What is Salesforce Community Cloud for Private Organizations?

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Cloud technologies are widely used to simplify working with information technology. Thanks to clouds, you can store files and use software without installing special programs on your computer. Clients can go to the Internet, where they will find all the files and kinds of information that are uploaded or created in online storage.

The community experts’ Salesforce cloud computing model consists of two parts – internal and external ones.  They are connected in a network with the help of the Internet. The external part is needed for interaction between a user and the system. This includes the client’s computer, the corporate network where employees work, and the applications that are required to access the storage with great ease. The inside part is the cloud itself. It provides the necessary information, which creates cloud storage with services as a whole.

Customers use the capacity and resources of such systems in an uneven way. The servers work together in unison. However, this does not allow to distribute the resources properly. Additional services are specially created to organize this process in a smarter way. One physical medium can contain several virtual ones, and then the programs become independent.

Companies create communities in the cloud to share their information and collaborate with colleagues and important customers. What is Salesforce Community Cloud? It is one of the best ways for people to interact online. Here you can find information portals, help forums, support sites, HR departments, or other places you need. With the help of interactive tools, communication will become much easier and more efficient.

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Salesforce community cloud: description and benefits of the technology

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Companies can get the tools they need to build their online communities in Community Cloud, which is a Salesforce platform. These online communities are used both to support existing customers and to provide helpful feedback to new users. If companies adopt a B2B relationship model, they can use the cloud to select potential customers, measure their business revenue, and store information about their own products and services. Internal communities are suitable for human resources departments, for correspondence between employees and for work.

Salesforce Community Cloud allows you to create online hubs. They will provide answers to the most frequently asked questions to any person. Information for training and a database with different questions and answers to them have a search function – customers will definitely find the information they need in a very short time. As for the created forums, users will be able to communicate with each other and with employees of your organization there.

The collection of various resources will constitute a highly informative hub. If customers use the Salesforce service cloud community, they can find information in any convenient form that will suit them the best. This could be another user’s answer, the information provided by the company, or information contained in a database. If your clients get the opportunity to use these privileges, you will significantly increase their level of trust for your business. Users will be glad that the company takes care of them, offering them the right information and giving clear answers to all questions.

Before starting to set up Community Cloud, you will need to provide information about your organization and select certain rules for the portal. In order for you to be comfortable using the partner community on Salesforce, you should:

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  • set up a memorable URL;
  • create a community based on existing templates;
  • add the logo of your organization;
  • customize your landing page;
  • ensure the security of information that you enter;
  • create a portal for communication and interaction with your clients;
  • provide post-implementation support;
  • create guidance and training for new users.

These principles will ensure the true Salesforce community’s implementation where you can work and communicate with your clients and colleagues.

Community Cloud has a number of benefits. They allow you to increase sales as employees interact directly with clients and customers. The level of service is also increasing – customers can find answers to questions in the corresponding thread quite easily for themselves. Salesforce Community Cloud development allows you to monitor all business processes in the company.

Any organization can create a community based on ready-made templates. They have some components that are already customized according to the specialization of the company. You can also use the standard options and tabs. You can open access to the company’s functionality in the Salesforce Community Cloud description, as well as customize the appearance of the cloud in accordance with the style of your organization.

Support of the community experts of Salesforce

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For business owners looking for online communities with unconventional features, the Salesforce community portal will be the best. Flexible solutions adapt to any field of activity with ease. You can use the functionality that unlocks the potential of your company. Users will quickly figure out your business domain. They will be able to clarify all the questions of interest both from managers and from other clients.

Ease of communication is one of the important factors when you are choosing a platform for your organization. When the installation and configuration of community cloud services are completed, you can get a guaranteed product quality. If you need additional configuration and a description of the available options, you can contact the support service – the consulting company advancedcommunities.com will help you cope with this task.