5 Tips on Shopping for Your Stylish Friends – 2024 Guide

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Getting gifts for your friends is no easy task, whether you’re shopping for the perfect Christmas gift, the best bridesmaid proposal gift, or just a little something to let them know you’re thinking of them. This can be even more difficult when your friends have a strong and unique sense of style. Even if you don’t consider yourself the most stylish person, these tips and tricks will help you find the perfect gifts (see examples here) for your fashionista friends.

1. Find Something She Wants

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It’s a given that you want to give your stylish friend something that they’ll actually appreciate and love. But how can you find that perfect gift? The easiest way is to ask her outright if there’s anything that she wants or needs at the moment. Asking your friend outright what kind of gift she would like is a surefire way to get her exactly what she’s looking for. It removes all of the guesswork and allows you and your gift to really shine.

If you don’t feel comfortable asking her directly about what she wants or needs, you can do a bit of research before you shop for her. For example, you can ask her close friends and family about what she likes and what she uses on a daily basis. Or, you can check her social media profiles to see what kind of things she likes and which influencers she follows. Pinterest is the easiest place to see that.

If you get her something that she explicitly wants or needs, you’ll be able to rest assured that she’ll make the most of whatever gift you give her.

2. Make It Last

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Another way to get your stylish friend a perfect gift is to commit to something that is flexible and durable. This means that you should opt for pieces or gifts that can fit with her overall style; it should be something not too niche that she could potentially wear or use every single day.

The longevity of the item that you give her is also important. You want to find something for her that will last for a long time, and that she’ll be able to make good use of. So, you should look at the durability of each potential gift before you buy it.

3. Bring Back the Memories

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Do you have lots of great memories and shared experiences with your stylish friend? If so, you can always go for a gift that brings back all of those memories. For example, you could go for a framed picture of you and your friends together – just make sure that the frame fits her style. Or, you could get her some commemorative jewelry that marks important events and milestones in your friendship.

If you get her a gift that replays those great memories for her, then you’ll know that she will think fondly of the gift and smile every time that she sees that special item you gave her.

4. Play to Her Personality

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Even if you don’t feel as stylish as your friend, you probably have a decent understanding of what fits into her personal style. You know what kind of things she wears and what she’s usually looking out for when she’s shopping for herself. So, you can apply these same preferences when you’re shopping for her.

Think of her personality: Is she bubbly? Classic and chic? More professional, or more playful? Make a quick list of her personality traits. Then, do an internet search with these personality traits plus the word “fashion,” “style,” “outfits,” or “décor.” Next, use these results as inspiration for gifts that will fit directly with your friend’s existing personality and style.

If you’re a bit fuzzy on what her general style is, look back on recent photos of her. What does she wear the most? What kind of accessories does she favor? Are there any patterns that you see emerging in her signature style? Once you’ve identified these patterns, you can start a more refined search for the perfect gift.

5. Build on What She Has

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Similarly, you can also use the things that she already has and use them every day as a jumping-off point for finding her the perfect gift. When you’re shopping for your stylish friend, you don’t have to find flashy statement pieces or a whole new look. Instead, find something that matches her favorite outfit. It doesn’t have to be big, but it should fit seamlessly into her existing look.

Of course, if you’re still a bit unsure about a specific piece or piece, you can always show her a picture and subtly ask her opinion.

6. Bring It All Home

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Finally, the best place to get inspiration when shopping for your fashionista friend is her home. Once you get a feel for her home décor, it’ll be easy to find something that fits into the overall scheme of her style. Maybe she’s into a specific color scheme; you can find something to fit that palette. Or maybe she likes items from a particular decade; a quick trip to the antique store and a chat with the employee there could land you the perfect gift without the hassle or guesswork. Or perhaps she likes plants and would love an addition to her houseplant garden.

Whatever the case, it’s always nice to give something that fits her home décor. When you contribute to your stylish friend’s home décor, you’re putting a little bit of joy right into her living space. You’ll be able to make her smile every time she sees the lovely gift you’ve given her.

Closing Thoughts

Overall, when you’re shopping for a stylish friend, it’s important to take her unique personality and sense of fashion into account. The easiest way to get her something that she’ll love is to ask her outright what she wants or needs. Or, if that doesn’t seem right to you, do some research on her social media. It doesn’t have to be a guessing game; focus on her, what she’ll definitely use, and make sure to commit to a high-quality item so that she can keep using it and loving it for years to come.