How to Choose a Floor Covering?


Flooring is the backbone of an apartment, so it must be hard-wearing and smooth. In order for the flooring to last a long time, it is important to choose it correctly. Modern materials that are used to finish the floor are very diverse. They differ in properties, composition, price, and purpose.

Immediately note that for a good floor is important not only quality material, but also its proper installation, so in advance, we recommend a team of professionals:

How to choose flooring by material?

Classified into three types:

  • wood
  • wood imitation
  • universal.

Parquet flooring

Has a multi-layered construction. The strips of the middle layer are perpendicular to the other two. As the material for the outer layer is used veneer, made of precious wood, the thickness of the upper layer is on average 4-6 mm.

Due to its construction, the board becomes stable and resistant to changes in humidity and temperature. The boards are environmentally friendly and safe. They are easy to install and reproduce all the structures and shades of natural wood. Parquet flooring is probably the best solution for those who are thinking about what flooring to choose for a private house.

Solid wood board


Natural wood breaks all records for durability and reliability. In addition, it can be restored. By sanding and polishing the surface, you can return it to its former attractive appearance.

Solid wood is chosen for its ecological compatibility. Wood has excellent heat and sound insulation properties. It is pleasant to walk barefoot on a wooden floor even in winter.

The choice of natural wood flooring is a worthy purchase for both classic and modern styles.


The main advantage is resistance to wear and tear. The coating is available in several classes depending on resistance to stress.

Laminate is chosen not only for the home but also for public premises. A variety of design laminates will give a head start on any coverage made of wood.

Another plus – the product is more affordable than coverage made of natural wood. In addition, it is unpretentious in care – for cleaning you can use standard detergents. If you are thinking about what to choose a floor covering on a warm floor, pay attention to laminate.

In the range of manufacturers, there are moisture-resistant products designed for laying in rooms with high humidity. Many models are suitable for laying in combination with a warm floor. With proper installation and further care, laminate flooring will last more than 10 years.



It is a roll material, which is laid with the help of glue. The product is characterized by flexibility and elasticity. Design options are also diverse – imitation wood, tiles, all kinds of shades, and ornaments.

With the help of linoleum create a seamless coverage in the room of any area and layout – it is easy to lay one piece.

A plus of quality linoleum is resistance to moisture. On the outer surface is a protective layer that eliminates color fading.

With many advantages, linoleum has a significant disadvantage – susceptibility to mechanical damage. It squeezes under the heels of shoes, and furniture legs, deformed from the claws of pets. On average, linoleum is designed to last up to 10 years.

Ceramic tiles

Tiles are resistant to stresses and aggressive environments. It withstands any dirt and cleaning agents. The material is safe for health and does not emit any toxic substances.

Ceramic tiles do not wash out over time and do not lose their original color. It is not sensitive to moisture and water, or temperature changes. Additional pluses are non-combustibility and non-electrical conductivity.

Porcelain stoneware


Experts call it a leader in terms of performance qualities. It is characterized by a high degree of strength and hardness. Porcelain stoneware will withstand blows and the falling of sharp objects. It can be installed even on an uneven surface. The durability of porcelain stoneware has no equal. Its color does not burn out under the direct influence of ultraviolet rays, or the influence of aggressive chemicals.

Porcelain tiles are chosen and at the installation of systems “warm floor”. It has a high frost resistance, fire resistance, and resistance to water. The main disadvantages of porcelain tiles are associated with their laying. It is quite dense and hard, so it is difficult to cut and handle.

Vinyl flooring

Experts call vinyl floors a modern alternative to expensive wooden floors. Products based on synthetic polymers are unmatched by resistance to water. Therefore, vinyl coverings are chosen for kitchens, hallways, and bathrooms.

Resistant to external damage, so they are chosen for laying in rooms with high traffic – offices, and schools. Polymer perfectly absorbs extraneous sounds and noises.

A smooth surface quickly removes dirt of any complexity. Manufacturers produce floors not only with wood but also with tiles, marble, and natural stone.

Choosing the floor for different rooms


Knowing how to choose the right flooring depending on the material is very important. But it is also worth considering the specifics of the room in which it will be used.

Entrance hallway and corridor

The optimal option – is laminate with a high class of wear resistance. An honorable second place is taken by vinyl or ceramic tiles.

A compromise solution – a tandem of several materials. In part of the room at the entrance, you can lay vinyl, and in the other half – laminate.

How to choose to floor in the bathroom and toilet?

Only ceramic tiles, vinyl floors, and some models of laminate will be able to cope with high humidity.

To eliminate the discomfort of the cold surface, some models are combined with floor heating.

How to choose the right flooring for the hallway and living room?


Here the main requirement is durability and aesthetics. Often give preference to laminate, parquet, or solid board.

What flooring is best for the kitchen?

Here there is always a risk of spilling water and contaminating the floor with food products. Therefore, use laminate, tile, poured floors, or vinyl.

The original solution – zoning the space of the kitchen. Tile or vinyl is laid in the area of the kitchen surface and stove, and laminate – is near the dining table.

How to choose to floor in the children’s room?

In a room where there are children, high requirements for the floors. First of all, they must be environmentally friendly and safe. In addition, they should be pleasant and warm to the touch, so that the child does not catch a cold. Therefore, the best choice for a child’s room – solid board, parquet board, or laminate. If there is a dog in the house, then the best solution would be vinyl flooring.