6 Mistakes To Avoid When Creating Nutrition Labels

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Are you concerned about how the nutrition label of your food product should be designed? Using the right nutrition label is highly significant for any food product since food labeling is an essential element of any food processing industry.

For example, a detailed nutrition label increases the chances of a buyer purchasing your product. On the other hand, if the nutrition label locks sufficient information, the buyer may not be inclined to buy that product.

Moreover, an imprecise label may cause the customer to end up buying the wrong product. Besides, a nutrition label is extremely necessary from the consumer safety point of view. Further, with the introduction of Food Information to Consumers (FIC) protocols, it becomes crucial to use a detailed nutrition label on your products.

If you are concerned about how to design a nutrition label for your product, read this article to find out some common mistakes to avoid while creating nutrition labels. Further, you can consider a reliable nutrition label maker such as nutritionistpro.com that can assist you in designing a precise and informational nutrition label for your product.

Common Mistakes To Avoid While Designing A Nutrition Label

Designing a nutrition label is not a simple task. There are a few things that you must keep in mind while designing an informative labeling. Read below to find out.

1. Mentioning Incorrect Nutritional Facts

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It is essential for a food company owner to use factually correct information in the nutritional label of a product. Mentioning incorrect percentages or facts can deteriorate your brand’s loyalty. Each ingredient must be listed clearly. In addition, make sure the nutrition label is revised several times for any mislabeled nutritional facts before putting it into use for your products.

2. Unreadable Nutrition Labels

Yes, you heard it right! Illegible or hard-to-understand food labeling can cause your brand’s fidelity to affect. According to the Food Safety and Inspection Service (FSIS), it is important for a food production company to use understandable labeling. Otherwise, there are chances that your product might not trade well in the market. Legally too, it is mandatory to use legible labels. Make sure to add all the ingredients and components correctly.

In this context, it is also important for nutrition labels to be written in an easy-to-read font and lucid and clear language. Enhanced readability of food labels ensures customers’ trust in your brand. Further, check the font size, i.e., avert using too small or too large fonts. Additionally, check the font style and font color. A detailed nutrition label improves the overall chances of a customer buying your product.

3. Verifiable Health Claims

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Have you ever gone to a store and read the nutrition label of any product that mentions low fat, cholesterol free, or no added sugars? But what if such health claims have no verifiable evidence to support the products’ claims?

Therefore, always ensure while designing a nutrition label that it must also contain necessary evidence to prove the health claims offered by your product. This not only adds to the credibility of your product but also enhances brand loyalty.

4. Concealing Unhealthy Ingredients

Various products may contain some unhealthy ingredients too. To hide these, the food producers tend not to mention them on their food labels. This might cause a lawsuit against your company in any case of complications.

Instead, you can select what ingredients to highlight from the list of ingredients and avoid misleading labelings. This assists the customers in being knowledgeable about both the healthy and unhealthy ingredients of any food product, thereby increasing the brand’s reliability.

5. Not Fulfilling The Legal Requirements

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In lieu of Food Information to Consumers (FIC) protocols, it is mandatory to fulfill certain legal requirements while creating a nutrition label. This is one of the most common mistakes that food producers make by not adhering to the legal requirements regulated by the FDA.

Read below what are the essential elements that must necessarily be included in the nutrition label of your product.


Adding the name, either legal or conventional, is a vital element that needs to be mentioned on the packaging. Ensure that the name is not deceptive.

List of Ingredients

In case the product has two or more ingredients, it is mandatory to list each and every ingredient on the labeling. The list must also include water or additives if any.

Information on allergens

If your product includes any of the allergens stated under the law, then those must also be mentioned using an easy-to-read and different font. This assists the buyers in avoiding any food that they are allergic to. Also, if it contains any kind of sweeteners, caffeine, licorice, or artificial colorings, that must also be included on the nutrition label.


QUID or Quantitative declaration of ingredients is a mandatory component of food labeling, and it contains the percentage of a particular ingredient added to a product.

Net Quantity

It is essential for every packaging to include the net quantity of the packaged food item.

Nutritional Declaration

It is mandatory to include the nutritive values in food packaging with a specific font size standard.

6. Concealing The Method Of Production

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As per the Food Information to Consumers (FIC) protocols, mentioning the method of production is necessary to be included on the food label. A customer generally takes into consideration the production method adopted by the company.

Using captivating phrases while listing down the method of production or informing the buyers whether the product is prepared while keeping in mind things such as preventing animal cruelty or any harm to the environment. This again enhances customers’ loyalty to your food products.


A nutrition label is a key element for your food product to sustain in the market. Hence, there are numerous things that must be considered while designing a food label. Though designing a food label is a hectic task, this can skilfully be done by a trustworthy nutrition label maker company.