally most of our ancestors enjoyed the company of animals who can be domesticated and kept as house pets.

From the earliest days, it was the dog that was the most common pet, mostly because a dog can serve so many purposes. For one, they are amazing at tracking and can help a lot in hunting.

Shepherd dogs can be of great aid in keeping and working with livestock, and any dog can be trained to guard the home and protect the owners and everything around them.

However, in modern days, it is their loyalty, good nature, and the fact that they are honest that makes people keep puppies as pets. And who can resist how cute they are?

Modern Puppies

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The contemporary trend of keeping dogs as pets has changed dramatically, both in why people keep dogs and what they do and how they behave with them. To many, they are nearly as important for them as their kids.

Others still keep dogs to perform some meaningful roles like guarding, shepherding, or hunting, but most modern puppies are there to be cute and to give comfort to their owners so that they have a smiling face and a wagging tale waiting for them at home. There are also many things people do these days that were not that common before, one of which is dressing up their puppies in all sorts of clothing.

You have probably seen many a Maltese and Pomeranian dressed in funny, wacky clothes. Toy dogs of all breeds as well as larger dogs are now being dressed in what is referred to as puppy clothes.

Of course, there are those who think that this is not only unnecessary but also strange or counterproductive. There are many myths about puppy clothes, but also facts that not many dog owners know.

In this article, we talk about the most common ones so that you learn more about clothing meant for dogs. For additional information on this as well as a puppy boutique with a great offer of puppy clothes and accessories, check out PawsPurrs.

1. Clothing Bothers the Dog

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First and foremost, people always believe that the clothing the puppy is wearing in some way bothers them and gets in the way of their usual movement. When you imagine a dog you do not think of it wearing anything and that is fine.

However, historically, there have been many things attached to dogs in order to help them and their owners do something. Clothes do not bother them any more than a collar does, or a leash vest. They get used to it rather quickly. After all, these products are made with the puppy’s comfort and well-being in mind by people who know what they are doing.

2. Some Dogs Need It

Not all dog breeds are made the same, nor are they all naturally bred. There are many breeds that were purposefully made the way they are by breeders, there are those who handle certain climates poorly, as well as dogs who are too docile for their own good.

All of this can be countered with clothes, from keeping them warm, allowing them to cool off, and making them more active. Some dogs need puppy clothes of all sorts for serious reasons and not many people know this.

3. It is Cute

Now, this is a fact we know you will agree with. You do not need any myth-busting or fact-checking here. All you need to do is look at a Corgi in a bee costume. That is literally all there is to it.

It is cute beyond belief and as funny and wacky as it gets. For them, it is a warm, comfy blanket-like thing they can wear. For the owner, and anyone lucky enough to spot the dog while it is being walked, it is enough to brighten the day and even the whole week. Sometimes all you need is some positivity and dressing your pup in funny costumes certainly qualifies.

4. Large Dogs Hate Them

This is definitely not true and it is one of the most widely spread myths. Larger dog breeds have always looked more intimidating. People think of them as more capable, stronger, and even more ferocious at times. While this may be true for some breeds, it is definitely not universal.

Similar to this, not all big dogs have the same shape, size, coat thickness, and hair length. While it may be true that a Chow Chow an English Sheepdog, or a Samoyed do not need any sort of clothing even in winter, they do not necessarily hate wearing them. If you start the practice while they are still young, they will get accustomed to it. The only problem you may have is actually finding a costume or a jacket large enough for your big boy.

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5. It is an Expensive Luxury

Just like with everything else, puppy clothing exists in all sorts of price ranges. Some items are expensive and over the top, while others are simple and affordable. You should be able to find exactly what you need in all price ranges, especially if you only want a regular costume to dress up the pup every once in a while. It is hugely popular these days which makes it mainstream, and everything that is mainstream can be found all over the place.