How To Make An Animated Character For Social Media Presence


Nowadays, more and more people start to use social media platforms in this digital era, and they tend to create their own character based on their features to represent themselves on social media.

Even some companies will create a visual character according to their company culture. Besides videos, a different story will for sure speak for itself but the animated characters will put life into your videos and help you deliver it in an effective and long-lasting manner on social media.

So, how can you make your own animated character? The simplest way to do so is by the use of animation makers. These applications can be used both online and offline and offer several features for creating customized animation videos. Moreover, the options for customizing your characters are fun to play with.

Use the Tool To Create Animated Characters


A free 2-D animation software – Doratoon will make character creation quite handy for you. You can play with the features in it and try all kinds of clothing, expressions, and actions on your character. This software also offers quite a user-friendly interface which makes it both fun and easy to use.

Below is a set of steps to make your own animated character using this software.

Step 1: Create An Account

To start working on any animation creator, you will first need to create an account and register yourself. Once you have created your account, you can now sign up and start creating.

Step 2: Customize A Character

Let’s say you are out of ideas for character creation.

Step 3:Make Your Own Animated Character

In case you want to create your own characters, this can also be done easily. You can draw a character’s sketch and then fill it with colors, and add expressions to it.

Step 4: Insert Your Character Into The Video

When you are done with the character creation, these can be inserted into the video and used as per the storyline.

You must be wondering in what ways this will benefit you. Continue reading and you will find out!

How Can An Animated Character Help In Social Media Presence?


The Internet has revolutionized the world in a very different way. Today, whether you run a small business or a multinational company, having social media presence is key to success. You can operate your small-scale business from the comfort of your room and earn thousands of dollars through good social media marketing.

Therefore, the use of animated characters is one way to make a social media presence. Moreover, it is quite economical. For instance, if you have to shoot for a certain product, you will have to look for actors, props, costumes, location, director, good lighting, and whatnot.

All this will require time and a huge capital. On the contrary, you can do this from your laptop or mobile phone, and that too for free by using 2-D animation software such as the software we mentioned above.

With it, you can create all kinds of animated characters or customize the already available ones. From expressions to clothes and props, even the voice of the character can be customized. All this and more can be done with just a single click.

You can even use royalty-free music to enhance sound effects. The best part is the text-to-speech option. This means that all you have to do is type the text and it will be converted into speech without any mistakes.

The benefits do not end here. You can even try out subtitles to screen your videos in different countries. These subtitles sync so well with the voice that you can easily add them in different languages.

What To Consider When Designing A Character?

When you are designing a character for your campaign, you need to keep certain things in mind. These are discussed below.

  • Audience


The first and foremost thing to consider while designing a character is to keep your audience in view. If your viewership includes children below the age of 10 then you need to focus on vibrant colors and a playful character. In case you are targeting the young generation, you can go with subtle yet trendy character looks for your characters and so on.

When your audience relates to your character, they will convert into customers soon. Hence, work on gaining your audience’s attention.

  • Match It With The Brand

You can create all kinds of funky or serious characters but if they do not match your campaign they will just like white elephants. Therefore, make sure everything from the template to the color pallet matches your character and nothing seems out of place. By doing so, you will be able to effectively convey your message.

  • Keep Religious And Ethical Sentiments Out Of It


When creating an animated character, make sure it does not represent or target a certain community. This could bring in more hate and criticism than you can imagine. Therefore, stay neutral with your characters and market your product effectively. By the way, there’re many characters in different religious clothes and templates  for you to try.


Animated characters are a unique way of launching your products and getting your message across to your audience on social media. Apart from being eye-catching, these are also quite easy to create. Hence, sign up for the best beginner animation software today and start creating!