5 Tips How to Save Money While Using Your Aircon

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Summer is near, and it’s impossible to go through a day without using your aircon. Along with the more frequent use of air conditioners, electric bills also spike up. Perhaps, you may be wondering whether there’s even a chance of employing your system daily without overspending.

The good news is that there are some ingenious ways to cut down the cooling costs during the summer. You could also look into more portable options like the ones found at blastauxiliary.com. If you have a smaller place this can be ideal and it will cost you much less. Regular aircon servicing may help a lot, but here are some additional tips to get you going.

1. Seal the leaks

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Perhaps, the first thing that may ruin your plans is the leaks. Air conditioners operate by forced circulation of air in and out of your home. In this regard, the presence of leaks may reduce the overall efficiency of your system. In turn, it will start working harder to meet the demands, thus increasing the use of energy and electricity.

For this reason, you should always check for any cracks, gaps, and openings that may let air come and go. Typically, the windows and doors are the most obvious places to check. Some other areas may include the sidings, the house foundation, etc. Keep in mind that the best way to find all the leaks in your house is to call a technician. An expert will thoroughly assess your property and tell you where you may need more insulation.

2. Use curtains or shades for your windows

Another bright yet straightforward idea is to install some shades or curtains. In every room, almost all of the sunlight enters from the available windows. Most of it enters in the form of heat, especially when the room has a south-facing look. Excess heat puts additional strain on your aircon unit and can quickly increase your energy bills. In this regard, an easy solution is curtains or shades that will stop solar energy from entering your home.

If you haven’t done this already, your technician will certainly advise you during your regular aircon servicing. Some experts may even give you a tip to install window screens on the outside. That way, the solar energy would stop before it enters your home. Another budget-friendly option is window films. But either one of the solutions may significantly improve the efficiency of your system and reduce the electricity costs.

3. Get a thermostat

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Nowadays, many homeowners resort to intelligent technologies. Indeed, they can make your life a lot easier. While you’re away during the day, a thermostat can easily save you as much as 10 percent of your energy costs. You can either program the widget or let it decide automatically. The best thing about smart thermostats is that you can use yours remotely.

A general rule of thumb is simply setting the air conditioner to a higher degree when you’re not at home. If there’s higher humidity on that day, make sure the fan speed is low. That way, you’ll remove the moisture from the air and improve the air quality in your home. Just make sure you place the thermostat on an interior wall, somewhere away from direct sunlight or air circulation.

4. Install ceiling fans

Remember the good old ceiling fans present in every home before air conditioners were even a thing? Well, these amenities can significantly facilitate the efficiency of your unit without any aircon servicing. The idea is to open the windows that are far from the fan while keeping the rest closed. Letting fresh air inside may improve the comfort inside and help your air conditioner work more efficiently.

5. Carry out regular aircon servicing

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Last but not least, remember that regular aircon servicing is the key to low electricity costs. Proper maintenance will reduce the risk of clogging and leakages. If such an issue is present, an aircon technician can quickly fix it. What’s more, you’ll have your unit’s filters and parts cleaned or replaced in case of dirt and dust build-up.

As a result, aircon servicing will make your system as good as new. The normalized efficiency levels will no longer cost you a fortune, and you’ll have quality fresh air in your home again. That’s why it’s crucial to perform regular checks to prevent malfunctions and spikes in the electricity bills.

Final Thoughts

Clearly, there are plenty of ways to reduce the expenses of using your air conditioner. Of course, some methods may work better, and some may not. Either way, sticking to regular aircon servicing will take you a long way. The results are long-term and will benefit not only your machine but also your health.

If you’re looking for proper maintenance, professionals like LK Brothers will come to help. The company offers high-quality aircon servicing that will ensure your system is in tip-top condition at all times. Ultimately, you’ll no longer have to pay enormous amounts of money every month because of an inefficient unit.