Want to Live in Europe? Obtain a Portuguese Golden Visa!

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Portugal is one of the few European countries that offers a residence-by-investment program also known as the Golden Visa. You will need to make a five-year investment in the Portuguese economy to obtain the document.

There are eight investment options available: starting a business, venture capital funds, real estate, and so on. The good news is that you will only need to live 7 days a year to keep your visa valid – that is, you are not required to live in Portugal full-time!

This post focuses on the nuances of acquiring the Golden Visa, including available investment options, key qualifications, advantages, and so on. The visa is a first step toward obtaining an EU passport if you are interested in it.

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Golden Visa ─ Advantages

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Let’s look at the reasons why the Portuguese program is so popular:

  • You can take your family members with you ─ All you need to do is include them in the application as dependents. If you have children, they will be able to benefit from studies at schools and universities in European countries at the discounted rates offered to EU residents.
  • Affordable cost ─ The amounts payable to obtain the Golden Visa are not exorbitant. What is more, some people invested in Portuguese real estate five years ago and sold it at a profit – which means that the program may cost you nothing in the end.
  • Portugal is a Schengen state ─ It means that a Golden Visa holder has the same rights to travel within the Schengen area as Schengen residents.
  • Portugal is an EU and OECD member, which means that it will never be on the blacklist of these organizations.
  • You will not be tied to one place as you will only have to spend 7 days a year in the country to keep your visa valid.
  • You can obtain a Portuguese passport later on which will give you excellent opportunities.

Sounds good? Let’s see how you can qualify for the visa.

Acquiring the Portuguese Golden Visa ─ Requirements

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Here are the simple conditions you will have to fulfill:

  • First of all, if your criminal record is not clean, you can forget about the Golden Visa (the same applies to your spouse and children under 26 if you include them in the application). Fortunately, most people comply with this requirement.
  • If you are subject to any restrictions on entry to the EU (blacklisted in the Schengen Information System, for instance), you will not be able to apply for the Golden Visa.
  • The bank will accept the funds you invest to obtain a Golden Visa only if you prove their legal origin.
  • The adult children you include in the family application must be financially dependent on the principal applicant (you can provide the documents to confirm that they are studying at a university).
  • Each person included in the visa application must have a health insurance policy that is valid for the period of stay in Portugal.
  • You will need to keep the asset you have acquired to qualify for the Golden Visa for five years to retain the residence permit.

Investment Options

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Now let’s look at the main ways of investing in the Portuguese economy for prospective Golden Visa holders:

  • Capital transfer ─ You can apply for the Golden Visa by transferring at least 1.5 million euros as a deposit, equity investment, public debt investment, or acquisition of securities in non-documentary form or those held in individual custody.
  • Creation of 10 jobs ─ All you need is to create 10 jobs for the locals and prove this fact by providing a relevant document.
  • Buying real estate ─ If you choose this option, you will have to buy a property that costs at least 500,000 euros. The only drawback is that you cannot buy any real estate you want: there are some areas closed for this purpose (Lisbon, Porto, and coastal areas).
  • Buying 30-year-old real estate for renovation ─ You can buy a property that is at least 30 years old, is located in the urban regeneration area, and is subject to renovation. The restricted areas are the same as in the case of ordinary real estate. You will have to invest at least 350,000 euros, and this amount includes the cost of renovation: for instance, you buy a property that costs 200,000 euros and invest 150,000 euros in its renovation to qualify.
  • Investment in public/private R&D ─ You will have to invest at least 500,000 euros in the local public or private research and development project and provide a document to prove you have invested.
  • Contribution to art support, artistic production, or national heritage reconstruction ─ This is the cheapest option: you will need to invest 250,000 euros through commercial companies, public/private foundations, socio-cultural associations, local authorities, state-owned companies, and state institutions, and provide the document to prove that the investment has been made.
  • Buying shares in venture/investment funds ─ You will have to invest at least 500,000 euros in the shares of investment or venture funds and provide a document that confirms this fact.
  • Business investment ─ You will need to invest at least 500,000 euros in a newly established or existing Portuguese company and create 5 jobs for at least 3 years to qualify.

Mind that there is an opportunity to obtain a 20% discount on any option by investing in sparsely populated or underdeveloped areas.

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