Visit Ohio! More Than you Ever Thought it Was!


If you’re ready to go on a vacation this summer, don’t just fly over to Ohio. Why not actually stop in and see what this great state has to offer? The truth is that Ohio has many attractions that make it worthy of being a full-on vacation spot. It has natural wonders great for hiking, exciting attractions for having a family day, historical sites for learning, and local food you can’t get anywhere else.

Ohio is also on the cusp of the most modern of entertainment: sports betting. Sports betting took off after a 2018 Supreme Court ruling that overturned a law saying such wagers could only happen in Las Vegas. The pandemic slowed things down a bit, but in 2024 sports betting really took off. States have made millions from the new industry and more fans are participating than ever. And Ohio is one of the states that is issuing this thrilling new sports activity.

So give Ohio a visit! There’s a lot to do from experiencing history to seeing what the future has in store. Here are the best attractions to check out when you stay in Ohio.

National Museum Of The US Air Force


Ohio takes great pride in the fact that Wilbur and Orville Wright, the men who invented aircraft, are from the state. Celebration of aviation is big in the state, and this museum shows that in full. You can see many planes from throughout history on display, including several versions of Air Force One.

Cedar Point


Roller coaster enthusiasts should visit this theme park at least once in their lifetimes, as it has around 17 coasters of different kinds. There’s also a big water park at Cedar Point, a must for a good summer vacation.

Cleveland Museum Of Art


This museum has been a fixture of the art world for over 100 years. It looks like a temple of old, inspired by the Greek style of architecture. It boasts an extensive and highly-curated selection of pieces from many different countries and cultures.

Museum of Natural History


Cleveland’s massive Natural History Museum hosts some dominant exhibits showcasing selections and research in areas from paleontology to agronomy. The vital of them is that of a human ancestor with a record of three million years, known as Lucy, who was a key revelation in the field of science.

Possibly more exciting in a visual sense are the countless dinosaur skeletons that hover over visitors as they walk through the Hall of Prehistoric Life. There are also many other exhibits, from mineralogy and astrophysics to gems and minerals. Kids will be amused by the many hands-on exhibits, like the living art room at the beautiful Perkins Wildlife Center.

Rock & Roll Hall Of Fame


Need we say more? This building holds seven floors of rock history, with costumes and instruments galore. It’s located on 1100 Rock and Roll Boulevard, which might be the best street name ever.

One of the most notable things to do in the city of Cleveland is to visit the beautiful Rock & Roll Hall of Fame. Outlined by I.M. Pei, it’s more of an immortal practice than a museum. The history of popular music unfolds across six floors in an environment rich in multimedia, with oddities like the Purple Haze doc written by Jimi Hedrix. It is here that the rock and roll music factory pays tribute to its best artists.

Music fans could spend days touring all the expo has to offer, with permanent displays and traveling local and international entertainment. The interesting and modern property is located on the shores of Lake Erie. The best way to experience the exhibition is to start at Level 0, where the members of the popular Hall of Fame are located.

Cuyahoga Valley Scenic Train Route


Riding a train might not seem like a thrilling attraction, but this one is special. Cuyahoga is the name of the river this train runs alongside, as well as the national park it weaves through. This route changes based on the time of day and season, with autumn trips making for great landscape viewing as the leaves change, and summer versions being great for watching wildlife. There’s also a dinner date version of the ride with a four-course meal.

Sports Entertainment


If you are in Ohio you should definitely include a visit to the Ohio State University campus in your agenda, it is impressive, huge, and has several bookstores, the most beautiful being the Thompson Library, which has 11 floors and on the top floor it has armchairs with a view of the window where you can sit and read enjoying a beautiful sunset, the view is really impressive.

Ohio has a few casinos in its big cities, including a Hard Rock in Cincinnati. Betting sites in Ohio are coming soon according to and will offer a convenient way to wager on big games. After Cincinnati made it to the Super Bowl, you can bet lots of people will be betting next season, making for a tasty pot.

Columbus Zoo and Aquarium


This gigantic zoo features thousands of animals from all over the world. There are also many shows in which zookeepers bring animals out to teach visitors with an up-close appearance. The Aquarium is attached to a water park and a package deal can often be found during the summer.

The Cleveland Zoo is one of the oldest zoos in the United States. Located in close proximity to Brookside Metropolitan Park, the park features both familiar and rare animals from around the world, including the largest collection of North American primate species.

Aside from enjoying the countless revamped animal exhibits, get to spend time in the 4D room or take part in one of the extensive behind-the-scenes experiences and seasonal programs. This place is also a herbal garden with magnificent foliage throughout the year.

Cincinnati Fountain Square


If you’re looking for a downtown adventure, it should start in Fountain Square. You’ll hear performers playing music at all hours, and can find any number of cafes and restaurants nearby. The arts district is also a short walk away, should you want to see what local theater and concerts are showing.