7 Tips to Get A Job on Gold Coast

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Thinking about studying and working on the Gold Coast? Reconciling both activities is the objective of many international students. Australia is one of the best places for this as, unlike other countries, it allows the student to work too. However, how to get a job on the Gold Coast?

Below, we explain why the trendy Australian city is a great study destination and how to get a job in the region. Follow up!

What are the advantages of living on the Gold Coast?

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Gold Coast, like other Australian cities, has an excellent level of education. Its infrastructure is great to receive students from other countries, with high quality schools in different levels of education. Go to CatEight.com, and you can search for schools, colleges and university in Gold Coast.

The city, located in the state of Queensland, is considered one of the most beautiful in Australia, with idyllic beaches that attract tourists from all over the world. This is one of the advantages of living in the region: in addition to high quality education, students can enjoy a modern, clean and safe city, in addition to being beautiful. After all, there’s nothing like enjoying your free time to enjoy famous beaches like Surfers Paradise and Broadbeach!

Even with these attractions, which raise the quality of local life, Gold Coast has an affordable cost of living. The price you pay for a simple, far-away bedroom in more expensive metropolises like London or New York is more than enough to rent great apartments in the Australian city, one block from the beach and overlooking the sea.

It is also worth noting that the Gold Coast is a quiet region, with welcoming residents and high temperatures all year round. Not to mention the incredible tourist attractions beyond the coast, such as Burleigh Head National Park, Currubin Wildlife Sanctuary, Warner Bros. Movie World, Sea World, Dreamworld and SkyPoint Observation Deck.

What is the local job market like?

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The Gold Coast job market tends to be less competitive compared to Australia’s biggest cities such as Sydney and Melbourne – metropolises that generally receive more professionals and students from other countries. Therefore, it may be easier to get a temporary job in the city.

Due to the profile of the city, one of the main economic activities of the Gold Coast is tourism — and, therefore, there are numerous vacancies linked to hotels, commerce, services in bars and restaurants. The offer of vacancies is much greater in the summer and vacation months in the country, being excellent times for international students to take the opportunity to work hard and save extra money.

Among the most frequently found vacancies are waiters, hotel receptionists, cooks, kitchen assistants and shop assistants, as well as jobs in the civil construction and cleaning areas.

How to get a job in Gold Coast?

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To get a job opening in the Gold Coast, there are some strategies that can make all the difference. Check out!

1. Have a proper visa

To work in Australia it is necessary to apply for a visa that offers a work permit. The student visa allows the international student to legally work up to 40 hours a fortnight during their course, while during vacations and school breaks, they can work without any time restrictions. To apply for a student visa, you must enroll in a course in Australia of at least 14 weeks in duration.

2. Make a good resume

The first step to getting a job in the Gold Coast is to prepare a good resume that is clear, objective and well written. Show that you have experience and self-confidence. But some more care needs to be taken.

Many international students simply translate the curriculum they use in Brazil and hope to get a job in Australia. In fact, the ideal is that you adapt your resume to the position you are looking for, be it a receptionist or kitchen assistant, for example. The important thing is to emphasize certain aspects of your trajectory depending on the situation.

3. Search job sites

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A great way to find work in the Gold Coast and other Australian cities is to check out sites that help with this search, such as Career One, Seek, Job Search and Gumtree. Through them, you can define the location, the type of work you want and the area of expertise.

After the search, the websites will provide a list of registered vacancies and will present information such as remuneration and workload. Then, just choose the opportunity that suits you best!

4. Keep an eye on vacancies

Many international students lose job opportunities for not paying attention to their surroundings. Until today, several vacancies in Australia are advertised in the simplest and oldest way: with posters posted in shop windows.

This is even more significant in the Gold Coast, which presents many bar and restaurant opportunities. If you keep an eye out, you can find a good job around the next corner!

5. Be open to different opportunities

In Brazil, there is a certain disregard for jobs that do not require academic training. Fortunately, this misunderstanding has no place in Australia. In the land of the kangaroos, every job is respected in the same way, so you shouldn’t feel embarrassed about looking for a cleaning or restocking job in a supermarket, for example.

That way, your chances of getting a job will be greatly increased! So, in the Gold Coast, don’t waste time and take advantage of the various opportunities available in hotels and restaurants, for example.

6. Know how to present yourself

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You know that story that the first impression is the one that lasts? This may not be completely true, but it is undeniable that the moment you present yourself for a job opening is of paramount importance and is able to define whether or not you will be chosen.

So be punctual, showing commitment – not least because Australians don’t like delays. Also, dress appropriately: just because you’re in a coastal city like the Gold Coast doesn’t mean that any outfit is good for a job interview.

7. Don’t be shy

To be able to work in the Gold Coast, a good recommendation is to lose your shyness! After all, you will be in a beach town, with a busy nightlife and attracting tourists from all over the world. Therefore, many job openings involve constant contact with the public and even acting at events and parties, for example.

Therefore, put your shyness aside and take advantage of the opportunities that appear. You will gradually get used to it, mainly because the Australian people are very welcoming and will help you feel at home.