Do You Need a License to Use a Two-Way Radio or a Walkie-Talkie?


Wearing a walkie-talkie was always considered cool, right? Well, this doesn’t have to be cool on its own. It is also quite a useful thing. In many industries, there are situations when using these is an absolute must. There are many situations where these are used. Sometimes, they are used to resolve a problem that has surfaced.

At the same time, they are used for everyday communication which is a part of the work process. No matter what the needs are, these are there to make it easier for people who work in various industries. They provide the user with reliability, safety management, and much clearer communication between members of the team.

Sure, companies who need these purchase these systems. However, it is important to point out that there are some situations when these are rented. If you need a rental radio, be sure to pay a visit to Today, we want to shine a light on numerous important questions regarding using these two-way radios.

Without further ado, let’s begin.

Obtaining a License


Before you can use a two-way radio, obtaining a proper license is an absolute must. Naturally, we are talking about those that are used for business. Without licenses, it is not possible to use them on a vast majority of radio frequencies. If you require something much simpler than these requirements, you will not need it.

When we say simpler, we mean it literally. It means that the device you are using is going to operate in a much shorter range. Sure, there are businesses which will be satisfied with this service. We are mostly talking about small businesses, that do not need to cover a lot of ground via communication.

These devices with a short frequency are known as walkie-talkies. We can see that this term is often used for even the systems that operate on a much higher level. It is probably because the term is likable and easy to remember. What is important to understand about these channels can become congested.

Since they are prone to numerous mistakes, it needs to be said that they are not the ideal solution for a wide array of businesses. They operate on a frequency range of 446MHz. Therefore, those who are using this form of communication to share some crucial business-related information cannot rely on preserving them from anyone’s influence.


What About the Process?

The requirement for applying for this sort of license, the applicant needs to be at least eighteen years old. Also, an important thing is that the applicant is not a representative or an employee of the foreign government. After someone gets this license, every part of the family can use it without any restrictions.

Another interesting thing to know is that if this is obtained before 1987, it is possible to renew it without any problems. However, you need to know that applying some significant updates and modifications to the current system is not something likely to happen. So, you are stuck with the system you have been using all this time.

Besides these subjects, it is important to focus on the renewal process for a moment. Anyone who owns this license would need to repeat it every five years. The process itself should be conducted at least three months before the existing one has expired.

What are the Benefits?


Now, we would like to discuss a couple of benefits of using two-way radios when compared to other similar methods.

1. Longer Battery

The first, and probably the most important benefit of using two-way radio is that they have a longer battery than all other methods you can try out. We cannot stress enough how essential it is to understand this. The reason is that you never know when you will have an emergency during your working hours.

As you can presume, the battery depends on each device you choose. If you do not have the needed experience and knowledge in this field, then you would need to inform yourself about all the specifications of the device. Arm yourself with patience and start conducting your research.

2. Durability

The next benefit we want to talk about is durability. Some might think that we are talking about batteries again. Well, this is not the case. We are talking about them being durable after being tested in numerous hazardous and hard conditions. Without any doubt, these are built to last quite a long time. When you compare them to mobile phones, you will see they are much more durable.

All of them are rechargeable, and they can last for quite a lot of time. In some cases, you will see devices lasting for two years. Not to mention that updating them with modern devices is possible quite easily if you make a proper agreement with the brand you have selected as the main provider of these services.


3. Tracking and Visibility

One thing that’s interesting to know is that these devices have GPS tracking. Of course, these are connected to the main computer, which is used to track these, whenever they are located in a certain space. That way, it is possible to track all of these devices with the highest possible precision, which is a great layer of protection.

A proper example is school security. The whole perimeter is covered with lines of communication, but we can see that all the devices are closely tracked through the main server. Of course, tracking these is a must, especially in a situation when companies are operating or selling some luxurious products.

The Bottom Line

Using a two-way radio is possible in two different scenarios. You can use it either with a license or without it. It all depends on your needs and preferences. To understand your needs, you need to know relevant things about the concept.

Here, we’ve covered both of these situations so you can make the best possible decision. We have no doubt you will find this insight helpful in choosing something that suits you perfectly.