Legal Services Every Business Needs


Whether you’re starting a business or in the process of growing one, every organization needs legal services to protect its assets and get tax-exempt status.

Many small business owners will neglect legal services or try to do it themselves. Receiving sound advice from a legal professional can ensure you avoid making costly mistakes or violating the law. Below we’ll cover the legal services that every company needs.

Personal Injury Legal Services


Even the most tightly-run organizations will encounter situations where accidents occur. For example, a customer can sue your business for a slip and fall that occurred at your business location. Or perhaps one of your IT consultants failed to read the instruction manual. Instead, their carelessness leads to some form of electrocution.

Your company may face a lawsuit for damage that resulted from someone else’s negligence. Personal injury attorneys, such as Zinda Law Group, can defend your case and protect you against people who sue you for their negligence.

However, the opposite can occur. Maybe you’re using equipment purchased from a vendor, which affects your ability to service your clients. This situation is the vendor’s liability. A personal injury attorney can help you file a legal case against the vendor to help you recoup the economic damages.

Employment Services

An employment attorney ensures that all regulatory safety standards are in place for all employees at your workplace. Employer lawyers can educate employers on matters about undue termination or discrimination. Complying with the law can ensure the business continues to thrive long-term.

They provide legal advice on employment laws such as working hours, salaries, safety, discrimination, and other issues. Your company policies will be reviewed by a lawyer to protect yourself from potential employee lawsuits.

Some of these attorneys’ services include providing legal representation in contentious cases or drafting an employee manual. Since the employment law is continuously evolving, hiring an employment attorney is beneficial for staying up to date with the current law to avoid potential legal issues.

Tax Services


Taxes for any organization can be complex. As a result, it’s worth it to use a tax professional, like a Certified Public Accountant (CPA). However, while they’re beneficial for auditing, you’ll need an experienced tax lawyer if the IRS takes action against your business.

Many businesses don’t realize they need legal services until they’re in the middle of a lawsuit. That’s why it’s imperative to establish a great relationship with a legal firm specializing in business law. Business lawyers can help your organization:

  • Handle litigations: If your business faces a lawsuit for tax evasion, you need a lawyer to represent you in court.
  • Advise on compliance: An attorney can help you comply with the relevant laws about your business, such as consumer protection laws, environmental regulations, and antitrust laws.
  • Review and draft contracts: Every company must have well-written contracts for vendor, leasing, and employee agreements.

Intellectual Property Services

Every business has intellectual property, such as its product design, logo, or website content. While these assets might not seem valuable, they’re essential to an organization’s success. Intellectual property services help protect your assets and prevent others from profiting from your digital assets. They can help you register your copyrights and trademarks and provide legal representation in court if someone tries to infringe on your rights.

Taking a new product or technology to a market is exciting. However, that requires your business to obtain patents, trademarks, and copyright in your target countries. The legal team will ensure that all intellectual property translations are laid out into documents to avoid confusion should the issue be brought to court.

Also, business owners must ensure they aren’t violating the intellectual property of other companies. Most people aren’t aware of the IP violations they could be breaching.

Business Registration Legal Services


A person looking to embark on their new business venture must register following the applicable laws in the state they’re doing business in.

Also, sometimes a business has multiple partners working together. Having stakeholders with different amounts of investments requires boundaries and an operating procedure to be created. Legal advice ensures that your team has the right knowledge to avoid pitfalls in the future.

Corporate lawyers can also help you obtain a business license and permits.

Mergers and Acquisitions Legal Services

You’ll negotiate for its assets and property when you buy or sell a business. You may not know what you’re entitled to during these negotiations. A mergers and acquisition (M&A) lawyer can protect your interests in these transactions.

If your business has been growing quickly and you are now considering offers for its future, a corporate lawyer can help you negotiate the terms and solidify a deal that works for you.

Your M&A lawyer will also assist you in filing the necessary paperwork and court filings to ensure that your sale or purchase of a business is made following applicable state and federal laws.

They’ll know every method of buying and selling company assets, from cash transactions to negotiated stock purchases. In addition, they help with drafting employee agreements to keep relevant employees within the organization after closing the deal.

Contract Legal Services


A contract attorney is a professional who helps businesses draft contracts. While many business owners are tempted to use templates for their contracts, they won’t cover your company’s specific needs. For example, adding specific provisions to a contract helps to protect you against certain scenarios.

This could make your company vulnerable to legal issues, so hiring an attorney offering contract legal services is best.

Contract attorneys are temporarily hired until the job is complete. Hiring these attorneys is a small price compared to the potential cost of not having a properly reviewed contract.

Final Thoughts

Hiring the right attorney can offer you peace of mind knowing that you have covered all your bases against legal liability. They can help you comply with various regulations to keep your business from legal trouble. Consider the legal services mentioned to keep your business protected as your business grows — we’re confident you won’t be sorry.