Top 5 Kitchen Cabinet Styles for Kitchen Renovations


It is known that the kitchen and bathroom are vital and necessary parts of every living space. The size of the apartment or house, layout, and a number of rooms…nothing has elementary importance and role, like the existence of a kitchen and a bathroom. Without them, you cannot lead a civilized life and have an adequate quality of housing.

The kitchen and bathroom are the most frequented places in our living space, and every household member uses them several times a day. The kitchen is the heart of our household, the most important processes take place in it, without which it is impossible to imagine the daily routine. It is a place to prepare food, but also to gather the family and enjoy family rituals and conversations.

That is why it is necessary to make it a comfortable and pleasant place. All installations related to water, electricity, aspiration of smells and steam, refrigerator, stove, as well as kitchen cabinet, must be functional and correct. Whoever prepares food for the family, does an important job and it is necessary to provide him with conditions, but also a nice environment.

The style of the kitchen cabinet that we choose according to our taste is responsible for this, then the color that prevails, the materials from which the elements are made, as well as the general concept of the kitchen interior.

The most popular kitchen cabinet


Like everything else, the kitchen with its specificities is subject to fashion trends. Trends change from year to year, shapes, colors, dishes that you use, decorative elements… all this is regularly transformed and offers you the possibility of a complete makeover of your kitchen environment.

Of course, the choice is yours and your taste will prevail, regardless of fashion magazines and suggestions. Also, you will take into account the financial side of the whole idea, but the size of the space and the ideal concept that you want to follow. It is always good to look at ideas and recommendations in specialized magazines, on the Internet, then consult with some of the architects who deal with interiors.

Some of the most popular kitchen cabinet styles are:

1. Rustic or traditional style

This is a style that is hard to go wrong with. The features of this represented and appreciated kitchen cabinet style are associated with natural colors, with an unobtrusive but warm atmosphere. The elements are wooden, mostly richly carved, and ornamented. The colors are in all shades of wood, and it is not desirable to violate the natural color principle.

They are associated with the European Golden Age and the kitchen cabinet often has interesting shapes, with various arches, and combined wooden and glass fields. However, such style is not outdated, on contrary, you can see it for yourself if you click here. Wood requires care and maintenance at the highest level.

2. Rural or farmer style


This style is not strict, it is based on casualness and the possibility of combining. The wooden kitchen cabinet, simple, flat surfaces, easy to maintain, with wide and deep drawers, this is a variety of traditional style, but without too many decorations, because the original life on the farm meant much more important and difficult work than polishing the kitchen. Of course, this is now the fashion aspect of the whole thing and your vision of kitchen interior design, but everything has its own reason and has its roots in meaning.

In this space, there is usually a massive round or square table with dining chairs. Plaid or floral curtains on the windows, the same tablecloths, a vase with a large bouquet of field flowers, the smells of homemade apple pie, cinnamon and vanilla, fresh milk and coffee…

Memories of childhood or the literature of Proust and Mark Twain. In this kitchen, you are expecting grandmother and mother, a cloud of flour and dough ready for the oven. How can you resist such scenes and the beauty of memories! This is the reason for the enormous popularity and representation of this style, on all world meridians.

3. Transitional style

This is a style for those who either do not have strict requirements for a certain look or do not like a uniform style of any kind and its rules. They are usually flexible and relaxed people with the need to be comfortable, to enjoy life, and not to be slaves to maintaining the furniture and the house.

As the name suggests, it is a transitional style between traditional and modern. It is characterized by moderate colors (white, but not like snow, but variants of white, then without, natural colors of sand, stone…) Usually, the kitchen cabinet has simple lines, chairs made of woven wicker or a texture similar to rope, kitchen appliances are modern, and the overall style is maintained in moderation and does not turn into hypermodern.

Kitchen floors are often wooden, rugs are made of natural fabrics, decoration and everything used in the kitchen looks traditional. In this case, the modern design of white goods and the variety of kitchen appliances and their functions and shapes, then the possible marble sink and kitchen cabinet plates, lighting, and the color of the walls, give a look that is clearly different from the traditional one.

4. Modern style


The term “modern” is flexible and can mean many things. For someone, modern is something that for another has long since been overcome, considering hypermodern approaches to new kitchens. Modern style is usually simple, lines are straight and parallel, kitchen cabinet with simple lines, in the shape of a cube or cube. The materials are based on new developments, plasticized layers coated with base wood or chipboard.

Easy to maintain, the incredible range of colors, design, and combination possibilities are outstanding. Usually, the colors are lively and bright, and everything is in the joyful style of vitality and adventurous spirit. It is mainly reserved for younger people, young married couples, and the single successful population, which reflects its philosophy of life through this concept. Thinking of having a modern kitchen? You can find 8 modern kitchen interior designs in this article by Kitchenate.

5. Hypermodern style

There are kitchens that look more like submarines or space shuttles than where food is prepared. Usually, fans of such choices are extravagant and well-to-do people, who have their entire house or apartment in a similar manner. There are shapes, materials, and colors that you probably haven’t seen before. Everything is like in a gallery of modern art, for some things it is difficult to judge what they are for.

Glass and metal are usually dominant, some forms are worthy of Dali’s vision of the world, in one word “welcome to the future”. And this should not be overdone, because everything can easily turn into kitsch and evoke associations with a cheap sci-fi film. There must be a basic idea, and not wander through the gibberish of what is offered and end up ruining everything. With such an extreme design, consultation with a professional is best.



It is always nice to renovate and refresh the existing space, especially the kitchen, where a lot of time is spent. You have to come up with a concept and an idea, choose the materials that will be used, monitor the financial structure, and of course, fit the whole idea into the rest of our space.

It is inadequate and ridiculous for the kitchen to be a world unto itself and distract from the rest of the environment. Therefore, first, make a list of needs and wishes, then analyze each item, define the final plan and start implementing it. You will soon enjoy your new kitchen with a new zest for culinary magic that will make your family happy.