Social Gaming is Taking Over the US, But What is it Exactly?


When playing online casino games, you have options, but you need to know what each type of casino offers before deciding. You can choose a regular casino, which is home to slots, table games, and real dealer games where you play for real money.

You may have the option to try a demo of some of the games before you begin playing but to play the games, you must make a deposit of your own money and use it to participate in the games. This is not the case when playing at social casinos and social gaming is becoming more popular in the United States with each passing day.

Living in the digital age, players from around the world are more connected with each other in modern times than at any other time in history. As a result of this digital world, more people than ever before have started to dip their toes into the gaming market, whether this is through widely accessible mobile games available on the major app stores or by buying the latest console.

This widespread adoption of gaming means more than ever before, new players and beginners to this sector are looking to try their hand at new types of gaming experiences, not just limited to traditional gaming.

This emerger marketing and interest in gaming allow game developers and operators to produce new content to cater to this new category of players or just to renew the interest of existing players who are looking for a new type of gaming to spice up their playtime.

The Popularity of Social Gaming


Social gaming can encompass multiplayer online video games, online board games, card games, and social network games. However, we are looking specifically at online social casinos. Statistics show in 2020, the global social casino gaming market was estimated at $6.2 billion, which is a huge amount of money.

That figure from what is now over two years ago shows how social casinos were moving in the right direction and that figure is expected to grow to over $7 billion by 2024. Interestingly, it is believed over 70% of social gaming GGR was generated by players in the United States, so there is clearly a huge market for social casinos in the US.

The fact social casinos are legal in over 45 states in the US means they are accessible to a lot of people. There are no legal issues for social casinos, and they are free to operate in the bulk of the United States, with only a few exceptions. This fact alone is a reason social gaming is taking over the US.

How Social Casinos Work


The main difference between a social casino and a regular online casino is you can play games at a social casino without depositing any money. That means you will never win any money for being successful when playing games at a social casino.

In other words, a social casino is for entertainment purposes only whereas a traditional casino provides the opportunity to both win and lose money, in addition to playing casino games.

The huge rise in popularity of social media sites like Facebook and Instagram has only fuelled the desire for players to access social gaming. Businesses are also seeing the value in using these social media platforms to drive revenues and growth.

Some of the key features of a social casino include playing with other players, organizing games with friends, and creating a customized profile. However, it is worth noting some social casinos offer the chance to play for real money and these are often referred to as sweepstakes casinos. At a sweepstakes casino, there are two types of virtual currency, and they are gold coins and sweep coins.

The gold coins have no real-world value and are used to play casino games. They are readily available at all social casinos and they can also be purchased for real money but there is no way to cash in the gold coins for real money when you have finished playing.

That contrasts with sweepstakes coins and these can be redeemed for cash prizes, meaning you are playing with the opportunity to win real money. Free slots sweepstakes like those found on are games you can play at an online social casino and most of the leading social casinos will have a vast selection of slots to enjoy.

How Social Casinos Make Money


While it is possible to play and never spend a dollar at social casinos, they do have ways of making money. As highlighted above, it is possible to buy gold coins to use on the games and this is one revenue stream for the casinos.

Once the free coins handed out upon joining the social casino have been used, you will be offered the chance to continue playing by buying more coins. You will also receive promotional emails from the casino with special offers on coins.

Committed players want to have access to the VIP programs and this costs money plus there are exclusive avatars and designs available to buy for those who want to create an attractive profile.

Social gaming is becoming extremely popular in the US. Social casinos offer a way to play online casino games without gambling money and play games with friends rather than strangers. The emphasis is on enjoying the game rather than trying to win money.

The Future is Bright

Even though online gambling has been around for a few decades at this point, this constant reinvention and invigoration of the genre keeps established, veteran players happy but also attracts new players to this ever-growing market.

This urge to develop and continue to grow will only have a positive and prosperous effect on the changing landscape of online gambling, as social casinos are only a small part of the new wave of tech that will impact the industry over the next decade and beyond. The future is looking very bright for online gambling!