Simple RV Cleaning Routines All Campers Need to Know

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During your vacations and camping trips, your RV serves as your second home. Therefore, it should be kept clean and well maintained. To do it right and successfully, you have to perform cleaning routines. But before that, ensure you have a portable waste tank with you to have a temporary container to throw the wastes you gathered from cleaning the vehicle.

A portable waste tank is literally a tank where your wastes are disposed of temporarily. It is a major necessity in any of your camping trips because it is handy and can be carried to the designated dump station in campgrounds. There are different waste tanks suitable for your RV that are available, and you can choose the best from them depending on your preference.

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RV Cleaning routines you should practice regularly

Routinely cleaning your RV is a must. This is practically where you live whenever you decide to go out on camping trips, and it is not really nice to see your second home dirty and disorganized. If you are here because you are curious about how to do it right, read on because we will provide you with the necessary cleaning routines you may follow to keep your RV sanitized and comfortable to live in.

Cleaning the Ceiling

Remember to start cleaning your RV interior from the top to the bottom to avoid redundant work; thus, you must start from the ceilings. Your RV’s fabric ceilings are always susceptible to water stains, especially when it is rainy. But you can get rid of these annoying stains by using a multipurpose stain remover or a mixture of bleach and water and spraying them on the area.

You can also remove the dust and cobwebs on the fabric ceiling by using a portable vacuum.

Dusting off the vent or exhaust fans

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Vent fans or exhaust fans are very much used in RVs, and they do not work effectively if covered with a thick layer of dust. To clean it off, remove the screws that hold its cover, remove foreign materials, and then wipe it with a clean cloth. Attach the cover again and make sure to screw it tightly.

Wiping the windows and glasses

Get the windows and glasses sparkling clean by removing the fingerprints and smudges on them. You only have to mix a cleaning solution with water and use a sponge to clean the glasses. Then dry the glasses by wiping them with a squeegee in a single direction only.

Wiping off the RV furniture and electrical appliances

Free your furniture and appliances from dirt and dust by cleaning them regularly. Always wipe the appliances with a clean cloth after every use, especially the cooking tools because they are utilized more often. Do not let the food spills and oil splash dry before cleaning them up because it will require more effort and time.

Cleaning the RV floors and walls

If your RV floorings are made of wood and covered with vinyl, you can sweep the floor and mop it right after. But remember not to pour water on it as it will leak and damage the wood beneath the vinyl. Soak the map on a cleaning solution and squeeze out the water just enough for the mop to be damp. But if you have a carpeted floor and walls, you can use a vacuum cleaner instead and clean it like the way you do with the carpets in your home.

Cleaning and disinfecting the toilet and bathroom

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Cleaning your toilet and bathroom and making them smell fresh is not that hard if you have the right cleaning paraphernalia. Always remember to use a non-abrasive cleaning solution. And for the toilet bowl, spray a cleaning agent evenly, scrub it with a sponge or brush, and rinse well with water.

Another thing to note is to prevent your shower drain from being clogged by removing hair strands on your bathroom sink.

RV cleaning tips

Following are some cleaning tips and tricks that you can follow in cleaning your RVs interior.

  • Start cleaning your RV from top to bottom, then left to right. This way, you will be able to clean your RV more effectively, and you can make sure that all parts of the vehicle’s interior were taken into account, too.
  • Use multipurpose cleaning agents. These will serve the purpose of cleaning different materials while saving you money.
  • Use the right tools and equipment in cleaning your RV to do it right and effectively.
  • Take your time. Doing it quickly will make you skip and miss some of your RV’s interior parts, resulting in more cleaning work to be done in the long run.
  • Always have spare cleaning agents and tools. You will never know when you will need them.

Materials needed in keeping and maintaining your RV

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Investing in cleaning products and tools is a great idea when you often go camping with your RV. You are exposed to outdoor activities, and the dirt you had from the activities will likely be passed on to your motorhome, too.

For that reason, we recommend you to include brushes, mops, sweepers, vacuum, cleaning agents and solutions, disinfectants, microfibers, rags, squeegees, and air fresheners. Using this stuff in cleaning your RV prevents the spread of germs and contaminants, making you healthy and free from infectious diseases even if you are in the great outdoors.


Even if you are a well-organized and tidy person, you cannot control the clouds of dust and dirt that get into your RV, specifically when you are camping outdoors. That is why we have purposely written this article to guide you and give you insights on how you should maintain and perform cleaning routines inside your RV. We anticipate that you learned a thing or two from us, and we are looking forward to seeing you again on our next one. So, bye for now. Happy cleaning!