6 Key Factors for Choosing Eyeglass Frames – 2024 Guide

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To some people, eyeglasses are a fashion statement. To some others, it is a mode of convenience and functionality. In the spree of shopping for the perfect eyeglass wear, we tend to overlook the frame material, and it’s quality. But the frame material and size of it matters in terms of visual appearance, comfort, and safety. And, when it is about picking the right one, there are other important factors to consider. Let’s get to know about six key factors to consider when choosing an eyeglass frame that looks amazing and fits flawlessly.

1. Purpose of it

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There are hundreds of trendy eyeglasses and frames styles available in the market, which makes us forget the main purpose of shopping for it.

If you are shopping to upgrade your style and eyewear collection, then the color, size, and shapes of the frame should be your top priorities. While the frame’s material and quality should be your top considerations if you are shopping for comfortable wear and eyeglass lens durability.

The most common eyeglass frames materials are plastic, metal, or a combination of metal and plastic. There are pros and cons attached to each of them. For instance, certain metal frames such as monel frames or the ones made of nickel are known to provoke allergic reactions while others are hypoallergenic.

Apart from the material of the frame, focus on its rim. A simple rimless or semi-rimless frame is a lot lighter than a thick full rim glass. While rimless eyeglass frames are perfect for regular wear, the classical full-rimmed ones are best for a sophisticated look.

Should you choose a rimless, half-rimmed, or a full-rimmed frame? It depends on your style preference and comfortability. So choose wisely.

2. The material of the frame

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As mentioned before, we often overlook the material of the eyeglass frame. But the fact is, material of the frame determines its quality and durability. Here we have described in brief about the pros and cons attached to the most common frame materials.

• Plastic Eyeglass Frames

Plastic eyeglass frames undoubtedly the most popular ones. Thanks to its affordability and many varieties. While all these advantages make the plastic frames a popular choice, there is another part of the story.

One of the major disadvantages of plastic eyeglasses is that they tend to break easily. Moreover, with time and usage, the plastic frame starts to lose its color and altogether becomes lackluster.

As such, If your shopping for a durable and sturdy frame quality, think twice. Think twice and consider shopping metallic frame varieties.

• Metal Eyeglass Frames

Metal frames are the most durable ones. Resistant to breakage and damage, the metal frames are sturdy enough and best for sports enthusiasts and vigorous lifestyle.

There are six metal options for you in case of metal frame varieties. These are- titanium, monel, beryllium, stainless steel, and aluminum. All the metal types are corrosion-resistant, lightweight, and flexible enough for regular wear.

A few years back, the only downside of metal eyeglass frames was the lack of color options. But, currently, the most in-trend and stylish eyeglass frames are that of the metal varieties.

If you are looking for the stylish pair of wears, then look no further than the metal eyeglass frames. After all, considered as timeless glass wears, metal frames are forever in style. Striking a balance between durability and style metal frames are for the classical and mature personalities.

3. Size of the frame

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The secret to striking the fine balance between your look and eyewear is the frame size of it. Extra big-sized glasses are not only heavier but also uncomfortable to wear. Also, a size too small for your eyes is something you should avoid. So choose the size of the frames wisely.

The golden rule of thumb to pick the right eyeglass frame size that complements your look is as follow-

• 42mm to 50 mm frame size for narrow faces

• 49mm to 54 mm for round faces

• 55mm to higher for extra large-eye size and broader faces

4. The shape of the frame

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There are many frame shapes to choose from, so choose the one that best complements your face shape. The best pair of frames is the one that enhances your look. Here is a general guideline for determining the perfect frame shape that complements your look.

• Oval and round frames:

These frame shapes tend to make a face appear a bit fuller. So, round and oval frames are suitable for those who are looking for a full-bodied look. While round and oval frames are ideal for faces that are angular in appearance, the same is not true for shorter or cheeky face structure.

• Square and rectangular frames:

Square and rectangular frames tend to make a face appear slimmer and longer. As such, these shapes of frames are best for cheeky and round faces.

• Cat-eye shaped frames:

Cat-eye shaped eyeglass frames tend to showcase high temples and prominent details of a face. These frames are suitable for heart-shaped faces and faces with distinctive features such as jawline.

5. Color of the frame

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How should you pick the right frame color? Should the frame color match your skin tone, hair color, or personality?

Fact is in this age and era; it is not smart to choose frame colors depending upon your skin tone and hair color. After all, eyewear styling experts and specialists from renowned companies such as glasses2you recommend selecting the color that complements personality. So, choose the frame color suitable to your lifestyle and personality.

Are you an executive or a professional in the public relations field? Then the neutral frame color it is. Maybe you are a creative person in the professional field. In that case, choose frames in a color that matches your creativity.

Perhaps, you are an outdoor enthusiast, a fun-loving individual with enjoys funky vibes and beats. Then unique and funky colored frames it is. So choose your frame color accordingly.

6. Comfortability of your wear

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When choosing a new pair of frames for our glasses, we often overlook how comfortable it is to wear. So before making your final selection give it a try and see if it fits comfortably.

There are other things to consider when it is about finding a comfortable pair of eyeglass frames. And that is the material of the eyeglass frame and construction of it. Sometimes, after a period of use and time, plastic frames shrink in size. This, in turn, hampers the air circulation inside the eyeglass lenses, causing moisture and fog buildup.

So if you find your glasses fogging up, blame the frame material for it. Shop for the thin metallic frame varieties as they allow more air circulation and hence the best quality.