Nippers For Cuticle Removal


Beautiful manicure is not only equal varnish covering of nails but also careful sterilizing of hands and nail plates. Those who constantly visit nail service salons know that they did only classical cut manicures earlier. Now masters use the special nail device for these purposes, but many clients prefer doing the combined manicure where masters use not only the device but also tweezers or nippers. Not only the beauty of hands but also the using term of a gel covering will also depend on these tools. If you use the low-quality tool for hand treatment, you can’t achieve desirable results but it only will do much harm to the client.

Features of nippers for cuticle removal

Cuticle nippers are one of the important devices of any manicure professional. The main criteria by which masters tools are chosen are material, the size of the cutting parts, and also a spring design. For cuticle tweezers production only high-quality materials are used. Ideally, it has to be stainless steel or steel with a covering from cobalt or nickel.

One more important component of professional cuticle nippers is convenient and comfortable work regardless of the experience of the master.

Unlike usual, professional tools can repeatedly be sharpened, at the same time, the cutting properties won’t be lost by manicure nippers.

How to sharpen cuticle nippers at home: reliable ways

Unfortunately, not always it turns out to go to a beauty salon to make a manicure, and many people do it at home. Rather often a big problem is that nippers became blunted and it is impossible to cut off a cuticle normally. It is possible to carry out nippers sharpening in a specialized company, but it is possible to sharpen this tool themselves at home. We will mention several ways how to sharpen cuticle nippers at home:

  • A nail file – It is necessary to bring a nail file to one part of an edge and to rub the surface of nippers. To repeat the same with the other edge. It is one of the easiest and fastest ways of nippers sharpening. It is also possible to sharp both parts at once, having placed a nail file between two edges.
  • Aluminum foil – Cut off a piece of foil, the size of approximately a sheet of paper. Put the paper on the matt side up and make a dense ball using it. Then it is necessary to cut this foil ball with nippers. Repeat the procedure several times. It is a very easy way of nippers sharpening. After implementation of the procedure, you need to wash your hands and wipe the tool.
  • A file – Open nippers. Grind carefully one of the edges with a file. Then close nippers and grind their external side. Repeat the same procedure with the other side. It will also help to level an edge in case it was bent.
  • Sandpaper – Open nippers. Then carefully carry out edges on sandpaper. When everything is ready, it is necessary to grind the outer surface of the tool.
  • Glasswares – Take a glass jar. Arrange on her neck the opened nippers. Then make the cutting movements. Continue doing the procedure until the tool becomes sharp.
  • A needle – It is desirable to use for this purpose rather thick needle. It is necessary to open nippers and to carry them out several times by a needle on an edge surface from top to down. Repeat the procedure until nippers become rather sharp. This method can also be used for scissors sharpening.

If there is any of the mentioned equipment at home and there are some skills of using it, then a process of nippers sharpening shouldn’t give absolutely any inconvenience. It is necessary, to begin with, quiet movements and do everything slowly not to damage nippers. When using these ordinary things it is very important to remember the observance of safety measures.

Best professional cuticle nippers

Let’s look at what exactly cuticle nippers are better to choose. We will consider the most popular brands presenting this necessary manicure tool in the market.

1. Zinger nippers



  • A brand is represented by a huge range of nippers.
  • It is possible to get nippers with offhand grinding of edges which, unlike a factory, differs in better execution.
  • There are several options of design including a covering in the form of silver or golden dusting.
  • Quite high-quality tool differs in long service life from sharpening before sharpening.
  • Good mechanism of a compression/release.
  • Several options of the length of edges.

2. YOKO nippers



  • The tool of this brand is made from cobalt steel differing in special quality.
  • Edges have no jags as steel has the increased hardness and practically doesn’t grow dull.
  • There are several versions of mechanisms of compression.
  • It is possible to choose both with a double spring, and with ordinary.
  • Several options of the length of edges — from 4 mm to 15 mm. It gives a chance to choose the tool according to the abilities and qualifications.
  • Offhand grinding of edges.

3. Stalex nippers



  • The company offers a huge choice of professional tools for manicures. It has an excellent reputation and the trust of most manicurists around the world.
  • Various options of a width of the handle, length of edges, the sizes of nippers allow choosing the tool for any manicurist and for private use.
  • Nippers are made of surgical steel therefore they are also very strong and they don’t rust.
  • Offhand grinding.
  • The set of high-quality sharpening and especially strong steel gives a guarantee that the first sharpening will be required only after 5 years of active operation. All this time of an edge will possess fine cutting properties – of course, on condition of appropriate care.
  • Edges have bilateral sharpening that provides their special sharpness. You will cut off a cuticle softly, one easy pressing. The main thing is to calculate correctly the distance of skin that is required to be moved away.
  • Nippers at all the merits have a reasonable price that allows to use them not only in beauty shops but also to get for home using.

How to use cuticle nippers

It isn’t difficult to give your nails a beautiful appearance at home. The main thing to consider is the recommendations about the implementation of the procedure.

First of all, it is necessary to disinfect the tool with any convenient structure and to steam fingers a little in warm water. Tweezers bring disclosure to a cuticle and get one of the edges a little under it then cut off a part by means of tightening of nippers. Also using such a tool it is possible to get rid of agnails on side rollers. it is necessary to move cuticle nippers smoothly, without sharp movements, and to cut off fabrics, but not to tear and pull them.

In the course of trimming you shouldn’t press too strongly the tool to a nail plate, movements have to be lungs, tips fabric of a cuticle rises a little and cut off. It is important to understand that the cuticle should be absent completely, during the procedure it is necessary to leave a thin, accurate strip that would perform a function of this element of a nail – would protect from infections. After the procedure, you should grease your hands with the moisturizing cream.

When your manicure will be over it isn’t necessary to wash cuticle nippers with water – it negatively affects the tool. You should sanitize the tool with any disinfectant. For extending the lifetime it is recommended to use special caps and covers.