London  Nights Out: A Guide To The City Of Lights After Dark

Many people will confirm that London never sleeps. It’s a city that breathes through every street, every airport, and every nightclub. People there are used to the dynamic way of living, and it seems, they won’t ever give up on it.

And we can say people in London know how to have fun and make the most of their living there. Even the visitors are always focused on having fun and exploring the city while preparing for the parties the same night. Surely, London is a magnificent city in every possible aspect, but our favorite part is the nightlife, because everyone who has ever been there, had a great time partying.

No matter if you travel with your friends, or alone, you can always find something exciting to do, as BabylonGirls can be great company when no one else wants to experience London’s night spirit.

And if you are looking for more fun ideas, we have these suggestions for you:

1. Visit a night market


If you know how to have a lot of fun, this can be a great way to spend the nights out. London’s night markets offer a great opportunity to sample some of the city’s best street food while enjoying a lively atmosphere. The most popular night markets in London include Camden Market, Street Feast, and Borough Market. They are the same through the day too, but the night experience is somehow more charming, and a great experience to add to your bucket list.

We only suggest you be very careful about the transportation options because sometimes, public transport is limited in the night hours. Make sure you know the surroundings well, to find the station immediately when you want to go home.

2. Go to a theater


London people enjoy theatre production, and those who’ve been there will confirm that it’s a world-class experience, especially in the West End part of the city. People name it West End Show because often performances are under the bright stars, and city lights. You can choose between memorable classic performances or even modern musicals. Surely, everyone can find something to enjoy during the nights in London, no matter the initial purpose of their trip there.

3. A boat tour to remember

The nighttime boat tours of the Thames are one of the greatest you can experience ever in your life. You can sail, or simply visit some of the boat clubs or restaurants, and have the best experience you can ever imagine. People who travel to London must at least consider night boat tours an option because it’s not worth missing them. Choose your favorite tour, and enjoy the sail. London is a magnificent city to be explored this way. And if you don’t really want water adventures, you can always:

4. Explore the rooftop bars


London has some of the best rooftop bars in the world, offering stunning views of the city skyline. Many people travel there just to experience the rooftop view at least once in their lifetime. It’s one of the best things you’ll ever see, so don’t forget your phone at the hotel. Use the chance to take great photos for your Instagram feed, and feel free, relaxed, and excited as the music plays and you dance looking over London’s skyline.

5. Never stop clubbing

As we already said, London is the home of many beautiful clubs you can choose from. No matter if you love DJ sets, or just loud music and dancing, you have so many great options to consider while visiting Britain’s city that never sleeps. Clubs work until the morning, and you can spend hours there until the sun rises again. Many renowned DJs and music performers choose to perform in London because they are aware of the city’s vibrant nightlife and clubbing popularity.

6. Have a calm pub night

London offers so many old and new pubs, and the best thing is you can explore a few in one evening, and have a calm party. People in pubs often drink beers, have snacks, and mind their own business. So, if you aren’t into clubbing, but still love parties, pubs can be the best option for your upcoming London experience.

7. Discover the hidden gems


London offers many speakeasy bars, that are usually very secretive, and great for introverts who want to avoid crowds, yelling, and drunk people. You can’t find these places easily, so ensure you make friends who will help you discover these bars. They are often behind unattractive doors without lighting ads, and you can enjoy some of the best drinks and food there. You only have to love this nightlife style to really have fun.

8. Visit a casino

Of course, you should be moderate in this. Determine an amount you can afford to spend and then focus on having fun and doing what makes you happy. And of course, don’t overdo it with gambling, because we believe you don’t want to get into trouble as a tourist. And we have to admit, London can easily compete with Las Vegas when it comes to casinos. Even some of Europe’s oldest casinos are located in London, and if you ask around, you can easily find these places in the city.


London offers too many options for entertainment, and at the end of the day, if you don’t want to party, you can always finish with a walk, sightseeing, or a movie in your hotel room. Of course, whatever you choose, do it with enjoyment and not under the influence of someone else’s wishes.

In the end, this trip is so you can enjoy it, indulging only your city-dwelling desires. And if we still haven’t convinced you, read this article at least one more time. Imagine all the situations we described and then check when you can book the next flight to London. We are sure that you will never regret that decision.

And there will always be a next time to plan things differently, especially if you didn’t like the suggestions we had for you.

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