Luxurious Destinations for Superyachts in the Mediterranean


Set sail on a remarkable journey across the enchanting Mediterranean, a region where grandeur intertwines with scenic charm. From the historic remains in Athens to Ibiza’s lively beaches, and Monaco’s lavish offerings, every spot presents a distinct fusion of extravagance, perfect for the sophisticated yacht owner.

We will discover 10 exceptional marinas and beautiful islands throughout these scenic locales, highlighting places that accommodate superyachts with ease.

The Turkish Riviera

Ideal visiting period ─ May to October

Spanning from the Aegean coast in western Turkey to its southern Mediterranean edges, the Turkish Riviera is a prime spot for blue voyages, boasting crystal-clear bays and high-end marinas. The journey from Bodrum to Gocek, and then to Fethiye, offers a diverse array of sailing experiences. Services like provide this unmatched adventure, with options ranging from traditional gulet sailing trips, complete with a gulet charter, to luxurious superyacht excursions and extravagant megayacht experiences.

Here are our top recommendations for stopovers along this splendid route:

1. Fethiye ─ D-Marin Gocek

For sailors who enjoy steering their own course, the D-Marin Marina in Gocek is an excellent choice. It provides extensive facilities and outstanding service, allowing easy access to some of Turkey’s most cherished islands, bays, and beaches, including the extravagant D-Resort Gocek.

2. Bodrum ─ Yalikavak Marina

Yalikavak Marina, known for its accolades, distinguishes itself with a broad selection of upscale amenities. These include luxury shopping boutiques, fine dining establishments, well-equipped beach clubs, and a variety of entertainment choices.

3. Marmaris ─ D-Maris Bay

Located in a hidden bay on the captivating Datca Peninsula, D-Maris Bay is a tranquil and luxurious beach resort and marina. It’s set amidst pristine forests, offering a serene escape. The resort is known for its top-notch services, including fine dining options, a spa, and personalized experiences tailored to each visitor’s preferences.

These upscale marinas and harbors, celebrated as the jewels of the Turkish Riviera, attract international visitors looking for a mix of splendor and adventure. For those eager to experience this elegance up close, considering a yacht charter in Turkey comes highly suggested.

The Adriatic Coast of Croatia & Montenegro

Ideal visiting period ─ May to September

Croatia and Montenegro, nestled along the Adriatic Sea’s blue waters, are prime spots for high-end yachting. These destinations are rich in history, boast UNESCO World Heritage cultural sites, and are abundant in natural splendor.

For those looking for a blend of traditional and luxurious experiences, opting for a luxury gulet charter here is an excellent choice. Montenegro, in particular, offers an array of upscale amenities, including harbors suitable for superyachts, fine dining, and lavish spa hotels. This beautiful coastline promises memorable experiences for all sailors, whether on a sleek yacht or an elegant gulet.

Here are our top selections:

1. Dubrovnik ─ ACI Marina Dubrovnik

Cruise into the iconic settings of the popular TV series “Game of Thrones” at the ACI Marina in Dubrovnik. Here, guests can easily explore the scenic streets of the historic city and enjoy luxury amenities, including the marina’s golf range and swimming pool.

2. Zadar and the Kornati Islands ─ D-Marin Dalmacija

Discover the height of Croatian elegance at the Adriatic’s largest marina, D-Marin in Dalmacija. Visitors to the Zadar area can indulge in gourmet dining, high-end shopping, and the luxury of a private beach.

3. Bay of Kotor ─ Luštica Bay, Montenegro

Luštica Bay is a meticulously crafted haven for sophisticated travelers who appreciate the finer aspects of life. It features a harbor ideal for large yachts, surrounded by unspoiled beaches, waterside gourmet restaurants, and opulent hotels.

4. Porto Montenegro

Navigate towards Tivat to uncover the prestigious Porto Montenegro, famous for its first-class facilities and breathtaking surroundings. Here, sailors can dock alongside magnificent superyachts and enjoy the marina’s luxurious amenities, all just a stone’s throw from the serene waters of the Bay of Kotor.

Journey with elegance and utmost comfort to the premier spots of Croatia and Montenegro, where high-quality services blend with the magnificence and historical richness of the area. Discover Montenegro’s ultra-luxurious coast, the breathtaking Adriatic islands, and the enduring charm of the Dalmatian region. For an enhanced experience, contemplate a yacht charter in Croatia to fully immerse in the beauty of these destinations.

Greece & the Greek Islands

Ideal visiting period ─ April to October

Greece’s islands and coastlines are numerous and distinctively captivating. From Athens’ cultural treasures to the picturesque Cyclades, and the memorable beaches of the Ionian Islands, Greece provides sailors with a wide variety of remarkable mooring spots.

Embark on your journey and explore our recommendations for the best marinas, ports, and bays on the Greek mainland:

1. The Ionian Islands

D-Marin Lefkas

Located on the picturesque island of Lefkada, the D-Marin Lefkas is celebrated for its stunning beauty and exclusive charm. It offers a range of comprehensive services and features delightful waterfront restaurants with views of the crystal-clear waters.


For travelers seeking a mix of experiences, the Ionian island of Corfu is an exceptional choice. Known for its elite resorts offering fine dining and luxurious spas, Corfu also boasts stunning beaches and a wealth of cultural treasures, ranging from medieval to Venetian influences.

2. The Cyclades


Mykonos, a glamorous island, is a favorite among those who love a continuous party vibe combined with unmatched beauty. It’s home to stunning beaches such as Psarrou and Super Paradise, where sailors can unwind and soak up the Mediterranean sunshine.


Santorini, known for its volcanic landscape, is celebrated by sailors for its enchanting sunsets, unique volcanic beaches, and picturesque towns like Fira and Oia, situated on dramatic cliffs. Here, visitors can indulge in everything from elite gourmet dining to world-class spa treatments.

3. The Dodecanese ─ Rhodes

While the historic Mandraki Harbor, adjacent to the Medieval City of Rhodes, is a popular choice, it’s actually the Rhodes Marina, located just a short distance from the city, that is better suited for larger vessels. This marina pampers its guests with every conceivable luxury amenity.

4. The Saronic Gulf ─ Athens

The Saronic Gulf houses several marinas catering to the Athens area, notably the prestigious Athens Marina and the luxurious Alimos Marina. Both provide outstanding facilities and are conveniently close to Athens’ iconic landmarks like the Acropolis and the Parthenon, the quaint streets of Plaka, and the city’s lively food scene.

Explore the vibrant nightlife, scenic villages, and stunning beaches of mainland Greece and its islands, an ideal setting for yacht enthusiasts searching for an upscale Mediterranean experience. For a complete immersion in this beautiful landscape, a yacht charter in Greece is recommended, offering a personalized trip through these renowned and opulent destinations.

Use this guide as your key to finding the perfect destination for an opulent boat journey. For boat enthusiasts aiming for a top-tier holiday, the Mediterranean is the ultimate choice.