5 most Popular Sports by Betting Volume in Asia

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According to the statistics, the sport betting scene is on a huge rise and the entire industry managed to grow quite a lot throughout the past few years. Whether this is a result of the global covid-19 pandemic or sports are simply becoming more interesting to watch we can’t say for sure, but there’s definitely a lot of progress.

As we all know already, different areas of the world “breed” different types of talents. For example, the best rugby players are from the United States, but the best football players are from Europe. The best e-sport athletes come from Korea, Japan and China, yet the best wrestlers are from Russia. This is a very cool thing because each part of the world has something significant and unique people living there are good at. Obviously, people will bet the most on sports that are really famous in their living location, ones they are good at it themselves.

In this article, we’re focusing on Asia and sports that are popular in this part of the world. We’ll talk about betting and betting volume in general so sit tight and let’s take a look at what you need to know.

1. Traditional Football – Association Football – Soccer

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The only football we know of in Europe is the traditional so-called association football. This happens to be the most popular sport in the entire world, although it’s not on the number one spot in the United States of America. Asians seem to love betting on football and the numbers are really growing with each new tournament, championship, world-cup, and even local cups. Although most people associate Asian countries with sports such as martial arts, football is still the most popular when it comes to betting volume. For more information, you can always check out sbobet888link.com

2. Basketball

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Everybody loves watching basketball, it’s just a lot more dynamic and fun to look at compared to some other sports. It’s even better when you have some money on your favorite team and you’re cheering for them. Basketball is really popular in Asia although this is something many people don’t know about. It’s not all table tennis and martial arts there, people love watching a professional basketball match as well. By betting volume it’s the second most popular sport in Asian countries. Next on the list is something Asians are really famous for, and that’s their exceptional skill in table tennis.

3. Table Tennis – Ping Pong

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Ping Pong is a sport that requires a lot of skill and experience in order to be good at it. Well, Asian people have what it takes to be the best at it. It’s definitely a very entertaining sport to watch although most of the time you simply can’t keep up with the tempo professionals have. It’s a really good sport to bet at because there’s no team play and everything depends on the individual skill of the player you cheer for. If you are certain in a player and you know they’ll win you can easily earn some money by betting on them. Remember though, everything in moderation. Recently every famous online betting website adopted table tennis so you can bet easily without worrying about finding a place where you can do so.

4. Cricket

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Ah, Cricket, a sport that’s unknown to many but really spectacular to those who know what’s going on while watching a match. In Asia, cricket is quite popular and people love betting on it. According to the statistics, people mostly made bets on cricket in regular betting spots but now after most of them were closed due to the pandemic, a lot of that carried over on betting websites instead. Wondering why cricket is so popular in Asia? Watch a few matches and you’ll be quite amazed. It’s not a really popular sport in every part of the world but it is increasing in popularity thanks to the replays and watch videos on YouTube and other online platforms.

5. Baseball

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The most popular sport in the United States is also quite popular in Asia. Baseball is fun to watch and it has a lot of fans around the world. People pay good money to be present in real-time at a real match instead of watching it on TV or the internet. But, since that’s not possible at the moment, fans pay some money to place a bet and stay home watching on their TV screens. We’re pretty sure things will get back to normal once the pandemic is finally over.

Electronic Sports in Asian Countries – Esports

Aside from traditional sports, we can’t go on without mentioning Esports, which is an entire separate industry that’s really closely connected with the traditional sports industry these days. We’re not sure how familiar you are with this but a lot of basketball and football clubs, such as PSG for example, bought their own teams for games such as DotA2, League of Legends, Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, and many more.

We’re mentioning this because Asia seems to have the most ambitious Esport scene in the world and they are really famous for their seriousness about electronic sports, which by the way you can learn in school in most countries there. There’s a serious betting scene in Esports as well, and it may be even more popular than the traditional one in a few years.


The sports betting industry went through a huge growth spurt over the last few years and it doesn’t seem to stop anytime soon. Those who decide to engage in this business will not be disappointed as people around the entire world seem to be more and more interested in betting on various types of sport matches. We feel like technology plays a major role in this as people nowadays have access to information about every sport, which is something that further increases their will to bet on a match and potentially end up winning some money as a reward for it.