How to Play as Gibraltar in Apex Legends – Complete Guide


Each of the Apex Legends heroes has unique abilities that can be mastered through hard work. In this guide, we tell you how to play as a “tank” and support in the form of Gibraltar. By following these tips, you’ll save a lot of time on training and become an effective team member.

Role in the squad


Gibraltar is just as focused on supporting the entire squad as Lifeline, just instead of reviving, he “tanks” and protects allies. His defensive tactics of the game rely on his abilities to hold position and make it difficult for enemies to fire on his squad.

He is undoubtedly a team player, so take him for a friendly party when you can coordinate all actions via voice chat.

In every firefight, Gibraltar uses his weapon shield to absorb any damage that passes over the hull. The toll is great – Gibraltar slows down significantly when aiming. There is a separate button in the game settings that allows you to disable the shield and increase mobility to a normal level.

The tactical skill “Protective Dome” creates for 15 seconds a safe zone about 5 meters in diameter, absorbing any incoming damage, but also your firing will not go beyond the dome.


The spherical shape makes it versatile – you can block damage from below or above at any time. But there is a disadvantage – enemies easily get through it and usually show up with a shotgun.

Use the “protective dome” whenever you find yourself in a difficult situation. For example, your shields are knocked down or your partner is wounded and you need to pick him up. There are other tactical possibilities to use the shield, which will help you cope with the situation and regain your advantage.

The “Bombing” special ability does serious area damage, but take into account the activation timings and aptly throw a signal grenade to the center of the cluster of enemies – the bombardment will subject to a circle of about 30 meters in diameter, but they will have a few seconds to run away.

Gibraltar is neither the easiest nor the most complex character and is rarely chosen because of its slowness (when the weapon is in hand) and large size.

If you learn how to use Gibraltar effectively, you’ll not only save the lives of your comrades, but you can also turn the tide of battle by making your team’s position more defensible than the enemy’s.

Game Tips


1. When you take Gibraltar into battle, think of it as a protected fortress. Reconnaissance and intense combat are not your forte. Stay close to at least one of your teammates; absorb the damage that is meant for them; fight off enemy squad attacks.

2. You need this character to provide respite for other players so they can heal, recharge their shields, or retreat. In other words, you don’t seek out enemies and start combat. You follow your friends and defend them when they are attacked.

3. You must find powerful weapons and equipment as soon as possible during the landing – without all of this, Gibraltar becomes vulnerable in melee combat.

4. Keep in mind that Gibraltar has low speed with a weapon in hand – remove it while moving and take it out before the fight. Remember that you can’t run to a wounded ally if he is far away – then makes noise to distract the enemies in your direction.

5. Gibraltar’s abilities need to be applied at the right time and in the right place, and we explain what that means next.


6. The effectiveness of Gibraltar’s shield depends on where the battle is being fought. In open terrain, it’s easy to get around, and it’s pretty hard to aim, so shoot from the hip and move around. In rooms and cramped corridors, it is almost impossible to outflank Gibraltar – unfold the shield, and dare to shoot the enemies.

7. This feature makes Gibraltar a great fighter at close range and dagger range, especially indoors, but he’s not bad in sniper duels either, if you shoot in a crouch – the character’s profile is too big a target, and so his carcass can be hidden behind the shield.

8. This will allow you to take several shots at the target and remain unharmed to the enemy’s attempts at revenge. That said, the blue glow of the shield can easily give you away, only turn it on after the shot is fired.

9. As for shield strength, look at the scale of squares that appears in the defensive position.

10. As you take damage, the strength will drop and the squares will go out. If Gibraltar gets completely knocked out of the shield, it will take some time to recharge.


11. An interesting feature of the shield is that the healing drone Lifeline can stick to it. With this combination, you can move much longer in the corridor forward, as the drone will continually heal you. Or you can simply move the drone elsewhere.

12. The special thing about the “protective dome” is that it creates a wall that is impervious to bullets and explosions. But you can run out of there to shoot and then, when the enemies pay attention, run back in. If one of them climbs into the dome, all you have to do is get out to get to safety, such as to reload.

13. When you have to run, throw the dome between you and the enemy, and he will have to physically overcome this barrier to damage you again. “Protective Dome” will also save you from enemy ultimates, like Bangalore’s rocket fire or Kaustic’s nox gas grenade.

14. As for “bombardment,” it is used for both offense and defense. On offense, it’s best to bombard an entrenched enemy who isn’t running away (like in the open) – the “bombardment” takes a long time, and if you keep your enemies in range, they’ll become very weak.

15. On defense, “bombardment” is just as useful – call it on your position and retreat, and when the enemies chase you, they will get hit by the bombs.

16. If you find yourself surrounded by several groups of enemies, call “bombardment” in combination with a “protective dome” – the bombs will fly off to the sides and disperse the enemies, and you will be safe.

17. At any rate, bombardment shells don’t damage you or your allies, so you can just summon them to protect your friends and disperse your enemies. Bombing mines on the ground raise dust and camouflage the place with a haze for a few seconds.

18. During intense firefights, always consider Gibraltar’s limits – he’s slow, easy to spot in open terrain, and can accidentally block passage in corridors. This is definitely not a character worth heroizing.


Gibraltar is a very good legend with a huge amount of defensive abilities, but all these only work in team play. With good teammates, you will be very comfortable playing and raising the ranks.

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