How to Get Playlisted as an Artist on Spotify?


Spotify is probably one of the top music platforms in the world. Arguably it could be seen as the top one. Some people certainly see it as such. With the recent sponsorship deal with FC Barcelona, they have pushed their brand to the global limits if they already weren’t one. The best part about this platform is that’s open to new artists and their submissions. If you’re new to the music market, reaching out to Spotify can be an ideal way to launch your career. Becoming a part of one of their playlists can aid you in attaining fans all over the world.

While this might seem impossible while you’re reading the introduction of this article it can be done. All that’s expected of you is to present your creations in front of the curators who work on playlists for this company. Once you’re expected the only limit is the sky. Featuring on a  good playlist can do wonders for your career especially if you’re in the early stages of it. Yes, this is a great boost, and the explanations of how to reach the end game will be straightforward but don’t think it will be an easy task. It is not!

So if you have been wondering how to get playlisted as an artist on this particular platform, you have come to the right place. We are about to tell you how to do it. You’ll be glad to hear that we’ll leave a few roads open, so you’ll be allowed to choose the path that suit you the most. Or, if that’s what you can and will do, you can try everything we tell you. Let’s see what our suggestions are.

How to get Playlisted in 2024?


Let’s be direct. Reach out to Spotify for Artists. This is the first and a big step. If you want your music there you’re required to be a member of Spotify for Artists. If you haven’t done this already, you’re slow to start. Do it, there’s no time to waste. Spotify for Artists needs to be linked to the artist profile you own. When you do this you’ll encounter various and numerous tools that will aid you to get features. The one that you should focus on is called direct playlist pitching. Reach it from the app or your desktop, it’s all the same.

Once you are logged into your account don’t waste time and pitch your song to the editors. This option is found on the home menu and you can’t miss it. Just look at the top of your dashboard. If this is not what you want to do, or it doesn’t give results you have another good option. Go to upcoming and click on the pitch of a song. This is done from the music tab which is also located in your artist dashboard near the top. This way you can give them the song you deem as your best work for consideration.

After you’ve done this, the company will seek that you inform them not only about your release but they’ll also seek some information about you. make sure you give them everything they want to know in detail. Make sure that you do this part right as Spotify wants to share everyone’s music but they also want to know whose music are they sharing. What’s your background, where you come from, what your music speaks and represents, and how do you intend to focus on progress? Remember that this takes time as there are millions of submissions going their way each month. If you’re eventually ejected, worry not, this is not the end of the road. As we told you there are more options. Let’s see what they are.

Go Independent


Spotify is not a closed society by any means. They’re open for your music and outside cooperates of all kinds. This gives your music another chance. You should seek help from independent curators. This is the second way to do it. Here, you need to look out for the curators by yourself. We are speaking about playlists you’ll find on Spotify but weren’t created or released by the company. This work is handled by independent curators such as and similar different outlets.

When you see how many independent contractors work for Spotify you’ll believe that getting one to enlist your art will be piece of cake. But, that’s not the case. There are thousands of them, but they take their jobs seriously. The reason is simple. They are people who have people behind them. They often represent a blog, a website, a news outlet, or other people from the music and entertainment industries. But, many playlists are created by regular Joes such as you.

When you find a collection that you believe bodes well with the sound you are producing, it is time to contact whoever is behind its creation. You’ll find the note of the person or organization who created it, but you’ll need a Google search to locate them and to make a contact. When you find a means to establish coeducation it is time to pitch your ideas their way. You should choose multiple targets to ensure that your offer is accepted by at least one outlet. When you reach this part, you’ll probably be all over the place. But, that’s not a reason to lose your manners. Be strict with your etiquette. Provide them with basic info about themselves. Next, describe your music. Keep it short and sweet, and be polite above all else. Keep the channel open, so that they can access your music quickly and that response is swift.


As you can see, reaching Spotify is quite easy. You have a few paths to choose from. What’s hard is to have your music accepted to one of the playlists. Even if you’re rejected a few times you shouldn’t be discouraged. There’s always space to improve your product. Also, at the same time, you might find independent curators who will love it on the first beat. When it comes to chasing a place on a Spotify playlist you must never give up.