3 Ways To Use A Small Sectional In Your Work From Home Space

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Are you designing the perfect work from home space? Over 40% of American professionals who stayed home during the pandemic are choosing to work from home indefinitely, even if only part-time. Of course, not all professionals have the ability to do business solely on a virtual basis.

If you don’t want to have to go back into the office at least a few days per week to meet with clients and colleagues, you’re going to need to make your home as functional as possible on an executive level. There are a multitude of ways to make those areas of your home used for business into a multifunctional space for both business and family.

While you shouldn’t take over your home entirely for business, there are a lot of options available to make your home office space professional. With a small sectional and some other interior design elements, you can turn any area of your home into a professional meeting space or reception area.

There are several ways you might use a sectional and accompanying furniture into your work from home space, depending on what rooms are going to be used for such and the layout of your home. Here are some of the best ideas for using a small sectional in your work from home space.

1. Sectionals for a great room floor plan

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If the entry to your home is part of an open concept living area, also sometimes referred to as a great room, you have a bit of a challenge in separating home from business. Luckily, a small sectional paired with a console table, and coffee table can be used to create a reception area in the midst of this vast space.

Decide where you would want the reception area to be, and use the sectional to create a square of space that looks professional and is a bit isolated from the rest of the room. As you would in any great room, place the sectional away from the walls, letting the angles create a natural isolated seating area.

The coffee table in front of the sectional can hold popular industry or entertainment magazines to occupy your visitors while they wait, while also focusing their attention to just that one space of your open concept home. Adding a console table against the back of the sectional provides a space for coffee, tea, and other refreshments, just as you would have in your office reception area.

2. Design a comfortable meeting space for creative brainstorming

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Will you be meeting with clients or other colleagues to solve problems related to your business? If so, you will need a meeting space in your home to accommodate them. A dedicated space for meetings probably isn’t an option unless you’ve added on to your home, but you do have some options to create the perfect area for brainstorming and progress.

Your first option is to make your dining room a multifunctional space by using a traditional dining table and comfortable but stylish chairs, preferably on casters. The dining table can still be used for family meals or dinner parties, but it would create a professional, and traditional, setting for your meetings. However, this may not be ideal as the dining room is often one of the more cluttered spaces in a home.

Alternatively, you can create a new style of meeting space right within your home office area. If you have a finished basement, remodeled room, or room addition to house your new work-from-home area, you should have enough room for a small sectional with a coffee table right in your main home office. A smaller sectional in a professional, leather style can be paired with a cocktail table in one corner of your home office.

The end result is that you have a somewhat professional but more relaxed atmosphere in which to brainstorm, present ideas or solutions, or win over that client that has been on the fence.

3. Create a study area for the whole family

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Chances are you aren’t the only person in the household spending more time at home. If you still have kids in school, or you have adult kids in college, it could be beneficial for the whole family to have a type of study area. A sectional is perfect for this purpose.

First, a small sectional sofa paired with a cocktail table gives you a way to isolate part of your larger living room, foyer, or other community areas for the purpose of focus, creativity, and productivity. Your kids can study their lessons and do their homework while you prepare for that virtual client meeting.

Being able to sit and work together doesn’t just help you relax and spend more time with your family. Often working in a group setting, even individually on very different tasks or assignments, is a great way to get the brain really firing on all cylinders, making everyone more productive. This setting also allows for collaborative brainstorming as each family member helps the others to reach their goals.

If you don’t see clients or colleagues at your home office, you could set up this area almost anywhere in your home. Most people will choose to use the living room or family room for this purpose, but any area that will be used for both personal and business activities can benefit from a sectional.

This unique furniture piece can easily create a blocked-off area that you can isolate for almost any use. It allows you to make the most of your space, preparing you and the rest of your household for remote work and study. When paired with a cocktail table and/or console table and accent chair, you can set up an isolated workspace anywhere in your home. You can find a large selection of small sectionals for any remote work purpose online or shop here.