Part-Time Writing: Your Next Career Move


You want to write a book — being an author has been your lifelong dream. But life got in the way, and now you’re stuck with your job and daily chores. Making time to write amidst your daily grind seems impossible. But don’t hang your gloves already. You’d be surprised to know that a lot of world-famous authors had day jobs before their writing careers took off.

If they could do it back then, you can surely do it today with the improved connectivity and never-ending resources of the digital world. If not full-time, you can put in the effort for part-time writing, to begin with. Writing of any kind  —  fiction, non-fiction, short stories, or technical writing can all be pursued in your spare time.

In this article, you will learn all about the whats, whys, and hows of pursuing writing as a part-time job.

Why you should seriously consider a part-time writing career


You have it in you

In fact, everyone does. Writing is a skill we can all develop. It needs continuous effort and persistence. Every individual has unique ideas to share with the world, and they do come out when one puts paper to pen. So it’s even easier for someone who already has a passion to write.

It’s a skill you can definitely pick up with practice. Ample of it, but you can do it. Start by writing daily – you can write about anything, from journal entries to essays to even creating your own blog. As you keep practicing, you will hone your writing skills and find your voice and style. Hopefully, you’ll also find your niche, which you can make into a career that keeps the household finances going!

It can be your side hustle

Gone are the days of a steady job and a stable career. Today, you have to have side projects which will drive those extra bucks into your account. Improving your writing skills will provide you with another avenue of professional advancement.

You can start part-time or on a freelance basis. Do some research about portals and forums you can join. These may be places that offer paid gigs which you can pick up as and when you have time.

Writing displays your expertise

If you excel in your education or job, and it has made you an expert in a particular field of knowledge, why hold back? You could write books on it and become an authority figure on that subject. E-books can be short and can be authored in a limited span of time. You can also pitch yourself as a ghostwriter or technical writer.

How to accelerate your writing process


Make writing your second job

Treat it as your other job. Simple! Be your own boss. Set deadlines for yourself. Treat yourself for achieving goals. Do all that it takes to write seriously.

Keep a journal

To reiterate the age-old writing advice  —  don’t seek perfectionism. Well, maybe not everywhere. If you are not in the zone to write for your professional material, do some freewriting and just put down your thoughts. You can maintain a daily journal where you can write whatever the heck you want to. A flow of consciousness sort of writing. Who knows? That journal could turn out to be interesting, you could get it published and you’ll be the next Jack Kerouac!

Keep hunting for gigs

You can look for part-time gigs on job platforms and portals like LinkedIn,, Indeed, and more. If that doesn’t work out for you, you can try offering writing services as a freelancer or do contracted work via freelance portals.

This is going to take up some of your time in the beginning, but once you know where and how to look for gigs, plus what kind of jobs you’re interested in, you’ll find your momentum. And then, looking for part-time writing jobs will just be second nature to you!



This has become a must for all writers. Big or small, established or novice. Writers have to maintain a blog where they put up free content. Your thoughts, ideas, opinions, and views to keep the readers glued. This is where you create hype for your next release. Engage with the blog visitors and get feedback from the comments.

You can create your own blog on WordPress, Wix, Blogger, etc. You could also write on existing platforms like Medium. (Did you know that they also have programs through which you could get paid for your articles? Now that’s some easy money!)

Hone your niche

Since writing is becoming an increasingly popular career, it’s important to know exactly how you stand out. This is where having a niche comes into the picture. Are you a ghostwriter for self-help books? Is your area of interest romance novels? Or are you more inclined to something like web writing or copywriting? Figure out what writing form or style works for you. Maybe even try to experiment with different forms to see what suits your fancy.

Once you have this figured out, hone your niche – keep reading and studying writing conventions. Practice, practice, practice. And then you’ll be on your way to a stellar writing career!

Self-publishing is your gateway

The most exciting incentive you have for writing part-time is self-publishing. No pressure of having to impress big publishers and wait your turn to be under the spotlight of the publishing world. You can cast it on yourself!

Self-publishing can be a bit of a risk for sure, but it’s a great way to build your writing profile. It’s becoming an increasingly popular choice of expression, now that self-publishing resources and services have become more accessible.

So self-publish your work and get your message out!

We hope these tips help you make the most of these writing opportunities. We know you have the talent — now, it’s just about practicing and perfecting your craft! Good luck with your part-time (eventually full-time, hopefully) writing career!

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