7 Mistakes to Avoid When Renting Luxury & Exotic Cars

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When traveling somewhere for business or leisure purposes it’s always convenient to have a car at your disposal. And since you already need one, why not rent something luxurious and exotic, to ride in style.

If by now you haven’t thought about this option, you should know that exotic and luxurious cars are just as represented in rent-a-car agencies, as normal vehicles. Browse the offer on https://www.carngo.com/car-rental/usa-edmond-exotic.

In principle, renting an exotic vehicle doesn’t come as a complicated task, but there are some mistakes that one can’t afford to make because they can cost clients time and money, and more importantly, discourage them from further renting.

As an old proverb says “you should learn from other people’s mistakes”. To help you with this, we bring you the 7 most common mistakes you should avoid when renting luxury and exotic cars.

1. Not carrying necessary documentation with them

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Although it seems incredible, this is one of the most common mistakes. The reason is forgetfulness or lack of information. When renting a vehicle, you must have a valid identity card or passport and a driver’s license (if traveling to another country, an international driver’s license is required) with you at all times.

Anyone who does not have all the necessary documents cannot rent a vehicle and can be in serious trouble if the police pull them over.

2. Not checking the condition of a vehicle

Before booking, you must check the conditions and obligations on the website of the car rental agency. But many clients who rent an exotic vehicle for the first time do not do so.

For example, the basic requirements can be that the driver is 21 years old, that he has had a driver’s license for more than two years, that the rental lasts at least 24 hours, that a deposit is required, etc., etc.

Those who are not familiar with these conditions may end up in a situation where they cannot pick up the vehicle and fail to realize the planned rental.

3. Payment issues

Just as any other vehicle, exotic and luxurious ones can be paid for in cash or with credit cards that must be in the name of the main driver. On the website of the agency, it is stated which means of payment are accepted, and if you are using their services for the first time, we recommend that you call or walk to their nearest branch and once again explain and clarify any doubts about payment.

If you are paying in cash, then bring enough money to pay the entire rent.

When renting, it is necessary to pay a deposit, which is returned when the vehicle is returned. The deposit, depending on the class of vehicle, varies.

4. Failing to choose the right insurance package

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This is a common mistake, especially for beginners. At this point, we have to stand in solidarity with clients and point out that it is not easy to find your way in the maze of offers of various insurance packages, what they all contain, and what they cover.

Some agents are very aggressive in offering additional items that clients do not need and confuse them further.

You don’t have to accept everything that is offered, but you definitely have to have some kind of insurance. It is best to consult with someone more experienced who has already rented exotic vehicles from that agency.

5. Not inspecting the car before the rental

Agencies themselves insist that the vehicle be inspected when taking it over. There is also a legal obligation for the client and the employee of the agency to fill out and sign a form on the condition of the vehicle in which all objections and remarks are stated.

But when the rental season is in full swing and crowds are building, this inspection is rushed and not given adequate attention.

Vehicle control should not be done superficially and for the sake of order. Take the necessary time and thoroughly check whether there are any defects, scratches, trash left in the vehicle, whether the seats are torn, whether there are stains from juices, ketchup, food, etc.

Anything you don’t report can go to your account.

Take a picture of the vehicle with your mobile phone, so you will have proof that you are not to blame for any irregularities.

6. Not taking seriously the pickup and return time

When the vehicle is returned later than agreed, the agency will charge the delay. If you are late for pick-up, you may not get the vehicle or you may get another vehicle that is available at that time.

Sometimes, there are objective reasons for delays – traffic jams, unforeseen circumstances, bad weather, and similar situations. If you are late, call the agency and explain to them what it is about. There’s no guarantee, but most will see through your fingers and you won’t get fined.

The vehicle can be returned after working hours, but this service is charged additionally.

7. Choosing the wrong exotic vehicle

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When renting the client must know his needs. You don’t need to book the most expensive limousine if you need a smaller exotic vehicle for a short trip around town. And vice versa, for a larger group and longer trips, you should choose a larger vehicle, so that everyone is comfortable.

Someone likes fast sports models and needs to travel in places where the roads are narrow with a lot of curves and where a powerful machine cannot come to the fore.

If you are going off asphalt roads, then it is logical to rent an all-terrain vehicle.

If you are not sure which vehicle will suit you best for your needs, ask the staff to help you. They know best what kind of vehicles they are dealing with and what their performance is like.

Final word

Renting a vehicle is not a matter of atomic physics, for experienced and seasoned drivers the whole process takes a few minutes without any stress or nervousness.

But, the first time is the first time, mistakes are possible, and in a way expected. Even if you do any of the above, don’t let it discourage you and stop you from enjoying your trip by renting an exotic car.