Proxy – Why and How to Use It 2024

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Proxies are an extremely useful tool that everyone should be using in 2024. In essence, it is a computer that stands between you and the Internet. Instead of connecting to the web directly, you establish a connection to that computer and get your Internet access through it. This has a distinct benefit of masking your IP address.

If anyone is looking at it, they will see the IP of proxy computer, while yours remains safely hidden. Since IP address is a very sensitive piece of data, it may be wise not to broadcast it to the entire world, especially if you are engaged in activities you don’t want everyone to know about.

With your IP address, it is easy to find out not only who is your provider, but the exact address where you live. It is easy to see why many people go through so much trouble hiding it. With a proxy connection, your IP is invisible to the rest of the world.
One of the reasons for using a proxy is managing different accounts on social networks, like Facebook or Instagram.

You can easily get them at the Accs market, but if you are not careful, you will only get banned. That is why you need proxies. The trouble is, not every proxy is good for this type of work.

Why Do You Need Proxy

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If you are making one account for your personal or business needs, you don’t need a proxy. However, today’s reality is that all major marketing campaigns rely on multiple accounts to increase the visibility of their content on sites like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. If you try to create several accounts from the same IP address, you will get banned in minutes.

Even accessing multiple accounts from the same IP can get you in trouble and you can get a ban on not only your IP but on those accounts as well. That is where proxies come handy. By changing your IP, you can create as many accounts as you need and access them freely. To the blocking algorithms, they will look organic, coming from different parts of the world.

Public Proxy

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Many people make a common mistake of using public proxies for managing multiple accounts. It is easy to see why. They are free and easy to use since there is no setup involved. The reason is that they simply lack any advanced options you can tinker with and are a plug-and-play type of deal. Many inexperienced social media managers fell for these advantages and started using them, only to fell prey to IP blockers, because someone before them used that public proxy for something that broke the rules and the IP address was banned.

That means you will spend the rest of the afternoon looking for a proxy that isn’t banned and that you can use it. That alone is almost impossible, but even if you manage to find a one that works, nobody can guarantee you that it will work tomorrow as well, meaning that you have to repeat the process every time you want to log in. Wasting that kind of time on a simple task is simply unacceptable and it is clear that you need a better solution.

The other issue with public proxies is that they are unbelievably slow. They have limited bandwidth and you have to share it with everyone online at the moment, clogging it up and reducing your internet speed to a crawl. So, even if you get one to work, you will waste ridiculous amounts of time on the simplest of tasks. So, to put it plainly, if you are looking for a proxy to manage multiple social network accounts, public ones aren’t the answer.

Paid Proxies

If you are serious about your work, you will need to invest a little money into a paid proxy. Be careful which ones you choose, though. Semi-dedicated or shared proxies won’t do you much good, because you share them with two people. That means the three of you get the same IP address and you can run into the same problems as with public proxies. The chances that one of them doing something that can get the IP banned are unacceptably high and you can get blocked at a crucial moment, jeopardizing your work.

A far better solution, although somewhat more expensive is a dedicated proxy. Getting one ensures several major benefits. You will be the only one using that IP address, so there is no chance of getting banned because of something other people did, the connection is very stable and the speed is satisfactory for your needs. You can choose the country from which the proxy is registered, which allows for fine-tuning your accounts. For more information check

Rotating Proxies

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This is the top-of-the-line solution for people who manage hundreds of accounts and need a stable and secure platform to do it. Simply put, rotating residential proxies, like the one found on Proxy-Store, offer the best bang for your buck. Depending on a provider, you can get access to thousands, if not millions of IP addresses that are changed automatically. Some providers change them every ten minutes, making it impossible for social networks to track them.

Managing this many accounts means that you will be using bots to automate certain tasks, so make sure that your proxy allows bots to operate on their network. Most of them do, but some of them don’t, so if you don’t check beforehand, you may waste your money. Just imagine liking a certain post from 500 accounts manually. You will be up all night for something that a simple script could do for you in a matter of minutes, without any input from you.

Make sure that any tool you plan on using is compatible with the proxy network. If they aren’t listed under the FAQ section, send them an email and ask. It is far better to spend some time exchanging emails at the beginning than paying for a service you can’t use, or even worse, ending up doing everything manually.