A Review of the Lazy Daze RV

Lazy Daze is a name that revolutionized the way people think of Class-C RVs. The company is well-known for the quality of its high-end recreational vehicles. The Lazy Daze factory is located in Southern California, approximately 30 miles east of Los Angeles in Montclair, California.

Operating since 1956, the company shifted away from the status quo of mass production of vehicles and decided to add a more personal touch to their product.

The manufacturers of the Lazy Daze have found a way to bring something unique into their business by carving out their niche as a made-to-order builder of upscale recreational vehicles. They offer you the opportunity to take an active role in the design and execution of personal RV.

You can make decisions about the floor plan, accessories, the paint job, and so many other things. Then you take it out for a spin with a company representative to feel the level of quality of engineering that went into making your vehicle.

Key features of the Lazy Daze motorhome

You pick it up directly from the factory

New Lazy Daze RVs are only available directly from their factory. This removes all the additional overhead costs surrounding dealer delivery, personnel, washing, and maintaining product inventory. This helps cut some cost off the final user purchase.

Customers’ specific needs can be worked directly with the designers. Though only seven layouts, they can make changes to fit in customer’s desires for comfort or accessibility. They have a wide range of options available to them.

This begs the question of where RVers outside the United States’ borders can purchase the Lazy Dave. The best guess is that you have to contact the company directly if you are going for a new one. Their sales department is always ready to guide you through your purchase journey.

There is even better news if you are going for a pre-owned version of the Lazy Dave RV. ZeRVs.com is a fast-growing auto-retail e-commerce platform that connects buyers and sellers of used automobiles. You can effortlessly purchase one and any other RV from them.

Innovative aluminum sidewalls

The motorhome exterior is covered with smooth, sectional, and replaceable aircraft aluminum panels that are lightweight and non-flammable. These motorhomes are then painted with aircraft type two-part polyurethane enamel with a unique paint scheme.

This was found to add some strength to the design, but this feature also helps regulate the temperature of the aluminum body parts.

Sturdy roof design

The roof design of this model is a great feature. It uses a one-piece roof of heavy gauge, one-piece painted aluminum instead of rubber or fiberglass. This means you have a more sturdily built roof and won’t have to worry about replacing it anytime soon.

Lifelong warranty on the frame

The motorhome framing is covered with a life-long warranty. The frame is located between the inside and outside walls of the home portion of the coach. No other manufacturer offers a warranty that covers many periods of years.

High-quality craftsmanship

Image source: lazydaze.com

The craftsmanship and attention to detail of the vehicle are beyond amazing. Their specialty, and attention to details when it comes to producing high-end motorhomes give every user the luxury they need to get a full experience from their purchase.

If you go through RV forums or reviews of these motorhomes, you’ll find that there are practically no negative reviews on the quality of the design. The primary issue one might have is that they do not appreciate the design. Every person that comments always spoke of the craftsmanship and quality of the build.

Awesome resale value

Another great feature of the Lazy Daze RV is its excellent resale value. Though it is a pricy vehicle, you can still sell it later on down the line for quite a reasonable price. With proper maintenance and a few regular touches, you can keep your Lazy Daze RV in good condition for quite some time.

Sizable design

Image source: motorhome.com

The 26 ft 6 in Lazy Daze is a well-sized motorhome. This gives users plenty of room to enjoy all the amazing features of the motorhome fully.

Flexible floor plan

The company offers a generous seven unique floor plans. This is possible because of how closely involved customers are to the design and construction of their motorhome.

Asides from having a wide range of different floor plans, there is also an even more extensive range of customizable options available.

Well-designed insulation

It was cleverly designed to allow users to enjoy the motorhome year, and an indigenous insulation system is an integral part of the design.

All-year-round camping trips are now possible due to the insulating thermal pane windows, which are now standard on every model, as is a combination of air conditioner and heat pump.

For milder climates, the Fantastic vents can be used to bring the outside air and are standard accessories. This ensures you stay calm and relaxed, no matter the weather.

Design of Lazy Daze RV

The craft is apparent when going down the road as well. The handling of a Lazy Daze has less “rattle, roll or shimmy.” A low-profile design partially accomplishes this they incorporate into their builds, which yields a lower center of gravity.

The lower center of gravity gives more control. Their motorhomes are a little over 10 feet in height. They also keep a small wheelbase to length ratio. This means less rear overhang from the rear axle, which can further adversely affect handling.

Lazy Daze: Price

Image source: unsplash.com

Lazy Daze is not a cheap option. This level of quality and craftsmanship comes with a price. Therefore, even though this is a great RV, it might not be an available option for everybody.

The Lazy Daze is a stand out RV and an excellent option for all users if they want to enjoy the RV of their dreams. With the highly customizable design, quality artistry, and massive size, it’s hard to find faults in the Lazy Daze motorhome.

They also have excellent resale value, and Zervs.com serves as a marketplace for the purchase and sale of pre-owned Lazy Daze RV of all models.