How to Make your First Night as a Wedded Couple More Romantic?

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The day you fix a date for your wedding, you get butterflies in your stomach thinking about the wedding night. After all, it is a special night, and both bride and groom want to make it a memorable one. Remember that to have an unforgettable night, you do not need grand gestures. There are several little things that a newlywed can do to make the wedding night so much fun.

Whether you want to relax or go crazy in bed with your partner, both are fine. Enjoy each other’s company, which is crucial as you are finally alone after all the wedding preparation and rituals. Though, make sure you do something to make the night special and the best night of your life.

10 tips to make your wedding night romantic and special

1. Start by expressing your love

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After getting out of that beautiful but tiresome wedding dress and before you take a nap or get into action, do say I love you to your partner. No matter how long you have known each other, this is the day when you two embark on a new chapter and a perfect occasion to express how much you love your partner.

2. Rent a ride for the trip back to home or hotel

After the wedding, wave goodbye to your friends and family. Let them get back to the hotel or their houses in uber or so. Do not let them drive you home or even your friends, for that matter. Plan a crazy ride back home in advance. Something cool to enjoy the breeze like a vintage open car or a carriage.

It will make the day so unique, and you can enjoy a moment alone from the prying eyes. Even a limousine will work, as it separates you from the driver and gives you the chance to get into action! Why wait for the hotel room, when you can have fun in the back seat?

3. Keep your expectations about wedding night sex a bit lower

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Newlyweds are both anxious and nervous about sex on the wedding night. They want it to be awesome and perfect. Though the hurry and high expectations can lead to disappointments. So, take it slow and let the tension and passion build for a beautiful experience. Lowering your expectations will lead to better sexual satisfaction. Just enjoy the sexual intimacy; it will be the best you have ever experienced.

If you feel too tired for even foreplay, it is best to delay the wedding sex for the morning or other night. It will not make any difference and will still be amazing. Instead of that, you can enjoy each other’s company and intimacy.

4. Surprise each other

To make the wedding night sex unforgettable, try a new thing that will surprise your partner. Maybe a move or a different position that is not your style? It will up the oomph, and the night will get even better.

Also, you can use sex toys for your first night from Cirilla’s to make it enthralling. It may not be your first time with your partner, and a sex toy will make the wedding night a memorable experience.

5. Feed food to each other

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The wedding night is all about romance and setting the mood. Feeding each other food, like strawberries or chocolates is fun and intimate. Plus, a wedding can get chaotic, and if you missed dinner, it is a welcome surprise. Another plus point is that if you order chocolates or food that increase libido, it can be a great stimulant that can lead to an exciting wedding night sex for you two.

6. Keep flirting throughout the day

Weddings are tiring! You are busy clicking pictures and thanking people. Still, try and find moments to flirt with your partner. Any intimate gesture like holding hands or a quick kiss on the forehead or lips or a cheesy line will work. But flirting with each other can get you excited about the night and set the right mood.

7. Make sure you wear something sexy

If you plan on an amazing wedding night sex, then make sure you dress for that. Wear sexy lingerie. The choices available for wedding night lingerie are wild. Pick your favorite and let the dress or lack of it handle the rest.

8. Undress each other and shower together

We already discussed how relaxing it is to get out of that heavy wedding dress. Even your partner would be tired of the tuxedo. So, help each other out. The bride especially needs tons of help getting out the heavy dress and hairstyle. It is better to take help from your sweet husband than to struggle with it. Enjoy the intimate and erotic process of undressing each other.

Take this intimate moment a step further by stepping into the shower or bath together. Make sure that the hotel puts scented candles in the bathroom for a relaxing bath. Take time in the shower and enjoy exploring each other’s bodies. After that, get into your sexy dress or ditch it for the comfortable, cozy, and cheese couple robes.

9. Let him carry you inside the room

It is an old and silly tradition. Still, we think there is nothing more romantic than a man carrying his wife across the threshold. If you know some other fun and intimate wedding tradition, do not hesitate to indulge in it. They can make the night so much more fun and memorable.

10. Give your partner a gift and reminisce

You can plan a bit of a surprise by decorating the rooms with memories from your first date or meeting. Include other cute pictures and dangle a few fairy lights. Give a wedding night gift to your partner and reminisce about the old days. A fun romantic setting can lead to more exciting things. You can even spice up your evening by surprising each other some gag gifts. Ownage Pranks has listed them for you, check it out!

We hope that these tips will give you inspiration for making your wedding night a memorable one. Trust the process, and it will be the best night of your life.