7 Men’s Fashion Accessories For 2024

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Great job in 2024, guys. You were looking pretty cool out there. But 2024 is so last year. It’s time to slip into the new, new coolness. Thankfully, we can all see that there are a lot of men’s fashion trends that appear every year. You will certainly agree with the fact that they are not always new. Still, they always come with some fresh touch that makes even the oldest of trends look brand new. We can draw a parallel between fashion and Hollywood.

Just think about how many remakes were produced over the years. They always got something new to spice up the initial idea that will make them stand out, and probably be even more popular than the original. There are countless examples we can show you. You can use that same principle for fashion. There’s even a whole, let’s say, a genre that has this aspect as its main factor. We are talking about retro fashion.

With so many possibilities in front of you, we do not doubt that you will have enough chances to wear what you truly desire. To make this process much easier for you, we’ve made a selection of the most popular men’s fashion accessories. We have you covered with this collection of fashion accessories that are both forward-looking and timelessly cool. So dig into these tips and up that style game in 2024.

1. Rings Are the Thing

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Rings are becoming an increasingly popular mode of expression for guys. Whether that trend was spawned by a fresh openness among men to rock jewelry or it’s the result of a sudden boom in truly badass jewelers that cater to men, the fact remains: The trend is real and likely to reach even greater heights in 2024.

Naturally, you will agree that these are not new fashion statements. It’s quite the opposite. Throughout history, males always had some rings on them, for a wide array of different reasons. It needs to be said that in most cases it wasn’t a fashion statement, Instead, they were some manifestation of economic, social, religious, or any other sort of status.

So get yourself a fly ring or two or three. Make a statement with some bling. And if ’22 is going to be the year you finally tie that knot, we have some great news for you. We are hot stepping into the golden age of men’s wedding bands. These days, when guys hitch up for the long haul, they aren’t limited to simple (and oh so boring) gold or silver wedding bands. The market is chock full of unique wedding rings for men, check out these!

These days, you can saddle up with wedding rings made from dinosaur bone, meteorites, antlers, and wood. The options are endless. So whether you’re getting hitched or simply upping your fashion game, hook it up with rings that have something to say.

2. Wayfarer Sunglasses, a Timeless Look

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Every guy out there needs to have a pair of go-to sunglasses in his repertoire. We are talking about probably the most constant fashion trend among males, especially in the last couple of decades. Nobody is gonna question that. But it’s not hard to find the debate about what style you should be rocking. Something edgy? Something geared perfectly for your face shape? You can go so many different routes.

While we agree that this is a personal question, that doesn’t mean that there are some pieces or designs that can’t be addressed as classics, or some other statement. But we recommend kicking it with an old-school look that’s never going out of style: The classic wayfarer. They are cool this year. They are going to be cool next year, the year after that, and so on. And you don’t have to worry about whether they suit your face shape because the fact of the matter is this: everybody looks cool in wayfarers. Basically, you will not make a mistake whenever you decide to wear these. Without a doubt, this is a piece that every man out there needs to have in his wardrobe.

3. Just the Right Hat

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Every guy needs a versatile hat he can go to in a pinch. We recommend a hat you don’t have to be too precious about, something that can handle a little wear and tear. Whether you’re a retro trucker hat guy or the type of dude who needs to rock a fitted hat in support of his favorite team, make sure you have a solid hat option in your collection.

Even though that we wouldn’t recommend you to purchase a hefty piece, that doesn’t mean that it shouldn’t look stylish. Wearing these will always add an interesting touch to your image. It means that you will see that people will be genuinely interested in your overall style. It is certainly a great way for you to start a conversation with other people, which is always a plus.

4. Be Ready for Anything with a Swiss Army Knife

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If it’s not already abundantly clear, we’re calling for a big-time retro resurgence in 2024. And there’s a certain something a truly old-school gentleman pretty much always had on his person. We’re talking about a classic Swiss Army knife, the multi-tool that can bail you out in all sorts of ways, from popping a beer bottle to filing an unruly nail.

How cool is that to have something like this with you. Meaning, you can use it for a wide array of different activities, like those we’ve mentioned. The kind of guy who can pretty much figure it out, no matter the situation — that’s the kind of guy with a Swiss Army knife at the ready. You want to be that kind of guy, right? We’ll answer that for you: You do — you most certainly do.

5. A Flask Fit for a Gentleman

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Who says a flask can’t be fashionable? We aren’t condoning ’round the clock nips, but if you’re going to rock a flask for the occasional foray into partydom, why not go with an option that actually looks good, like this handsome as hell genuine leather piece? Conducting online research will provide you with countless pieces, who have an interesting design, and you will see that they are much cheaper than a vast majority of people believe they are.

6. A Wallet That Isn’t an Afterthought

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When it comes to wallets, slim is in. So is RFID protection, which prevents all those vile identity thieves out there from jacking your info. You can drop some pretty serious coin on a slim wallet that guards your goods against digital hijacking, or you can go with an eminently more affordable option, like this fella here.

However, you choose to go about it, ditch that George Costanza Exploding Wallet because thick wallets are decidedly out of fashion, and that’s a trend that is never coming back around. You will certainly agree with the fact that these pieces will be practical enough to fit all the pieces you need to carry yourself wherever you go.

7. A Notebook: Take a Break from Tech

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Screens are maybe, kind of, wrecking our brains. We all know it, yet we all spend hours a day glued to our phones. So in 2024, give yourself a break from the incessant scrolling and texting and posting and liking by spending a little portion of each day jotting down some thoughts and observations in a smart-looking little notebook you can tote around like you’re an old-school reporter working a big story.

It’s funny how quickly notebooks have become retro, but here we are. When people spot you jotting away in there, they’ll think you’re some kind of Renaissance Man, a man who absorbs life and has something to say about it. Not to mention that returning to some traditional ways of passing information is always good for anyone, no matter how interested we are in adopting the latest technologies. Some experts will say that this is a healthier way.