10 Top Legendary Figures in Christmas History Worldwide

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Christmas, a time of happiness and kindness, is celebrated in many different ways worldwide. An essential part of these celebrations is the famous characters, each with their unique way of adding to the Christmas spirit.

Join us on an exciting adventure to learn about these characters who have been a big part of Christmas for a long time.

1. Nicholas ─ The Original Santa Claus

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St. Nicholas, who inspired the story of Santa Claus, comes from old Turkey. Famous for being very generous, he gave gifts secretly to people who needed them. Today, his spirit of giving is what we think of when we think of Christmas. In many places, he is shown as a friendly bishop who visits houses on December 6th, the day we celebrate him, to give sweets to kids.

2. Krampus ─ A Fun Scare

Krampus is quite different from St. Nicholas. In some parts of Europe, he adds a bit of fun and fright to Christmas. Krampus looks like a creature with horns and is thought to come on the same night as St. Nicholas. But, instead of giving gifts to good children, he playfully teases the ones who haven’t been so good. This adds a bit of mischief to the holiday fun.

3. Befana ─ The Kind Witch

In Italy, there’s a story about Befana, a friendly witch who flies around on her broomstick the night before Epiphany. She’s a bit like Santa Claus because she brings candy and presents to good kids. There’s a part of the story where she sweeps the floor before she goes, which is like getting rid of all the troubles from the last year.

4. Father Christmas ─ The Joy of Celebrating

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In England, Father Christmas is all about the fun and happiness of the holiday. He started as a part of an old winter festival in England. Now, he stands for the happy and festive details of Christmas. He’s more about having a good time and celebrating together than just giving out presents.

5. The Three Kings ─ Givers of Gifts

In Christian stories, the Three Kings, known as the Wise Men, are famous for visiting baby Jesus and giving him unique gifts: gold, frankincense, and myrrh. People in many places remember their trip, which shows us how good it is to give to others and share what we have.

6. Ded Moroz and Snegurochka ─ Russia’s Santa and His Granddaughter

In the stories from Russia, Ded Moroz (which means Grandfather Frost) and his granddaughter Snegurochka bring gifts to kids. Their tale is a mix of old pagan and Christian traditions. Ded Moroz is like the Santa Claus we know. Snegurochka brings a special touch of fairy tales to how Christmas is celebrated in Russia.

7. Joulupukki ─ The Christmas Goat of Finland

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In Finland, their Santa Claus is called Joulupukki, which means ‘Christmas Goat.’ He comes from ancient festival traditions. Nowadays, he’s seen as a likable character who checks if children have behaved well before he gives them their presents. This keeps up the Christmas tradition of being kind and acting nicely.

8. Christkind ─ The Angel Who Brings Presents

In places where people speak German, Christkind is shown as a young angel who delivers gifts. This angel is a big part of Christian traditions and stands for purity and peace. Many families come together around their Christmas tree on Christmas Eve, excited for Christkind to come.

9. Sinterklaas ─ The Dutch Santa Claus

In the Netherlands and Belgium, they have their own St. Nicholas called Sinterklaas. He’s very special there. People celebrate him on December 5th. He wears red clothes like a bishop and is famous for coming on a steamboat from Spain. Sinterklaas starts the Christmas season by making everyone happy and giving presents to kids.

10. The Yule Lads ─ Iceland’s Playful Characters

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Iceland has the Yule Lads, 13 playful characters from their folk stories, who visit kids for the 13 days before Christmas. Each one has a different name and personality, like Spoon-Licker or Door-Slammer. They leave presents or sometimes rotten potatoes, depending on whether the kids are good or naughty. This adds a fun twist to the way Iceland celebrates Christmas.

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Enjoying the Many Stories of Christmas

Christmas becomes unique with various famous characters worldwide, each with fun and exciting stories. From St. Nicholas, who is all about giving, to Krampus, who likes to play tricks, and the Yule Lads, who love a good prank, these characters show the many sides of Christmas.

They help us see that Christmas isn’t just about presents; it’s a time when people worldwide celebrate with their traditions and beliefs, bringing us closer to our roots and each other. This makes Christmas a wonderful and welcoming time for everyone.


All these special characters, from the kind St. Nicholas to the funny Yule Lads, add a lot of color and fun to Christmas traditions worldwide. They show how people celebrate this happy season, teaching us about being generous, kind, and loving to give.

As we enter the Christmas spirit, these figures remind us that Christmas is a time for love and kindness that brings everyone together. Each one, from the Three Kings, giving gifts, Krampus playfully scaring kids, to Christkind visiting like an angel, has their way of making Christmas exciting and full of wonder.