Renovating Your Bathroom? Here Are The Toilet Types You Can Get in 2024

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If you are planning to renovate your bathroom in 2024, you might already feel shocked and overwhelmed by the wide range of toilet options you can choose from. And, you should know that this is completely normal, especially since people do not think about the different toilet types quite often.

Luckily for you, the text below might be able to help you a bit. In this article, you will be able to learn what types you can choose from, what features they can have, as well as some things that you should consider before choosing one. Let’s take a closer look at the article:

What Types Can I Choose From?

1. Opt For A Traditional And Most Common One

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To put it simply, a flushing toilet is one that requires you to push a button or pull a string in order for the water to flush. Today, this is the most commonly used toilet and you can find one in almost every home. Of course, there are different flushing toilet designs and each one has its own features. For example, you can opt for one that has a tornado or cyclone flush that is stronger than the usual toilets.

2. If You Want a Minimalistic Look

This is one of the types where the bowl is directly connected with the tank, which in return, makes it a whole ceramic unit. One of the best things about opting for a one-piece toiler is that there are no crevices in the middle of it, hence, it is quite easier to clean it. The installation process is quite easy since it will only require people to correctly connect the drain and the water supply.

3. If Your Bathroom is Small

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These ones are perfect for smaller bathrooms. Since their design is compact, they can easily save a lot of space in your bathroom. Compact toilets are usually mounted to a wall, and they do not feature a tank, and if they do, they are quite small. If you need more space to add plants, decorations, shelves, or cabinets, opt for getting a compact toilet.

4. If It Needs to Be Placed in The Corner

This one is often referred to as a triangle toilet, and it is quite obvious why it is called that – because it can fit in a corner without any problems. The biggest benefit, of course, is that you can fit it into a small space, however, some people consider it to be odd-looking and that is why they do not opt for this toilet unless they need to get it in order to get more space.

5. If You Want a Contemporary Twist

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A wall-mounted bowl is perhaps the most sought-after type of toilet and is one that will provide a peculiar and modern look. As the name implies, the bowl is mounted to a wall, and it does not come in contact with the floor. Although it looks like it does not have a tan, that is not entirely true. The tank is actually located inside the wall. If you want to see a list of the best toilets you can opt for, check out this guide.

6. If You Need a Larger Tank

The advantage you can get by getting an elongated toilet is that it is incredibly comfortable. This bowl will take a bit more space than the other toilets on this list, hence, it is best for bigger bathrooms. If you have small children, the larger bowl and surface will be able to catch all the mess, so, you can rest assured that the potty training will go well.

7. If You Are Turning Your Home Into a Smart One

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If you are looking for functionality and a modern feel, you should think about getting a smart toilet. These toilets often feature automatic flushes, heated sears, and it is quite comfortable, efficient, and functional. Also, some of these can feature a self-cleaning option, a hands-free option, and motion-activated lights.

What to Consider When Opting For One

There are some things that you will need to consider when choosing a new toilet for your renovated bathroom. These things include:

  1. The Measurements – of course, the first thing you will need to consider is the size you should opt for. That is why you will need to measure the space where you planned on installing the toilet and then look at the options you have.
  2. Choose a Style and Type – now, this article probably made it easy for you to choose a type that you want. So, once you measured everything, you can make your list shorter by scratching off some types that would not fit in your bathroom.
  3. Do Some Research on The Flush Performance – not all toilets have the same flush power. The power starts from 250 grams and it goes up to 1000 grams – and the higher it is, the more power your toilet will have.
  4. Check if it is Water Efficient – first off, choosing one that is water efficient will help you with protecting the environment and second, it will save you a lot of money. When opting for one, look for a WaterSense label that saves up to 20 percent of water.
  5. The Height Needs to Be Right – though they are usually manufactured in standard height, if you have smaller children, you might want to consider getting one that is shorter than the traditional height.


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As you were able to read, there are various types you can choose from, and each of them has its very own features and benefits that you can get. Keep in mind that you will need to consider the shape of your bathroom, as well as what features do you want the toilet to have before purchasing one.

So, now that you know what toilet types you can opt for when renovating your bathroom, do not waste any more time, and start browsing brick-and-mortar and online stores in order to find a toilet that will suit your needs.

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