10 Useful Online Tools for Video Designers in 2024

Image source: pexels.com

With advanced communication services and greater demand for high-quality content, there is a great need for video designers. While it was most needed for the movie industry for a long time, the advancements in technology are providing us with the possibility to use various software for editing videos on our PC. Video editing software is necessary for marketing and creating promotional content for various websites and social networks.
If you are a video designer, you know how important it is to have high-quality software for creating videos of all kinds.

Almost every industry today requires a proper promotion, which is best with sharing videos on YouTube, Instagram, Facebook, and other services. Also, the choice is wide when it comes to choosing the right video-editing tool. Here are some of the best online tools for video designers in 2024.

1. Pinnacle Studio 23

This software is known as a great solution to quickly and easily edit some videos online. Also, it is capable of providing you with some advanced options than just simple editing, like drag and drops, stop motion, and some other functions. With this program, you can easily edit both sound and video in the project, and Pinnacle Studio 23 has an advanced interface, which means that even a beginner can use it without any issues. On the other side, you will need to pay for a subscription to use this software.

2. Shotcut

Maybe it will seem too complex when you open this software for the first time, but it offers you a wide range of possibilities to create unique and high-quality videos. The main focus of this program is creating content for social networks. Also, there are many filters for video and sound that will help you to edit all kinds of projects. The only downside is that Shotcut doesn’t have support for a wide selection of formats.

3. iMovie

Like many other types of software for Apple users, iMovie also has a simple interface as the main advantage. You will find lots of samples and tutorials that will help you to edit some video in the right way. This software is targeting beginners and provides anyone with the possibility to learn how to edit some content in a short period. Also, this program is free, and it is perfect for videos that you want to share on social accounts. However, the downside is that you can’t save any project outside the iMovie, but only by using its option to share videos directly from the software.

4. DaVinci Resolve

There are two versions of this software, free and paid. The free version of Davinci Resolve is good for beginners who are ready to learn more about video editing tools. If you are an experienced video designer, we suggest you try the paid version of this program, which is offering various options and filters to edit both sound and video for your project. This software is great for combining sound with a video.

5. Avid Media Composer

The Avid Media Composer is one of the best online video editing tools on the market, and many experts are using it because of some advanced features that we don’t have with similar programs. While it might be too complicated for beginners, Avid Media Composer has everything that a video designer need for any type of project. Also, you can edit sound like when you are using Sound Forge, Ableton, or any similar DAW.

6. Adobe Premiere Pro CC

This program combines high-quality features and simplicity, which makes it perfect for most designers who are creating YouTube content for promotions and marketing. Adobe is one of the most popular companies when it comes to various editing tools. Adobe Premiere Pro CC offers the ability to upload and save as much content as you need.


The main reason why this software is so popular is that there are so many advanced features available in a program that you can use for free. You can edit everything from speed, colors, and filters and create content suitable for social media. The only potential problem might be that VSDC may look too complex when you start using it.

8. Lightworks

This online software is targeting people who already have experience in video editing tools and processes. In that matter, it might be confusing for a beginner to learn video editing with this program. However, it has a wide selection of features that will help you to edit and create amazing videos in high resolution. Also, Lightworks supports almost all popular video and sound formats.

9. WeVideo

WeVideo is an excellent online tool for video designers, and it has support for both Apple and PC users. Also, it is available for editing videos in 4k resolution, which is perfect when you are creating content to share on YouTube and social media. Moreover, you can use this software on your smartphone. Another benefit is that you have a cloud for storing the content, and easily use it on various devices.

10. Adobe Spark Video Maker

This software is best for people who are often sharing content on the feed and stories on both Facebook and Instagram accounts. The Spark Video Maker from Adobe will help you to convert and edit videos in a short time, and share them on social media directly from the software. There is support for both Android and iOS devices, and this program is free.

The Bottom Line

Many of these programs allow you to learn how to edit videos properly, along with advanced features that professionals are using. Most of the online platforms for video editing are not able to create the same quality as some professional software, but they are still a great way to optimize and edit a video for sharing on social networks.

Also, there is a rise in companies that are creating online platforms instead of standard programs that requires installation. The improvement of the internet, cloud technology and digital services are providing us with the possibility to use various tools and features directly from the browser. For example, if you want to download some video from YouTube in high resolution, you can use https://odownloader.com/yt-mp4-videos-downloader-online-1080p-free, which is an online platform where you can simply convert and download any video from YouTube. One other option would be NotMp3 which provides free software for downloading videos and music.