4 Reasons Modern Warfare the Best Call Of Duty Game of All Time

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Reviving something like the legendary Modern Warfare is no easy task. Expectations were high, and just one wrong step could mean an absolute disaster. Fortunately, the team at Infinity Ward did not make a mistake.

Over 12 years ago, a life-changing game was launched. Sounds ridiculous, but Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare really was that significant. It is a game that many still remember as their own entry into the world of online gaming and a product that for years after its release served as a model game that managed what almost no one else – to offer players in the same package a superior online experience and a great campaign for one player. Call of Duty is still one of the few franchises that we do not buy just for one element, but we expect a complete package every year.

Unfortunately, over the past few years, the series, although immeasurably successful, has been on a downward trajectory. The ravages of time have eroded the technology on which it is based, and the shortcomings compared to modern games have been more than obvious. That’s why Activision and Infinity Ward decided to revive Modern Warfare and start over, with a new story, new (and a few old) characters, and new technology.
And they probably made the best CoD of all time. We will tell you the reasons why it is the best sequel to date.


img source: essentiallysports.com

The Modern Warfare campaign is set in modern times. The game follows joint attempts by the CIA and the British SAS to stabilize the military-political situation in the fictional Middle East country, while fighting the terrorist forces and renegade Russian soldiers whose leaders do not fear anything, including the use of chemical weapons, in an attempt to retain control of the area.

The authors of the play have skillfully managed to avoid politicization, despite the strong political importance of the themes the story describes, and shift the focus to the human drama and action for which the series is known. Following the example of TV series, the campaign mixes fierce action sequences with slower parts, in which, usually through interscenes, we meet the characters, their motives and plans and we prepare to continue fighting. Throughout the campaign, just over six or seven hours, there is no shortage of tension, and there are many shocking moments – like playing from the perspective of an underage girl in a besieged village, attacked by chemical weapons, taking the life of a soldier who wishes her harm. Modern Warfare never goes too far, as Modern Warfare 2 once did with the “No Russian” mission, but it is unquestionably controversial on multiple levels, which ultimately makes it extremely entertaining.

Reasons why it is best of all time

1. Strong campaign narrative

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The concept of the campaign allows us to play the game in episodes, given that the chapters are more or less independent, although connected by a strong narrative, which is especially good if you have little time to play and want to cut the campaign with a few rounds of multiplayer. Still, due to the tense story and very good performance, don’t be surprised if you play it all at once.

2. Amazing weapon upgrade system

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We soon realized that this was a consequence of an extremely detailed system of attachments with which you can upgrade your weapons. You can put up to five accessories on each weapon, but often you won’t want to put all five (especially at the beginning) because some will do you more harm than good. Each add-on thus has individual characteristics whose effects can be both good and bad, and you will need many hours of play to find a loadout to suit you. Attachments achieve positive or negative effects within the already mentioned characteristics and relate to six parameters – accuracy, the amount of damage you will inflict on the enemy, the distance from which you can fire and effectively eliminate the opponent, shooting speed, mobility and targeting control.

So, for example, you will think twice about putting an additional optical sight that will increase your shooting distance, but significantly reduce the speed of the targeting itself through that sight. When we wanted to increase the capacity of the magazine to AK-47, we became so slow that we soon gave up on that idea. Of course, these mechanics have been seen in previous sequels of the series, but they have never been done to such precision, so you need to take your hat off to Infinity Ward, which even did additional research and consultations with real soldiers and weapons and experts from the US military, which helped them balance what a particular addition to a weapon does to that weapon. The realism in the “crafting” of weapons has never been more sophisticated, and the sound quality has remained at a recognizably high level. There are some equipment and camo, which is very difficult to get, and days of play are necessary. If you don’t have time for that, visit lf carry and find an experienced gamer to help you.

3. Shoot House is the best thing that has happened to this series in recent years

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Infinity Ward launched a brand new three-lane map modeled after Gunfight – the fantastic Shoot House. This is the map with which IW listened to fans’ complaints about oversized maps and adjusted its size to standard game modes. It was a real hit – the Shoot House 24/7 is still the most played, and since IW periodically changes the current maps on a weekly basis, fans always get angry when it comes to something else.

4. Fantastic multiplayer

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Call of Duty game campaigns have always looked good, and the lack of new technology was most visible online. This time there are no such problems, so Modern Warfare looks and performs incredibly well, even in multiplayer. Numerous changes, such as the introduction of simple ballistics, more realistic animations and physics, and the introduction of more extensive modes and more complex maps, have improved the game, but have not made it unrecognizable. This is still a good old Call of Duty, which is felt as soon as you shoot for the first time.


We have singled out these four reasons because they are the most noticeable, but there are many more reasons why this game has managed to surpass its legendary predecessor.