Benefits of Learning Spanish for your Career


When it comes to learning a new language at any stage of your career, one of the prime considerations you’ll have is regarding the cost vs. benefits of the endeavor. In fact, even in the middle of tackling those Spanish verbs, you might be asking yourself: “is it worth the effort?” “Will it at least get me a promotion or make my professional life better?”

All fair questions! After all, why take time off from your busy life to become a student again if it doesn’t advance your career?

Here are a few benefits of learning Spanish for your career that will answer all those questions of yours.

Ace past Your Competition to Get Hired


There is no denying that getting a better salary is one of the prime reasons to learn another language like Spanish. However, you have to get your feet in the door before you start considering the salary prospects. So, you would be glad to know that nine out of ten recruiters claim that knowing a second language is helpful in edging out your competition.

Thus, when you are in the pool of comparable candidates and want to bag a life-changing career opportunity, speaking Spanish can be that deciding factor that gets you the ultimate nod.

This also holds true even if you are already working in your chosen sector. After all, speaking Spanish will bring you greater opportunities for earning that awaited promotion. You will be able to converse better with the clients, go on effective business tours, and have a better understanding of the market. Thus, when the talks of promotion come up, your name would definitely be somewhere on the top of the list.

The Prospect of Earning a Higher Salary

Studies suggest that professionals who are able to speak more than a language can earn ten percent more on average compared to the monolingual counterparts. The reason is simple and has already been outlined above: knowing Spanish makes you more valuable to the company, which increases their willingness to prove it by offering you that extra cash.

So, if you have been indecisive about signing up for Spanish classes, you should now start considering it in a whole new light. You can check out Superprof to know more about this matter.

Extend Your Network by Speaking In Spanish


It might come up third on this list, but that does not reduce the significance of Spanish in aiding your networking skills. Speaking Spanish opens a business up to more than four hundred million potential contacts worldwide. Thus, the startup, department, or business gets a shot at competing with the big names on the international level.

Moreover, it enhances your peer communication, which leads to joint ventures and newer partnerships that can cover several continents. Lastly, business trips become a lot easy after you have mastered Spanish. After all, it is the official language in at least twenty-one countries. So, even having a basic knowledge of Spanish can help in smoothing over travel glitches and mitigate the prospects of miscommunication.

Improvements in Multitasking and Reasoning Skills

Learning a second language like Spanish will help your brain become comparatively more active because it will start making new connections and juggle different practices of expression.

Now, this activity will make you reevaluate your native vocabulary and language to make you become more articulate in both languages. Eventually, you will find that you have improved your expertise in both Spanish and your native language, and thus, presenting yourself professionally would become easier.

Additionally, your capacity to balance out multiple ways to say things will aid you for the rest of your life. It will not only help you in better managing your day-to-day tasks but also ease out the management of long-term projects. You will find it easier to recognize the paths to simpler solutions, which will offer you better problem-solving and reasoning skills to handle everyday situations.

Enhance Your Cultural Understanding


A major benefit of Spanish is also the fact that it opens up the doors for your understanding of other cultures. At the end of the day, it is the official language in twenty-one countries and multiple dependent territories.

Therefore, you will not only get to interact with more people (as mentioned before) but also better understand their product preferences and motivations through culture-based class activities. It will let you cater to a wider market than ever before.

Mitigating the Possible Losses from Language Barriers

Believe it or not, the language deficit costs can reach billions annually. It might come as exporters fail to get into newer markets and build their international presence or breakdowns and failures at negotiation tables, negatively impacting economic relationships. All in all, glaring gaps in language skills can kill a business.

It is worth mentioning in this regard that more than six trillion dollars of business are with the Spanish-speaking population. Such nations are experiencing sustained economic growth leading to a high purchasing power among the population.

Thus, English is no longer the only language that the international business community can rely on. In fact, Spanish has become almost a de facto second language for many corporations with a global presence.

A Way to Brush up Your Skills in the First Language


As we are about to wrap up the post, let us leave you with something to consider: taking Spanish lessons will also improve your command of English. You did not think of that, did you?

Studies show that learning a new language has a knock-off effect on your linguistic skills in the first language (for instance, English). So, apart from all the benefits mentioned above, you will also have better-listening skills, vocabulary, and overall better memory for both languages.

Summing up

As you can see, learning Spanish will aid your career in more ways than one. So, if you are yet to get yourself enrolled in Spanish classes, it’s high time to take the step. The benefits you reap will make the classes worth your time and effort.