4 Unwritten Rules of Sports Betting That You Must Follow to Beat the Bookie

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When you make any of the websites your preferred source of betting tips and information, your journey to understanding online sports betting in the Philippines will have started in earnest. You will have access to comprehensive analysis and reports on bookmakers; get a glimpse of the best sports betting strategy, winning formula where Kelly criterion has been employed and a high chance to beat the bookies.

Mightytips.ph, online betting expert and great sports enthusiast Evelyn Balyton says that the platform will enable bettors to do their homework and get insights that will lead to better decisions and improved profits. It’s here you will get the unwritten sports betting rules that you must follow to beat the bookies; Evelyn Balyton urges you to read through the article and discover the rules.

Having identified a bookmaker offering online sports betting in the Philippines now you are ready to start betting but wait a minute, you need a lesson on how betting works. Such a lesson will give you some insights on bookmaker’s odds and also useful tips that may even allow you to beat the bookies.

Rule one: commit adequate time

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To make money through online sports betting, you need to be ready to commit a lot of time researching. Carrying out research has been found to help you make informed decisions. Luckily, some of the work has been done by our team as the portal regularly publishes comprehensive analysis and reports as well as offers reliable tips to bettors.

While at it, punters need to be aware that this is not the magic bullet that will help them beat the bookie. There is no sound online sport betting strategy for most if not all sports. Even when you have carried out the best research, the best sports betting strategy can fail to come through. If there was a way that allowed the person to always win, bookies would be out of business as their money comes from losses. However, it is not lost that many bettors have discovered strategies such as up and down betting, round Robin, lay betting among others, these have helped in picking up some handsome wins.

Caution needs to be taken even as you aim to beat the bookies. Do not bet more than you can afford to lose; it is the secret to responsible online sports betting.

Rule two: Know your sport well

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This sounds obvious to many people but some take it lightly. If you are looking to beat your bookies and make a good profit out of your betting endeavors, you need to understand the game well.

Make the site one of the favorite destinations when looking for sports information and betting tips. Also, develop some interest in the sports and read widely on it. Armed with adequate information on your sport, you will not be looking at the bookmakers odd as an amateur but as a bettor who understands which decision needs to be made to win the bets.

Rule three: to beat the bookies bet with your head, not the heart

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You may have learned that having good knowledge of a sport may not always lead to a winning sports betting strategy. Every bettor is coming in with a preferred team but only a given outcome is possible. You do not have to go with your team. Sometimes look at the situation from a different angle.

Do not always put your trust in the players. Sometimes things do not go as planned or even as expected, a game can go either way, especially when two strong teams are playing. Avoid betting with your heart, most of the time you may end up losing despite having a good background on a given team.

Rule four: Shop around

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For some of us, we feel at home with one bookmaker not because we are getting all that we want but the idea of setting an account with other bookies do not always go down well. It can be tiresome for most of us not to forget that we may not know what we are getting ourselves into. So we prefer to stick with the bookies that we have become accustomed to.

This is the greatest undoing and maybe the reason why we have not figured out how to beat the bookie. It is advisable to open more than one account as this helps to take advantage of what is offered by different bookies. Having more accounts means that you have access to more:

  • Welcome bonuses
  • Special offers and promotions, and
  • Options in bookmakers odds

Even with the best-laid plan, great winning formula, reliance on Kelly criterion, and sports betting strategy, it is not guaranteed that you will always get it one hundred percent right.

We may be certain of an outcome in a match but shocks happen now and then, and it does not turn out as expected. A wise man once said that if you want to find the best strategy that will serve you well, avoid looking for perfection. It is advisable to find ways through which you can exploit the bookmakers’ generosity in areas such as derbies and knowledge gaps among others.

As they say, you can fool some people sometimes but cannot fool all the people all the time; this applies to both the bookmakers and bettors. Both have competing interests, so whoever is smarter carries the day.